5 Killer Traffic Techniques You Can’t Avoid For Your Blog Growth

Killer Traffic Techniques You Can’t Avoid For Your Blog Growth

Are you writing a blog but not getting enough traffic? If yes, then do you want to promote your blogs to increase your blog traffic? Again if your answer is yes then please continue reading the post below because here you will get the complete solution. As everyone knows that traffic is everything for any blog to make it a popular and successful.

Well, some of the blogger does not get enough traffic from search engine and some of them don’t know how to promote their blog post in order to get killer traffic on their blogs. Here in this post, I am going to discuss the top five traffic tactics to use for killer blog growth. So guys, let me tell you the important things you have to keep in mind if you want to increase the blog traffic. They are:

  1. Content Promotion
  2. S.E.O.
  3. Social Media
  4. A/B Testing
  5. Growth Hacking Tool

These are some of the useful Colibri.iotactics that can be used to get more visitors. Now, it’s time to discuss each and every point in detail.

Different Tactics to Use for Blog Traffic

Technique #1: Content Promotion

Content Promotion

Do you know that around 2 million blog posts are published every day over the web? Publishing your content is not enough for a blogger unless they get much traffic. So, you can increase your blog traffic only if you provide better content to the users. You need to have aggressive content promotions also. Well, there are some important points that you have to keep in mind, let me briefly explain you the terms so that you can keep in mind and perform better to get more and more blog traffic growth.

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i. Email Subscription: Email subscription is one of the most famous terms used in bloggers. It means to subscribe to a blog using your email address so that you can get the latest updates about the blogs in your inbox. It is one of the most useful steps in order to increase your reader. Whenever you will get to know that someone has subscribed to your blog, obviously you will feel very happy and motivated too.

In this way, you will then try to provide them better quality content so that they can never feel any kind of disappointment by their decision and you should continue writing quality content for which the user has subscribed. You can also do email marketing with the help of some tools like SendinBlue, Mailjet, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit and more email marketing tools.

ii. Paid Advertising: You must be thinking why I am going to discuss paid advertisements here on this blog as you all know that you can also promote your blog through free advertisements too. Well guys, let me clear one thing that promoting your blog only through free advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop.it, Pinterest, Google plus is not enough to promote your blog. Sometimes you need some extra efforts too. So, paid to advertise is another way by which you can easily try to make the traffic growth of your blog better than before. However, it can be quite costly for you. Generally, there are three types of paid digital advertising. They are:

  • Search engine advertising like Google Adwords
  • Banner advertising on other websites or blogs
  • Advertising on Social Media with Facebook ads

iii. Syndication: Content syndication is a kind of process where you will publish the content on a third party website in order to maintain its revelation to your target readers. It is quite possible to syndicate content with the use of free and paid methods. You can syndicate your content by:

  • Always select the quality sites to syndicate your blog posts on. Quality sites with good indication can manually review each post sent to them and does not rely on automated RSS feeds.
  • Make sure that your content is a good fit for the site and will also fit into one or more of the categories on the syndicated network.
  • Make sure that you have been on a regular publishing schedule for at least 3 months prior to that offers your content to a syndication network. This is due to the reputable networks will typically check for consistency before providing the blog.

Also, there are lots of benefits of content syndication. They are as follows:

  • It builds traffic to your site.
  • It used to promote quality backlinks to your sites.
  • It used to increase your search ranking.
  • It can increase the number of your followers.
  • It can promote you as an expert.
  • The process used in content syndication does not violate Google policy.

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iv. EBook: Electronic book, commonly known as eBook. It is an electronic version of a print book that can be easily read by using a personal computer or by using eBook reader. As we used to say “Great things come in little packages sometimes”. Users can purchase an eBook or can also subscribe which can be very helpful for getting more and more blog traffics. You can also provide a subscription option in your eBook because if you convert your readers to subscribers then it means you are generating traffic to your blogs as customers will likely keep coming to your site and share your blog with others.

v. Interlinking: Interlinking is one the best way to get more and more blog traffics. It is a method to create a bridge or connection between all the posts. Suppose you are writing a blog about, say, how to remove a virus from your system. You can give a link to another post of your blog about, like how to get rid of malicious threats from your system. In this way, you are building links between all the blogs posted by yourself. A user who is interested in removing a virus from the system must be attracted to how to get rid of malicious threats from the system. So, in this way, your traffic will be increased without even using any SMO. You can also follow some useful tips for interlinking that are mentioned below:

  • Always link those posts that are related to the post only.
  • Try to link your post at least 2 posts in every 500 words.
  • Do not link more than four links in 500 words.
  • Always try to keep the links on some distance.

Technique #2: S.E.O.


