45 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Increase Your Website Traffic

Have you struggled a lot to increase your website traffic? Does your website make not enough money? Does even after trying several ways, you are not able to increase your website traffic?

Well, if these questions are related to your own website then don’t worry, here you will get all the answers.

Lacking website traffic is one of the most common issues for most of the website owners. Most of the website owners have reported that they have lost a significant percentage of their search traffic over the past two years. And so, they are now looking for new ways to drive traffic to their websites.

This blog will help you a lot to know the best ways to drive traffic to your website. So, don’t waste your time and just start reading this blog to know how you can increase your website traffic more and more at free of cost.

Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

increase website traffic

Having a website is good but getting relevant and enough traffic is also an important agenda in this the world of internet marketing. So, if you are one of those who has a website but doesn’t get enough traffic then this blog is very effective for you. You can learn here different tips and tricks that will help you a lot to drive traffic to your website without spending a single penny of yours. Yes, it is true that you can get more traffic to your website with the help of some effective tips that are mentioned-below:

Tip#1: Create a Brand New Content

One of the best ways you can do to increase traffic to your website is to increase the number of pages on your website. Create such kind of pages that can rank for your important keyword terms. Analyze completely where you can add new category pages, new attractive content or new blog posts to target specific keywords. You can make a proper content with the help of some blog writing tools like Grammarly and ProWriting Aid.

Tip #2: Launch New Products

If you have a website and want more traffic then you can also attract new users to your company You can do this by launching new products that are related to your website. The most interesting part is that you can charge for these and you can make money as well. Due to this, you will get new users into your full conversion funnel.

Tip #3: Optimize Old Content

As you are tracking your keyword rankings, well, if you are not tracking yet then you can try CrazyEgg. This is a website tracking tools that can help you a lot in tracking your website. With the help of other tracking tools like ClickTale, Hotjar and Mouseflow, you can track your website’s traffic very well. Also, you can find the keywords that you rank near the bottom of the first page. And you can add useful content to those webpages to help them rank better.

Tip #4: Write Guest Posts

With the help of some sites like SimilarWeb, you can easily find the websites that are related to your website. If they have your audience then you can get content onto their website. It can help them build traffic while at the same time, you can also access to their new audience.

Tip #5: Accept Guest Posts

Most of the websites want links for SEO purposes only and access to your customers. If those websites are not your direct competitors then let them guest post on your website. It means they are invested in your company and they will promote the content that they have produced. It will help you get you in front of their website’s audience.

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Tip #6: Give Podcast Interviews

Podcasting is very popular technique these days and the best way to grow a podcast audience is to simply send an invitation to the influential people onto your podcast. Don’t miss this opportunity to get more traffic by podcasting interviews. So, you can think about like audio version guest posts. So, try to get one or more than one podcasts and then start targeting podcast producers to get onto their shows.

Tip #7: Create Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards

One of the best super domains is the Pinterest and your Pinterest boards can rank very well. Research a typical keyword for your own website and then take some of the keywords and then target them on Pinterest. The best way is to use your other online resources to get them indexed faster and help them rank better in Google.

Tip #8: Speed Up Your Website

Speeding up your website not only converts better but you will also get more organic traffic on a big website. This is because the search engines are able to crawl your website faster and find out more content. You can start with switching hosts and then optimizing your code. But make sure that you are using aggressive caching and a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Tip #9: Create Satellite Websites

If your website is around your niche yet you operate in many niches then you can easily build out websites. They are specifically targeted at those other niches and use them to funnel traffic to your other websites. And so you are required to disclose that you own those other websites but this is a great way to spread the organic reach.

Tip #10: Target the Longtail Keywords For SEO

If your website is not very strong then you can target longer tail keywords i.e., less than 50 searches a month which are generally much easier to rank for. With the help of this, you can start building up a base of content that you can then use to earn links. It also helps drive rankings for more competitive terms.

Tip #11: Do New Keyword Research

Are you struggling much to increase traffic to your website? If yes, then you just need to do new keyword research to get ideas of new content. And after researching, you can again create a new content which is already mentioned in the tip #1.

