Transparent Ontraport Review: Build A Better Business

ontraport review

About Ontraport:

Are you finding difficulty in managing your email marketing campaign and subscriber lists? If yes then it’s time to step up to professional email marketing automation program.

A powerful CRM needs an intelligent autoresponder, and for that, you must get ONTRAPORT. It is an all-in-one marketing automation tool which provides great functions like powerful CRM, membership sites, email marketing, one-click WordPress integration, affiliate management and much more.Ontraport was founded by Landon Ray.

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Ontraport provides businesses a unified platform which let you handle content, marketing, sales, and information management with an ease. This tool comes with a powerful lead capture tools, CRM, split testing, social media integration, file sharing capabilities, marketing features and automation, and task management etc.

Without startup fee, month to month billing and three-month money back guarantee is somewhat lower than another platform. It is noteworthy that this tool features a fully relational database and has the capability to design custom objects which can be linked with each other.

This online email service gathers your email signup from your website, sends broadcast and autoresponder email to your contacts list.


Before we delve into ONTRAPORT features, let’s first talk about the 3 newly added features: ONTRAforms, ONTRAPORT marketplace, and ONTRAPORT projects, during the yearly event called ONTRApalooza.



You can select to create order or opt-in forms using ONTRAPORT and host it on your web page. As there are many professionally designed templates available, all you need to do is to add photos, texts and publish. You can easily use the professionally designed ONTRAform templates on your website.

You can easily publish your forms as static forms, pop-up image or link, or even a lightbox pop-up.  The best option is the lightbox pop-up that you can select to make person spends a certain amount of time on your website.

ONTRAPORT Marketplace:

ONTRAPORT marketplace let you share ONTRAmail, powerful ONTRApages and ONTRAform templates with ONTRAPORT community.  You can even use the templates created by other users or share the template created by others.

You can share your creation for free, sell or purchase on ONTRAPORT marketplace.



Other powerful introduced feature is ONTRAPORT projects. Usually, it is an in-app training program which let you have your business up and running instantly. CRM gathers some data about your business and suggest various projects according to the business need. After selecting a project, the training module walks you through the entire process. You can pause your project in middle and can resume it from the same point later.


ONTRAPORT let you store a variety of important details about your clients and prospects in one highly customizable screen. While seeing the contact you can send them an email or text message, add a task, make a phone call, manage credit card and the list goes on and on.


This is one of the highly customizable menus which let you create follow up actions like email, SMS, tasks and other work. These sequences can be triggered by the customers via your blog, email or any other source.


It let you send emails, text messages, full-color postcards, and let you design professional looking email templates called ONTRAmail. It depends on the pricing plan you choose, you can send certain emails per month. For text messages, you have to pay 2 cents per message.

Event management:

Event management is a unique feature of ONTRAPORT which let you conduct and manage online events like teleseminars, webinars or live events. You can monitor the attended people as well as those who could not and tell CRM to automatically follow up with each group.


This menu lets you add/edit/delete custom fields, manage lead routing and scoring, import contacts, manage scheduled broadcasts, and modify the default value of merge fields.


The task management powers most of the processes and saves a lot of time. You can’t add new tasks from the Tasks menu when viewing your task. To add the new task you have to go Messages or Contacts. Plus, there is an integrated calendar where you can find your tasks and appointments.


If you are running an online e-commerce business then you will love this sale module. Here you will find all the purchases made by your customers, products you sold, generate various reports like sales report, transaction log, subscriber retention report, open orders and much more.

Partner & Affiliate Program Management:

This feature allows you manage your affiliate program. You can create a branded partner center on your own website in a minute and provide them the desired tool to promote your business. Create multiple affiliate programs for different partner types and products.


You can integrate your WordPress sites and can create amazing landing pages by just dragging and dropping. This feature is perfect if you want to selling product info and for online coaching services. With this module, you can even host video and other media for your customers.


This feature tells you who is engaged with your content. Unlike other analytics programs, ONTRAPORT tracking feature not only shows you how many users are viewing your website, but it even tells you who they are and what pages are viewed and a lot more.

Ontraport Pros & Cons:


  • It is the best value for money –  you get CRM, shopping cart, WordPress membership sites, an autoresponder, affiliate management and task automation in few hundred dollars.
  • Highly scalable and customizable CRM
  • Affordable two-way SMS text messaging
  • Split testing capability
  • On-demand postcards and voicemails
  • Stats, analytics and tracking features
  • Great customer service


  • No social media integration
  • No visual sales funnel
  • Lacks traditional sales modules
  • Weak mobile app
  • Monthly fee may be too large for smaller businesses.

Why Should I use ONTRAPORT and no other Autoresponder?

Medium to large businesses must consider using Ontraport to improve their marketing techniques to attract more clients or improve customer holding.

Ontraport provides entrepreneurs a system which does all the hard work like customer relationships, managing leads, sales and much more. Ontraport delivers smart automation to businesses, let you build beautiful web pages for improved and high conversion rates. It even offers tracking campaigns, sending emails, and maintaining stronger relationships with clients and prospective customers. Selling is enhanced with ONTRAPORT sales tools.


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Bottom Line:

Ontraport is a small company and doesn’t do a lot of advertising. Their main focus is to create a solid and powerful system before scaling their business. They care about their clients and services offered by them. Seriously, what software automation platform provides such great productivity at a low cost?

In my opinion, what I have tried to bring to light in my Ontraport review is that it is amazing software that can improve your marketing techniques. This is exactly the kind of place you needed for a long run.

If you run a website or blog,  or if you are a trainer, or run any kind of online coaching business, then Ontraport is the perfect software solution to your marketing and business platform.

If you are still not sure whether Ontraport is the right match for your business, then try to use it for few months. There is no startup fee.Give a try to it.