WhatRunsWhere- Know Everything About Competitive Intelligence Tool


WhatRunsWhere- Introduction

WhatRunsWhere is one of the platforms which provides intelligence service basically for online buying. This is a useful tool which was brought by comprehensive competitive intelligence solutions in the market which tracks almost 150,000 publishers and after that recognizes the advertisers that taking their ad space.

Its main aim is to help mobile and online advertisers to be more competitive in campaigns. It discovers new traffic sources and also keep an eye on the competition and all in whole help users to put data behind decision making for smart advertising strategies.

This was started by two successful performance marketers which provided a solution for world-class competitive intelligence for desktop along with mobile display advertising to clients.  It searches for the advertisers where they are advertising and also find new traffic sources. With the help of this tool, you can get your competitors’ creative strategies and also use key performance indicators to justify what works.

What WhatRunsWhere offers

  • Intelligent technology
  • Fresh daily data
  • Global coverage
  • Historical data
  • New opportunities
  • Actionable insights

WhatRunsWhere Features in details

Intelligent Technology

This software works easily by monitoring over 120 thousand unique publishers for each country and also recognizes several advertisers that is inhibiting their ad space. It looks in depth into the company with brand-level advertisements this extracting details on creative messages which is used on engaging campaigns.

Fresh Data (Updated Daily)

It updates the data on daily wise and it completely means that user will get fresh data always to track campaigns according to their want. It helps to be proactive with digital strategy.

Global Coverage

It provides to access data from almost 120,000 display publishers and from 190 classified ad networks with 21 different countries includes:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • France
  • Russia
  • and more …

Historical Data

It has data spanning back over 5 years through which users can track what others are doing in real time and at the same time you can also look back the historical campaign overview if you want. Know how digital strategies are progressed and what has ended up working.

New Opportunities

Get new traffic sources, can generate some new creative ideas and also get a chance to improve your campaigns. WhatRunsWhere will open door for discovering new ideas to start a new campaign today because it has unrivaled insight into digital buying landscape.

Actionable Insights

Get to know about your competitors what they are advertising, what they are using for ads, where they are buying and for them what is doing best?  This helps user to make better decision for clients and for themselves also. Also helpful in improving CTR with its call to action option.


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WhatRunsWhere Pros and Cons 


  • It has search campaign by publishers, ad networks, advertisers, ad copy or keyword
  • It covers 90+ ad networks
  • Able to view traffic source
  • Tracks domain easily
  • It has placement suggestion
  • Mobile ad data


  • This tool is a little bit costly

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Why use WhatRunsWhere?

Its very important to recognize the tool that I am going to use, whether it will work for the purpose I am taking it or not. And when the time comes to make a decision to buy marketing software then it becomes essential to see how experts calculate it in the review and at the same time, it is also important to find out the real people and companies which buy it are really satisfied with the product or not.

So going for WhatRunsWhere is really helpful as it tracks a large number of publishers for each of 21 countries involved and also identifies several advertisers that is taking ad space.

Here it is important to look in depth of company and should have the ability to extract details on creative messages which is used in winning campaigns. This tool allows users to make the good decision for their business to increase and also let users make experiments in their campaigns so this tool is far better than another advertising tool.

Tools alternatives

  • Cyfe Alternatives
  • BuzzSumo Alternatives
  • ActiveCampaign Alternatives
  • Campaign Monitor Alternatives
  • Bonsai Alternatives
  • LivePlan
  • Shoeboxed
  • Automation Software
  • Threads
  • e-Sign Enterprise


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WhatRunsWhere is one of the competitive intelligence services which is for online advertising. It helps you to buy media intelligently and provides a benefit for existing and future campaigns, get new traffic and also track on the competition which is up to. This is a complete package of benefits which supports over 90 ad networks with 15 countries on both display and mobile.

This is a good source for many beginners as it will find new competitors along with new traffic sources. And one important thing is that it is available in various countries which makes this tool a perfect for everyone.

Using this tool can make many company owners happy with the benefits this method will provide into their respective fields. There will be high growth in business and all is required a good software which provides what you required with best results and a beneficial way to make business reach to its peak.