Toggl Review : The Best Time Tracking Tool for Freelancer

all about toggl

There are lots of companies and organizations who are confused about which time tracking tool is best for them.

There are lots of tools that provide time tracking facility, and why so choosing one among them is little difficult but not impossible.

To tackle this common issue, this review section will help you. In this review I discussed about a trendy time tracking tool known as Toggl.

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Complete Overview of Toggl


Toggl is a perfect tool for managing time spending by your team on any specific project. Through this you can manage & EDIT DETAILED TIME LOGS, QUICKLY SEE WHAT YOUR TEAM IS DOING, SHARE YOUR TIMESHEETS and more.

It will give you a perfect & clear data of how your team is spending time and also help you to learn “switch tasks” method less frequently.

With the help of this time tracker you can work intensely, with focus, and complete the task in less time.

The timer will continue even if the browser tab close accidentally. You can also go back and modify times according to your requirement (it generally happens when you forget to turn the timer off).

It allows you to cautiously track the time spend by any employee/team on each task.

No matter whether you are a tiny company or a global enterprise, this time tracker is perfect for you.

Keeping track of time spending on each project is become more important when you’re billing clients on hour basis.

To deal with this scenario you should defiantly use Toggl, through this you can easily track the amount of time you worked on a project, generate detailed reports for clients, and report specific billable amounts for invoicing.

3 Changes into Toggl Pricing structure

  • Pro plan now costs: For new subscribers $9/user/month (when billed monthly) and $10/user/month (when billed annually).

But for the existing subscribers the price will remain unchanged (which is $5 for up to 2 years).

  • Now you can select one from 4 tiers of pricing plans, according to your requirement.
  • A new planed is launched (Pro Plus): it allows you to add one Business feature to your Pro plan.


What Toggl Offers?


Toggl is one of the simple but effective time tracking tool through which one can record the total time spent working on different tasks.

It contains very simple user interface so you don’t need any extra knowledge to get started with.

It offers time tracking along with lots of other features given below:

  • This tool also works while you are offline, and when you become online then the app syncs to the cloud.
  • It automatically manages the time spent with pie charts and bar charts, through this you can easily know which of your projects are consuming more of your time.
  • In order to organize you easily, Toggl’s provides “three-stage hierarchy”.
  • You can easily connect toggle account with your cloud account, as Toggl is cloud-supported and all services/data are scalable, backed up and easy to restore.
  • Data backup service is executed after every 12 hours.
  • Offers free trial and there for no sign-up or termination fees.
  • You can integrate your Toggle account with FreshBooks, Basecamp and more.
  • All the tracking data is automatically converted into different charts.
  • Toggl is an open source program, so one can easily designed different third party integrations.


Technical details of Toggl Time Management Tool


Devices Supported Language Support Pricing Model Customer Types Deployment
Windows USA Freemium Small Business SaaS
Android UK Annual Subscription Medium Business Cloud Hosted
iPhone/iPad Ireland Freelancers
Mac Canada
South Africa
Latin America


Pros of Toggl


  • Completely pictorial representation of data
  • Breakdown Day-by-day
  • Only start/stop button, reporting which avoid any type of confusion
  • Less charge for large teams, students, and non-profits
  • Free available for teams of up to 5 users
  • Helpful overview of total time spent
  • Single-click time tracking
  • Easy to share reports
  • Support both online and offline working


consCons of Toggl

  • To use invoice feature you need to subscribe pro version
  • You need to adjust time manually
  • Lack of complete integration with other apps


Complete Features of Toggl


1. Browser extension is available:

If you are using Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox then you can easily add the toggle extension to your browser.

Toggle provides browser extension for both chrome and Mozilla web browser which make it more popular and easy to use.

2. Setup Projects and Teams with ease:

With the help of Toggl you can easily setup projects and categorize all of your tasks. You can also add a specific task in a project.

Crete a team and add colleagues working on the same project, this will allows you to easily track time taken by the team.

3. Pause/ continue and edit time entries: 

It is easy to use, you can pause time tracking of any project and start tracking another tasks, and vice versa (again start tracking the previously paused task).

In case you forgot to start timer paused previously then you can edit the entry and set the start time manually.

4. Available in all platforms:

This time tracking service is available for online, as a desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows) and a mobile app (iOS and Android).

5. Tracking reminders:

Toggl always give reminder to deal with several situations. If you forgot to stop the timer and you are away from your computer then the tool will ask you to either save the idle time, cancel it, or split it into any other time entry.

6. Sync your entries across all your devices:

You can sync your Toggl account across your different devices. This feature is very useful in order to deal with any kind of data crisis.


Should I use Toggl or Not?


I love this tool because it is a straightforward and simple, along with so much value. If you are a contractor then this will give you a very clear picture of time used by your employees or team on a project.

This has allowed me to work intensely, with focus, and complete more in less time.

One of the excellent features that give Toggl another plus punt is: the timer continues even if the browser tab crashes or accidentally closed by the user.

In case you forget to turn off the timer then don’t worry as Toggl allows you to go back and modify times according to their requirement.


Alternative tools

  1. Trello
  2. Asana
  3. Flow
  4. Basecamp
  5. Freedcamp
  6. Podio
  7. Livete cs
  8. NetSuite SRP (Service Resource Planning)
  9. Workfront
  10. Zoho Invoice




With the above discussed features, cons, review etc. it is clear that toggl is the best among their competitors.

It not only manages time perfectly, but very user-friendly as well, it contains lots of features that allow the user to carry on the similar task with no trouble and autofiill functions for the equal purpose. It also provides the reports very helpful.

Time management is not an easy task, but with the help of toggl’s cool features you can see how much time is taken by a project.

Design of this tool is very user-friendly, it’s easy to track daily-time, available for free version.

So if you want to manage or keeps track of time worked on each project effectively then Toggl is perfect for you.