Well promoting your content is the only job you have to do if you want to get more visitors to your site. You are not alone who is submitting the blogs to the Google, there are lot more people who are doing the same job. So you have to face a tough competition to get traffic that means you have to rank higher on Google search results page because the higher you rank, the more traffic you get. But here, the main question arises – how do you rank up in Google? Well, the answer is very simple; it is S.E.O., abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization. Believe it or not, 90% of the traffic comes from the search results. So, there is a need to optimize the blog for the search engines so that you can get the traffic. Here you will get to know about some important SEO strategy that can be implemented to get better traffic. They are as follows:

i. Guest Posting: One of the most initial traffic strategies should be guest-posting. It is when you write for others blog as a guest and you get a do follow backlink to your blog. It will increase your rankings and also some of the readers of that blog may be interested in the link you have provided and click it on. So, this is another way to get additional traffic from guest posting.

ii. Comment on high PR blogs: Commenting on blog is another effective way to promote your blog and also increase your blog traffic. The very first thing you have to do is to find blogs of your same filed that used to give you a link back to your site whenever you comment on their post. You can also check the page rank of that blog and it if is higher than your blog then try to find a suitable post to comment. Do not ever try to spam any site because it can directly affect your page ranking.

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iii. Forum: Forum is another best way to get visitors in large quantity which is not an easy task because you have to provide the answers they have asked for if users will find the answer best for them then only they will click on the link you have mentioned in the post. Providing best answers to the users is the easiest way to get the traffic and it is quite better if you provide users the link to the relevant posts. Below mentioned are some the tips to use the forum:

  • Always try to make a detailed and valuable comment.
  • You can start your own new thread by asking something.
  • You can also add a signature on your profile.
  • Try to be the first to answer the question.

iv. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is also very similar to the social media marketing. It provides you the ability to save your web browser’s bookmarks on a website in order to keep them organized. Social bookmarking sites are the effective marketing tools that SEO content creators use to drive more traffic to their blogs. Here you will find out the most commonly used social bookmarking sites that can get more and more visitors:

Social Bookmarking

  • Technorati: Technorati is a great site because you can link your blog up to Technorati that can provide a stream of the latest and greatest in the blogosphere. So, just get your blog connected with Technorati and your posts will have a great chance to be featured on a very high ranked social bookmarking site.
  • StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is another great social bookmarking site. You can bookmark your own content and review it yourself to get more hits from StumbleUpon.
  • Digg: Digg is another best Social bookmarking site that can help you to get better traffic than before.
  • Del.icio.us: Another highly ranked social bookmarking site that can help you a lot in getting more and more blog traffic growth.
  • Reddit: Last but not the least, it has millions of users. So bookmarking your blog in this site will get more and more users to visit your site and in this way, you will get better traffic.

v. Get Backlinks: Putting a link of some other external website in your own blog and in returns this thing happens when someone else put your blog’s link on their site. The more backlink you have, the higher you rank and in this way, the more traffic you get. There are mainly two kinds of backlinks – do follow and no follow. There are few important things you have to implement while doing backlinking, they are:

  • Do not ignore the smaller sites.
  • Do not spam
  • Seek to contribute value, not to just get traffic.
  • Select the sites that are relevant to your blogs.

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Apart from this, you can use some backlink analysis tools to monitor your or your competitor’s website and do the same to get more and more traffics. Some of the most effective and helpful backlink analysis tools are: aHrefsMonitor BacklinksLinkody, etc.

Technique #3: Share on Social Media:

Share Blogs on Social Media

Social media is becoming an important part of daily life. In business, social media is used for promoting brands, marketing products, connecting to current customers, etc. These are the most common activities used for sharing your blogs in more and more social media sites as much as you can so that you can get traffic better than before. Following are some the common strategy you can follow to get traffic:

i. Promote your posts on Google+: You can share your blog posts in Google+ and get more and more traffics. You can follow the below tactics to get the advantage of Google+:

  • Join Google+ community and share your post: There are large numbers of Google+ communities, so just join the communities that are related to your requirement and share your post.

ii. Promoting Your Blog Post on Facebook: If you are already submitting your post as a Facebook update on your profile and Facebook page then it is good for your blog. Below are the some of the steps to take to promote your blog post using different features of Facebook:

  • Share your post with relevant Facebook groups: Identify any 10 groups and then share your post in each of the groups.
  • Message your connections and ask them to share your post: Message your friends in your Facebook friend’s list. Let them know that you have created a blog and so they will further share your post that will increase your more traffic.
  • Join groups in the Facebook and share your content: There are large numbers of groups in the Facebook that are specifically for bloggers looking in order to promote their new posts.

iii. Promoting Your Blog Post On Twitter: Sharing your post on Twitter is the basic way to promote your blog posts. You can do a lot more for getting more grip for your blog post on Twitter.

