13 Visual Elements That Can Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions

create high converting landing page

We all know the role of Landing Page on our website and try our best to create a high converting landing page.

But most of the times fail to compel visitors to take a particular action.

This Really Sucks…!!

So the question arises here what makes your landing page a bounce rate missile rather than conversion machine?

The simple one-word answer is Landing Page Design…!!

Yup, that’s True! Creating an effective landing page involve more than just crafting something that “looks good.”

Landing page design plays a vital role in increasing conversion rates. If the landing page is not well-designed than obviously your readers roll back or switch to others.

So, how can you demystify and unleash your landing page to high-converting landing page?

Well, this is very challenging to answer definitely!!! because there are plenty of different components that contribute to improving your landing page conversion.

Panic, you don’t need to!!! I am here to help you out.

Whether you are starting to plan your landing page or about to launch here check out the creative visual elements that help you to skyrocket your landing page conversion rates

Ready…let’s dive in!!!

Visual Elements of a High Converting Landing Page

Visual elements are the emotional base of landing pages, this motivates your visitors to move further and take specific action.

Most importantly have the power to boost conversion rates.

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1. Logo


I guess most of us know how important a logo is on our page. The company logo builds an identity and helps again trust the visitors.

Commonly the main purpose of the logo is to let the visitors know whose page they are landing or landed on.

It doesn’t matter whether it is situated in left corner or in middle of the page, the logo is important.

 Well, as the visitors confirm the destination, they can continuously explore the page.

2. Quotes/Testimonials


Quotes and testimonials from the clients is another great way of conducting visual marketing on your landing page.

Well, these visuals are mostly based on text but having a huge impact on potential customers.

This helps you to build trust and reliability among visitors. It is also considered as an effective marketing strategy to overcome skepticism and make you trustworthy.

Beside this, it raises the trust level up to 10 times higher and adversely forces the visitors to convert into customers.

3. Video Testimonials

As I said already testimonials help you to gain visitors trusts and are a great way to market your business especially when shared on the landing page.

Well, the testimonials are not only meant to be static. You can also create video testimonials, as they raise the chances of better impact or even similar impact on your audience.

You can opt for ClickFunnels – this is the best platform to get different ideas to expand your businesses in a new way. It allows building several types of marketing funnels.

This is highly beneficial, the social proofs are very important in a marketing campaign.

People believe other people, this is just like an Influencer Marketing. It is confirmed in a study the reviews made by other people are 63% more likely allow the visitors to convert or make a purchase.

4. Video Content

Now comes the video content, this is very effective in creating high converting landing page.

In the video content, you are free to do anything you can imagine to attract customers and generate leads.

The video contents are proved to be quite effective from the tutorials to the UGR sections.

And according to stats report, it is stated that video situated in landing page increases the conversions rate up to 80%.

Additionally, this is best if you are selling software or a product, which requires guide earlier to use it.

5. Screenshots

Screenshots are best visual elements to improve your landing page conversion rates.

And especially if you are presenting an app, then screenshots plays a vital role. They allow your audience to see the product in action and as well examine the user’s interface.

This also allows them to make a purchase decision based on real facts.

You can also make use of the screenshots while marketing tutorials, how-to-use guide and also use it on your landing page for advertising banners.

Well, in simple words screenshots are something real and show your product in action.

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6. Photos

Well, you might be thinking how Photos help you to increase landing page conversion.

There are many ways; you can utilize photography on the landing page and increase credibility.

For instance, you can shoot your own professional photos, office, and team to your clients.

Apart from that, you can also select a stock image, if you want.

Well, this is just like testimonials and it is clear how important testimonials are on your landing page.  

You can also pair the testimonials with real client photos, to provide more credibility by showing them the person behind each positive review you have received.

This is another valuable landing page visual element.

7. Illustrations

There are many types of visual elements on the landing page but illustrations are the one that helps you to standalone.

Illustrating will make your landing page look more attractive. This allows you to show your creativity and attracts the audience on your landing page.

However, if you are not creative enough then feel free to create illustrations for your website by hiring professional designers.

Well, this doesn’t mean that all your clients’ gets mesmerized when land on a website, but there are ample chances they get pleased and even share your content.

Designing creative illustrations will help you to make the offer more visually attractive and increase landing page conversions

8. Flipbooks

You might be thinking what the use of flipbook on the landing page. Well, the answer is they look Great!!!

It shows creativity, inspiration and gives a professional look to your landing page.

Luckily creating the flipbooks and embedding them on the web pages had become easy. They are also very compatible and look attractive.

So, to increase landing page conversions you can create a flipbook of your product and embed it on your landing page.

Well, there are many online tools that help you to create a flipbook of your landing page.

9. Icons

Yes, icons can also be used on your landing page; this allows you to highlight the particular categories or the particular advantage for the customers.

Additionally, there are many businesses as well that use icons for illustrating their main service or product categories.

They are a good choice to add the overall visual look of the website and its typography.

Adding icons with the text looks generous and attracts visitors on their first site.

Try the Infusionsoft, this is a CRM tool which is packed with several tools in order to give you all-in-one sales and marketing system.

10. Social Media Logos

In many websites and blogs, you might have seen the different set of social media icons to invite the audience to interact with them.

They are really very important as 10 out of 9 users are socially active on at least one of the social media network. And this is what raises the chances for you to connect with them easily.

There are many social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc where you need to be active as maybe not all your audiences are using all of them.

So as long as you are active on various social media platform, there is a good chance to target everyone in one way or another.

In a survey it is stated that 69% of the adults use at least one social media, so integrating social media sharing button into landing page will increase landing page conversion.

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11. As Seen On /Featured In

This is a very helpful visual element to improve landing page conversion.

If your company is featured on a renowned platform or in traditional media or online then feel free to mention it on your page.

People generally tend to trust the sources they are familiar with. And relating your brand with other reputed and strong brands can possibly affect your brand reputation as well.

So, try implementing this visual element on your landing page to build trust and increase conversion.

12.  Limited Offer Counter

Well, creating a sense of urgency is also very helpful and a great trick to increase conversion rates of the landing page.

Try showing Offers like discounts, sale, or special deals that they can take advantage of for a limited period of time.

This will build a sense of the urgency and allow the audience to take quick action for grabbing the offers.

You can use this trick for a limited period in between to grab the quick attention of the audience and new visitors.

13. Security Seals

Security is a very important aspect to gain the trust of the audience.

There are many credit card frauds rising day by day, so the customers want to be safe and secure that the transaction made on your site is secure.

There are many third party services that you can use to assure your payment options are certified and confirmed to be absolutely safe.

So on your landing page implements those seals to build trusted relationships with your audience.

Well, this not only establishes you as an authority but also you can identify an increase in sales.


When we talk about conversions and marketing there are no boundaries to your creativity.

This is essential in every aspect of your campaign, but a special focus is required on the Landing Page.

So, here in this article, I have discussed some important visual elements you can use to market your product and services and also higher the conversion rates.

So read the article thoroughly and see what you already using and what’s missing on your landing page.

And try implementing the missing landing page visual elements to attract more audience and get more leads.

Apart from that, I always love to hear from you. So don’t forget to share your thoughts, ideas, doubts, queries etc in the comment section below.