11 Visual Content Types to Boost Your Social Media Engagement & Marketing

boost social media engagement,

Social media marketing is the fastest growing trend in the history. And branding through social media is considered as the best way for getting a relevant audience to your website.

But now social media marketing increasingly becomes a struggle to capture the attention of the audience. As the audience has become more fickle than ever, therefore to embark on a content marketing campaign, it is really necessary to know what will boost social media engagement and online growth.

To set yourself apart in this digital era – visual content is a KEY in all your effort.

A famous saying describes it better “A Picture Worth a Thousand Words”.

And this fits completely when we talk about visual content for social media marketing.

According to a study, it is revealed that we remember 80 % of what we SEE but only 20% of what we READ.

Hence this is the time to take advantage of it… Isn’t it???

So, here check out the visual content types and ideas to boost social media engagement and receive more traffic to your website UNDOUBTEDLY.

11 Visual Content Types to Boost Social Media Engagement

1. Images

Sharing Images are more compelling than that of text. And this is the reason this stand first in the field of visual content for social media.

Images are the ultimate visual content and this undoubtedly leads your strategies for social networks when it to visual marketing.

Most of the bloggers use images, as this helps the readers to visualize what is being discussed. And in a study, it is clearly stated that blog posts containing images receive 94% more views than those that aren’t.

Beside this, images are easy to understand, share and emphasize the message that you want to spread and highlight.

And another best point is that it is SEO-friendly, because if you list them correctly while associating them with the products and services they can help you position your brand.

2. Videos

Now comes the videos, this is incredibly powerful for presenting common issues and their solutions that your product can offer.

Videos are used for creating product tutorials, education, how-to’s, interviews, entertainment, and much more in life as well pre-recorded forms.

The live videos will help you to connect with the audience in large amount than that of events.

For Social media marketing, business use live video for launching products, engaging with people and capturing real-time events so they can rapidly broadcast to a large, global audience.

Some highly popular brands like Lovecars use videos into AMAs (Ask Me Anything) for increasing the fan engagement.

So, the video is another best Visual Content idea to boost social media engagement. But it is important that the video should be matching with the overall style of your brand.

3. GIFs

GIFs are enjoyable and super-effective when used in the right context at the same time.

So, it is GOOD to use them and increase engagement on social media in a funny way.

MailChimp uses a lot of GIFs on their Facebook page to engage fans.

This is also known as the great ice-breaker and helps you expand important relationships, simply by putting a smile on the audience faced.

Additionally, some people don’t have time to watch the two-minute video but watch a GIF that lasts just a few seconds.

4. Infographics

Infographics are an easy way to show your information in the form of graphics.

This is a superb way to collect complex data, statistics, and information in a brief and consumable format.

It is the best way to transmit your data or statistics in the form of visual to your audience in a much faster way.

But also remember one thing that infographics are shared proportionally to their quality and how well you market them on the social media graphics marketing.

So, try to promote your infographic effectively on the social media platforms, and it will likely circulate throughout the entire social media marketing platforms.

Why don’t you try Hootsuite,  this is a perfect tool for promoting your content over various social media platforms and also offers scheduling to repost old content.

5. Memes & comics

Memes are another effective and popular way to attract traffic. They are perfect for sharing on social networks and really easy to create them.

Moreover, it is a great way to evoke positive emotions and set yourself apart from your competitors.

It can be used for great inside jokes about your industry and present strong, positive emotions that set you apart from competitors.

This has become a trend in the popular brands to promote their product in a funny stylish way.

So, including this visual content can be a GOOD IDEA to boost social media engagement and online traffic.

6. Presentations

Presentations serve a similar function to infographics and now this is not limited to the boardrooms.

This can now be created and shared on SlideShare, Twitter, and Facebook as well to particularly increase exposure for important messages.

In a Presentation, slides are used for narrating stories, sharing instructions, tutorials, case- studies, and research in a better way in the form of graphics.

And this is the reason presentation are proving best visual content for social media.

Just all you need is a bit sense of humor, attractive design, and clear representation of complex concepts to make out most engaging traffic in presentation format.

To manage for social networks, you can opt for the Post Planner – with this you can manage and share content consistently, and achieve remarkable results.

7. Screenshots

Well, screenshots are a very much UNDERVALUED form of visual content.

The screenshots provide the glimpse into the inner workings of the product or service. They can speak to the readers and used as a call attention to particular details of any visual.

You can use them to display what services and roles you propose from a direct perception. Apart from that, you can also combine screenshot with the marketing copy or testimonial to enhance the authority.

This can also be used in various ways in visual content types for social media marketing such as –

  • for supporting your arguments on blog posts,
  • compose references to sources of information,
  • explain the information that is too much complicated to express in words and also function as testimonials.

So, using screenshots can build trust among the readers, audience and your customers and eventually boost social media engagement.

8. Quote covers

Quotes also play a vital role to draw the attention of the audience. And are highly popular on social media platforms.

The best thing about it is that it can easily share and possibly go VIRAL.

The visually represented, quotes have the power to acquire your audience to act or feel a convincing way about your products.

Using quotes is a convincing visual content to boost social media engagement and make your message powerful and raise impact.

Try SocialFlow it offers priority to your posts and as well boosts the chances of getting click-through and engagement from the relevant audience.

9. Data visualizations

Well, in this digital world there are still some people that prefer receiving any information in a simple way.

Data visualization is another best visual content for social media.

Well, presenting data textually can be the bit tricky on social media so, this can be conveyed through graphs and infographics.

So, if you are looking to share any of your research, case- study or growth of anything with your audience.

…then visualizing your data impressively in your lead image will boost social media engagement in the form of social media graphics.

10. Thought-Provoking Questions & QnAs

This is the one thing that I personally, think is highly powerful. And this needed to be implemented soon for gathering more traffic in social media marketing.

Asking question can create a real engagement with your fans, audience, customers and boost social media engagement as well.

The Expert conversationalists suggest asking a question for beginning conversations, and this can be the best strategy to evoke the response from the audience.

The question keeps the conversation going and remarkable way to address your audience their demands, concerns, ideas and as well develop a connection between them and you.

Also answering the question openly makes your brand, services, products more transparent, trustworthy and sociable as well in social media marketing.

11. CTAs

This is the last visual content type in our list to boost social media engagement and is the simple but powerful – CTA (Call to Action)

When you want people to act in a certain way, then the first thing is you need to tell them and CTAs is a GREAT way to do so.

It amazingly speeds- up your conversions after attracting people to your content, when used correctly.

Well, adding CTAs to the visuals as your social media pages appears openly commercial and might turn off your audience.

But the striking words like “Click Here”, “Buy-Now”, “Follow-us” and “Subscribe” can be highly profitable, when executed in a right way and eye-catching imagery.

Well, these are the best 11 visual content types that you can implement to boost your social media engagement and gather more traffic.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Well, I have done my job, now it’s your turn to start using the given types of visual content right away to make your social media marketing more powerful and engaging.

So, make use of them to achieve excellent result in attracting traffic and build a visually proficient brand on social media.

Some tools are also referred here that help you in engaging more traffic and easily get the work done. So you can use the resources and get the beneficial result.

We also love to hear your experience implementing these ideas, feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Good Luck!!!