Tip #12: Create Videos For YouTube

Videos For YouTube

For a better website traffic, you can also create videos in a cost-effective manner. YouTube is one of the greatest distribution platforms you can post your video at. It takes little time to build the channel but it has a huge audience if it is done in a good manner.

Tip #13: Create Infographics

You can design better for your company and if not then you can hire one that can create a better infographic for your own website. You can create useful graphics that tell a story and help people see your content in a graphic way. Also, after creating it, do outreach for links and then promote on Pinterest, Facebook and more social media websites. Or you can also schedule your infographic at scheduling site like Buffer.

Tip #14: Promote Pins on Pinterest

In the world of internet marketing, it is very important to share your content as much as you can. Creating a content is just not enough if you are expecting it to rank and drive more and more traffic. Getting higher rank in Google influences stronger engagement of website’s content in social media sharing websites like Pinterest and more. So, pin more and more content on Pinterst to your target audience.

Tip #15: Get Included in Email Newsletters

Most of the companies do daily, weekly or monthly newsletter that can curate content from around their industry. Most of the best ranking websites have lots of subscribers. So, if you have a better content that fits their audience then you can reach out to them and see they will include your article in their next list.

Tip #16: Create Content For Slideshare Specifically

One of the best sites to share content on social network media is the Slideshare site. You can also create a specific content to post in Slideshare and promote it well. Also, you can land on the popular content sections of their homepage which can engage more traffic. But make sure that you link back to your website from Slideshare too.

Tip #17: Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Most of the website owners do not pay attention to on-page SEO which is a big loss for them. Yes, optimizing your content for search engines is still a valuable and worthwhile practice. You have to look at some of the major points for better on-page SEO. They are as follows:

  • Make the image’s alt text
  • Create internal links to new contents
  • Write meta description
  • Mention Focus keyword if you are using WordPress

All these can help you boost your organic traffic easily.

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Tip #18: Bid on Competitor Keywords

Yes, this is another helpful tip you can apply to get better traffic to your own website. You can try Google Adwords for this. This can allow you to bid on many competitor branded terms. If they are searching for your competitor then they should also know very well about you.

Tip #19: Social Advertising

Advertising your content on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Stumble Upon and other networks is quite beneficial to drive traffic. You can share your content on these social media websites as much as you can but remember that frequent sharing can be declared as spamming. So, be very calm and share your content in a limited time period.

Tip #20: Collect Email Addresses and Send Consistent Emails

The simplest way to do that most of the people actually don’t do is sending consistent email marketing to their customers who have provided their email addresses. However, this is a weekly newsletter or a daily piece of content to sell, this is the best way to keep your users engaged with your content. You can also collect some related emails with the help of some email marketing tools like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, MailChimp, AWeber Communication, GetResponse, SendinBlue, ConvertKit and more.

Tip #21: Let Users Subscribe To Content

Some Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress will let people subscribe to replies to their comments that they leave on your content. You can also use a myriad of tools in order to capture email addresses to which you can send content when gets published.

Tip #22: Pay Per Click Technique

Pay Per Click (PPC) is usually best used technique for conversion-oriented keywords. It is great because it gets you a new audience that is also ready to convert. Also, this will help you get more traffic which is good for your website.

Tip #23: Create Online Courses

One of the best things about the internet is that you can publish any type of content you wish to.  Creation of longer form content such as courses that are targeted around user needs as well as keyword phrases, you can get more traffic to your website.

Tip #24: Create And Sell Courses

If you want to get a better way to show your expertise and get people reading all of your content rather than teaching what you already know then create a course to teach. After creating a course, you can sell it on places like Udemy while simultaneously selling it on your site. Most specifically, sell it on your own site from a page that is targeted towards a high volume keyword for SEO.

