UserSurge Review – Simple Analytics to Help Grow your Online Business

UserSurge featuresHeatmap and Visitors tracking is the technology that becomes very popular among the online marketers and website owners. This is the way through which one can track their visitors’ activity and behavior, you can easily know which element of your website is attracting your visitors and which one needs improvement.

There are various heatmap and visitors tracking tools are available in the market, so it is little complicated to choose one among them. Without knowing about the tool and its features no one can decide that which one is perfect for their website or online business. Here, in this review, we will learn about a simple to use Heatmap and Visitors tracking tool – UserSurge.

UserSurge provides several features and analytics tools that will help you to boost your online business. Via this tool, one can easily learn how their visitors are interacting with the website. With the help of its analytics/reports, you modify or craft the perfect user experience.

This tool tracks everything that important for you and your business, it records the user’s location, what language they speak, total time spent by a user, mouse movement and more…

All the recorded information insights are stored securely in the cloud and you can easily access or playback recorded session via its seamless interface.

What UserSurge Do?

Record Sessions: This tool records the complete session of a user, which you can watch on our platform.

View Heatmaps: Its advanced activity detection algorithm is able to record the user behavior and create heatmaps where users are spending their most of the time.

Advanced Analytics: Its analytics shows how many visitors are actually visiting your page, and how many just skipping.

Location Data: Keep track of your visitor’s location; know from where visitors are coming from, and what their native languages are.

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See what catches their attention and what should be fixed

This tool test the landing paged on the basis of real target users. It will automatically record all the activities of the visitors on your site, and save the data for you to watch later at any time.

All the insights stored by this tool are saved in the dashboard, this information are collected in the real-time and loading directly from our database.

It is also very simple to track data and sort via it on every separate domain you control. Adding a new domain is also very simple, click your domain present on the left-hand side of the dashboard, then type in the new domain, and click Add Domain. Add its code to your webpage in order to collect all the data as well.

Don’t worry as UserSurge doesn’t affect the speed of your website because it depends on the asynchronous javascript which doesn’t have an effect on the load time of the website. It is tested that UserSurge works on more than 99.6% of web browsers so almost every visitors will be tracked and you can see their online activity.


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UserSurge Features

Visitor Recordings

This visitor tracking platform is able to record the entire activity of your visitor that interacts with your website. Simply log in and watch user sessions to see where visitors move their cursor, which of the CTA attracts the user more, where they click on, and how they scroll the page. You can easily know that how your website looks from the user side and understand how visitors experience your website.

Visitor Heatmaps

In case you have a lot of traffic then it is little difficult for you to rewatch the individual recordings. To solve this issue, it also records data and provides you with heatmaps. Heatmaps merge all the recorded insights for each page and display a beautiful visualization to simplify your visitor data.

This tool will help you to see what elements are attracting your visitors and perhaps what they should focus on more.

Location Insights

This feature will provide the location of your visitors, you can easily see that exactly where your visitors are coming from. Like other analytics solutions, this tool will also tell you the country or city of a visitor, along with their specific activity recording and aggregated heatmaps.

How UserSurge Works?

Embed Script

First of all, you have to embed the asynchronous JavaScript provided by this tool to start collecting and aggregating data.

Visit Your Site

Whenever a user will visit your website then the added script will run asynchronously and record as much data as it can.

Data Aggregation

After storing these data in its servers, UserSurge will aggregate it and make the necessary recordings, heatmaps, and visualizations.

Decisions by Data

If you want to see the recorded insights then you have to log in to UserSurge. All of this data will help you to boost your website and make informed decisions.


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Ending Words

That’s all about the UserSurge – a professional Heatmap and Visitors tracking tool. If you want to test your landing pages, CTAs and other elements of your website then you should try this tool once.

According to me, this tool is perfect for all types of users and website. Simply, signup to your website and embed its asynchronous javascript and start tracking your user’s activity.

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