Workfront Review- Easy Project Management Solution to Manage All Work from Single Place

Workfront Review- Easy Project Management Solution to Manage All Work from Single Place

Workfront is one of the cloud based project management platform, which works for teams to route, prioritize, manage and also report on their work.

This was built on foundation of second mortgages and maxed credit cards, previously named as AtTask became far better than its named implied.

It was a simple task management tool and later on became into a platform for work management. When it became popular and changed the product then the team at AtTask realizes that the product name is not appropriate because it has gained popularity in task management.

So they have decided to change the name and later on it changed to WorkFront. And from then till now, it is one of the best suitable tool for business of any size and several industry like architecture, IT and accounting.

Users can easily access the standard reports library or even customize the organizations need when required. This powerful tool allows users with several tools, which work to visualize the work lifecycle so that user can easily manage project schedules and budgets.

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Here users if want can drag and drop tasks to their team members and assign them for the particular work, can organize workflows and shifts assignment via the visual interface.

With the use of Workfront tool, now its easy for account managers, employees and executives to collaborate, check status updates, deliver work, monitor deadlines, assign work and also manage reviews and all approvals.

Its methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile are easily implemented with Workfront and this tool is made to see the growth of company. The resource management tool let managers to easily track performance, assign tasks and also a lot resources.

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Streamline processes and work faster

If you are a marketer then you have to walk the line between creativity and bottom line. But with Workfront, you will get right structure for your team in the workflow and you can prove the value while encouraging creativity.

Accurate information, when you need it

With the use of Wokfront, you can get easy to use solution, which can help your team to give value to the work and can set expectations so that you can provide better projects on time and every time.

Deliver quality & outpace your competition

If you want to gain trust and credibility from your clients then you have to work hard for that. But with the use of Workfront, first you have to eliminate all the blocks and try to keep your team connected. And at last when every workflow gets managed in single place then obviously put better output with quality work and staying ahead of your competition.

Boost productivity & innovate faster

To get better response, you have to work faster. With the help of Workfront, it helps your team to value investment, improve customer satisfaction, maintain project status and turns all ideas into products faster.

Connect your work & build customer trust

With the use of Workfront, you can connect all your workflows and can give real-time insight into resource availability with project timelines. It means that you can put your work done with proud and that too without having any kind of risk.

Why to use Workfront?

There are several reasons, which can tell you why using Workfront will help you. It combines digital content in smart and easy to use solution, combines work, collaboration and work is easily optimized, automated and also analyzed. Some other features are:

Centralize Your Projects

Organizing all your work from one place gives you the value you require and so you can take some smarter decisions and give priority to the right work.

Manage Digital Work Process

Workfront regulate and automate all forms, task along with workflows so that team can work with confident and increased speed with better performance.

Review and Approve Work

Workfront offers automatic review and approval processes which helps to prevent bigger mistakes, manage revisions and keeps everyone in same page

Deliver Client-Facing Services

Managing all your work in a single system has many benefits like it lets to optimize team efficiency and also helps to deliver right work at first time.

Administer conformity workflows

It establishes authority, reduces the risk by regulating the processes, and creates workflow templates with the help of built-in compliance steps.


Workfront offers 4 types of plans and a free demo. But it does not discloses its pricing details. To get the pricing details, you have to contact Workfront directly or have to request them with your entire details.

TEAM- A single team

Basic project and work management to get your team started

PRO- For one department

Complete work management for your entire department. It includes premium digital content review and approval.

BUSINESS- Up to 10 departments

Work management for multiple departments. Includes premium digital content review and approval.

ENTERPRISE- Entire enterprise

Unlimited enterprise solution with advanced security. It includes premium digital content review and approval.

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Everyone don’t love small teams and small business but want to grow big with big teams and more clients. And due to this, people needs some enterprise level solutions for their project management. Here comes Workfront for you as this has customizable platform which meet the needs of IT techs, graphic designer, executives, marketers, project managers etc. everything at once.

Another thing, which is good to use, is that Workfront let you to watch a free demo on how it works. So it has the plus point which can be attract users.