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Tip #25: Check Your Backlinks Regularly

Check Your Backlinks

Checking for backlinks of your website is very important. There are several reasons for checking website’s backlinks. If you are getting a backlink from a trusted site then it is good for your website and can also help you a lot in increasing your website’s traffic. But, if you are getting backlinks from untrusted or irrelevant websites then it can harm your website. Well, you can check your website’s backlinks with the help of some effective backlink checker tools like Monitor Backlinks, KWFinder, ScrapeBox, LinkBird, Linkody, aHrefs and more.

Tip #25: Improve The CTR

CTR stands for Click Through Rate, the rate that a link generates at times shown. When you have a website positioned in Google and users after doing a search they see your result, then they are generating impressions and clicks. Do you know why improving your CTR will increase your traffic? It is because the higher CTR in your results, the large number of visitor you get to your site. Also, it is very important in web positioning. If you have a good title, an optimized snippet and a goal description then you can get more clicks and this will also increase the CTR.

Tip #26: Sponsor Meetups

You must be thinking what sponsor meetups means? Well, there is a specific website called Meetup.com, this is a popular website that has been specifically designed to organize groups of people to get together. Most of them accept sponsors, who do things like give free meeting space or even pay the bar tab. If you try this, then this can be the best way to get your product or a company in front of your target audience.

Tip #27: Promote Content Through Outbrain/Taboola

Promoting a content is so cheap nowadays that you would be silly not to do it. However, if you want to discover proper content then you can try Outbrain and can promote your content through the largest native advertising platform called Taboola. These two are the best websites that can help you a lot in driving more and more traffic with better content discovery and promoting it in the largest advertising platform.

Tip #28: Link Acquisition

Link acquisition sounds like an old school tactic but this is still a fact that the more links you have to your website, the better your website will rank. So, you need to acquire more and more links to your website from content, from outreach that you do and also from relevant resources pages on other websites.

Tip #29: Use HARO to Acquire Contributors

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out is the best way to find great sources for stories you are going to write for your site. However, this will not directly help you get new audience. But by including their quotes and tagging them on some social media, you can access their audience to your website.

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Tip #30: Build Partnerships

Build Partnerships

Sometimes in Business To Business (B2B) spaces, partnerships can be effective for customer acquisition. You can build out referral programs with complementary companies to yours. You can also try to funnel some of their traffic back to your own website. This can be done either through website mentions or email marketing. There are some tips o follow that can help you improve email open rates for email marketing.

Tip #31: Create Internal Linking – Interlinking

One of the most effective ways in the SEO factors on Onpage SEO strategies is the internal linking or interlinking. It is a technique that allows you to create links that lead to other pages of your own websites, transfers authority between them. This can help you to target your audience to stay in your website for so long and visit several pages of your websites and hence increases the traffic automatically.

Tip #32: Twitter Cards

A twitter card is also a good way to increase your website traffic. Twitter card is a sign that used to appear automatically on a tweet when you add a link or when someone else does it from any other twitter account. This card allows you to show information differently than just text or images only. It allows you to preview images or thumbnails you want.

Tip #33: Use Buzzsumo

It is better to get information about what works best in social network. It can be very useful when you decide what content to publish and more. With the help of Buzzsumo, you can do some things like:

  • You can discover which content or publications are the most shared looking for a complete keyword or most shared at that time. With this, you can also decide what type of content you publish if you have on your blog. If you take an advantage of the trends and getting into the same conversion, you can get you great increase in traffic.
  • If you enter the web address of your website in Buzzsumo then it will tell you which pages are the most shared in each of the social networks. This will help you know which social media has less post of your content so that you can share them on those social sites and get more traffic.

Watch this video to know how to use Buzzsumo:

Tip #34: Create Social Media Groups

Some social media networks like Facebook, GPlus and LinkedIn have same features, i.e., groups. However, in GPlus, it is identified as Communities. You can join a group in all these social media networks. They all have a very clear theme. Once you have chosen the groups and communities, you can use them in an organized and consistent way. You can make a publication plan in each of them and then establish the frequency of publication and analyze those that drive enough traffic.

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Tip #35: Optimize Unintentionally Placed Keywords

When you publish any blog or a webpage while pointing to a particular keyword, you can start to the position also by different ones. So, if you find those keywords that user are finding and update the content by simply enhancing those keywords, it can easily increase your website traffic in an effective way.