  • Find People that have tweeted similar content and reply to them: Twitter’s search button can be used to find tweets that used to have similar content to your blog post. Recognize the people that have tweets that have shared similar content.
  • Message those people that have shared similar content: If you follow a person that has shared content similar to your blog and they too follow you, then you can direct ask them if they would like to share your new blog post.

iv. Use Hashtag: Hashtag is a word, phrase or symbol denoted as “#” which can be used within a message in order to identify a keyword or topic of interest and a search for it. So, if you add a hashtag to your post then it is immediately indexed by the social network and searchable by other users. When a user clicks on that hashtag then they will be brought to a page that collects all of the posts with the hashtag.

Below mentioned are some tips to use hashtag in your posts:

  • You can use a hashtag in a social post by simply adding the ‘#’ sign before a single word or phrase even without giving any space or punctuation mark at all.
  • Don’t string too many words together with a single hashtag.
  • Always use hashtag only on tweets that are related to the content only.
  • Do not use too many hashtags in a single tweet

v. Infographics: This is one of the smartest ways to get more and more visitors on your blog. For this, you just have to create well defined and well formatted infographics and share it on your own site and also to other related sites. Infographics are highly shareable and when people share it, your site gets more traffic. It allows you to put complete information in just one graphics. Adding your logo and name on the infographic can also increase your brand awareness. So, it is very important to create infographics and share it on social media so that more and more people visit your site and increase the traffic.

vi. Video: Try to create videos to attract visitors. This is another medium that can attract users a lot. You can create a video if you want your blog to be noticed. You just have to simply upload it to the most common video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. These ranks high in the search engine so it can easily increase the traffic.

Technique #4: A/B Testing

AB testing

A/B Testing is a method that can be used to compare two versions of a webpage against each other in order to determine which website performs better. If you create an A and B version of your webpage then you can easily validate new design changes and improve your website’s conversion rate. Testing on a regular basis and optimizing your page can increase revenue, registrations, leads, donations and downloads while providing teams with some valuable insight about their visitors.

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Why there is a need to A/B test?

Do you know why there is a need to A/B test? If not, then let me explain you the need of this test. A/B testing allows you to make more out of your existing traffic. You can compare two web pages by showing the two variants to similar at the same time. The website that will show the better conversion rate, that site will win. You can make A/B testing anything on your website that is affecting visitor behavior:

  • Paragraph Text
  • Call to Action Button
  • Call to Action text
  • Sub headlines
  • Links
  • Headlines
  • Social proof
  • Testimonials
  • Awards and badges
  • Images

So, you can perform this test if you want to compare any website with the other. In this way, you can get to know what can be improvements can be done in your site so that you can get more and more traffic to your blog.

Technique #5: Growth Hacking Tools

It is one of the most common terms in the marketing world. It can be described as a new process that can be used for acquiring and engaging users of traditional marketing and analytical skills. Growth hackers may use a different strategy to hack growth of blog traffic. The job of growth hackers is quite different from the traditional marketer’s job. Below mentioned are some of the growth hacking tools that can help you a lot to get more and more blog traffic. They are as follow:

i. Pay With a Tweet: This tool allows you to give people access to your content or product if they have ever tweeted or posted about it. It is one of the best tools to go viral or to make sure that your content will spread across the web. There are several benefits of using this tool, they are:

  • It measures traffic, sales, growth and geographical data too.
  • It provides you the customization feature to fir your website.
  • It also invites people to pay with a post across the most common social media sites.

ii. Nimble: Nimble is a kind of relationship management tool that used to combine all your contacts, social signals, email from wherever you work so that you can maximize relationships in order to grow your business. Some of the benefits of using this tool are:

  • It notifies you about meaningful events like job changes and birthday.
  • It can manage thousands of contacts across multiple channels.

iii. Colibri.io: Colibri.io tool shows you where your customers are engaging online so that you can get yourself into the related conversations. Some of the benefits of using this tool are:

  • It used to integrate with Google Analytics
  • It spread your traffic and also improves SEO simply by participating in the right conversation across the web.

iv. Click to Tweet: It is a free and easy way to promote and advertise your business or your product on Twitter. Some of the benefits of using this tool are:

  • It is very easy to set up and can be used anywhere.
  • The analytic tells you how many times your Click to Tweet link has been clicked and then how many times the link within your pre-written tweet has been clicked on.

v. Twilighter: This useful tool grown your traffic by making sharing easy. With this tool, visitors can easily highlight any part of your content and can share it on Twitter. Benefits of using this tool are:

  • It used to highlights the most-shared content on your blog so that new visitors can easily catch new posts easily.
  • It is very easy tool to use as it allows you to install the setup of this tool in just 47 seconds.

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The main purpose of this post is to give you a clear concept regarding the traffic growth of blogs. You can learn all the important and useful tactics you need to increase the traffic. There are large numbers of methods can be implemented to get more visitors to your site. So, keep on reading these kinds of articles or blogs that can be very beneficial for you and your business strategies. I’ll back soon with a fresh new blog that will also help you a lot and then you can implement it in different business strategies.