Tip #36: Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads platform can be very effective. If you create a properly segmented campaigns and with ads that are made up of good copies can actually bring you lots of traffic to your website. Try to create small campaigns with a low budget between $1 and $5 a day. Or you can also start with a campaign test of $5. You can also use a demographic and interest segmentation as per the article you are promoting and analyze the results you get.

Tip #37: Attractive Titles

The very best technique to increase website’s traffic is to generate attractive and interesting titles that can increase the CTR of your results in the SERPs. CTR is already mentioned-above in the tip #25. It is a crucial factor in improving the SEO position of the website. So, it is also advisable to create attractive titles for your blog posts and any content you publish.

Tip #38: Share Buttons

share buttons

Social media network is a great medium to share your content as much as you want and this also increases your website’s traffic. If you want to increase your website traffic then you can place share buttons on your blog or webpage that allow your users to share what they see quickly. These buttons allow the users to click on them and publish a tweet or a publication that is created in a predefined way in their profile page on social networks sites like Facebook, GPlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Tip #39: Target Social Audience With Google Analytics

Regarding social networks, there must be a thorough analytical work. You can know who visits your blogs and what webpage is he/she read it or what they share in social networks. You can perform this task to increase your website traffic, and for this, you need Google Analytics. With the use of this function, you will be able to know what articles of your blog are most visited through social networks.

Tip #40: Google AMP

It is a fact that if you have a website, then you really know the important of loading speed of a website or Web Performance Optimization (WPO). The loading time of a website is very important for two main reasons; one is the user experience and other is the web positioning. Google is a company and users are their customers who look at their search engines. Like any other company, Google also wants to serve their customers better. And for this, you can use Google AMP. This technology allows you to create webpages that load up to 80% faster on mobile devices. If your website has AMP pages enables then the webpages that you have indexed in Google may appear in this format.

Tip #41: Feedly

Another trick you can apply to get more traffic to your website is to use Feedly. This is an RSS reader that allows you to add feeds to read all the blogs that interest you from a single application. In this way, you can also go including the feeds of blogs that interest you the most then read them all from the same respective website. If you encourage your users to include your website in their Feedly feed then you will not be required to remember them to visit your blog as they will already get in their blogs lists.

Tip #42: Publish Content That Will Last In Time

If you write on topical topics then it is very helpful to capture visits on topics that are on everyone’s lip nowadays. However, after few days, they will have become completely outdated as time passes on. So, it is always better to create a content that lasts forever and so will be in search results all the time. And this will also help you increase more traffic to your website.

Tip #43: Google Trends

In the world of internet marketing, you can create different types of articles according to their temporality: seasonal, timeless and temporary. Google Trends is one of the best Google’s tool that can help you create them easily. Google Trends allows you to know what else you are looking for in any country, whether the related terms grow or decline, what related terms you are looking for. It also tells you which long tail keywords are being searched longer.

Watch this video to know how to use Google Trends:


Tip #44: One Press Social Locker

Well, Social Locker is a WordPress Plugin, with the help of which you can hide some content or resources. You can also make it visible only if the user shares it in any of the ways you choose. If the hidden content is interesting and you sell it well then people will share it to gain access to it. So, in this way, this will increase the amount of shared social networks which will automatically increase your website traffic.

Tip #45: Update Articles

update articles

Last but not the least, you need to update your articles if it is too old. It has been observed that if you update your old published articles long ago then your SEO positioning will get improved. This is because Google wants to show the best and the latest updated content in the top positions. So, if you have not modified your old published articles long ago, then update it soon to get its best SERP position.

Wrap Up:

These were the 45 effective tips to increase website traffic. These all are very helpful and might help you a lot in increasing the website traffic. And I am sure that these tips really going to help you in the next upcoming days and years if you implement them correctly.

If you disagree with any of my tips I have mentioned to increase website traffic then please let me know in the below comment section. I will surely try to correct it myself. And if you like this blog, then kindly share it with your friends as well.