Talkwalker – Incredibly Powerful Media Monitoring And Analytics Tool

Talkwalker - Incredibly Powerful Media Monitoring And Analytics Tool

Talkwalker is an easy to use and incredibly powerful media search, monitoring and analytics tool. It delivers in-depth insights on any given search term and sophisticated metrics on owned and earned media performance. This tool offers powerful and highly flexible dashboards, APIs and reports featuring comprehensive filters and actionable social media insights that create strong added value for brands and agencies worldwide.

Drive your brand performance with the #1 social media analytics platforms. It is all in one solution providers that protect brand reputation, know your customers in just one platform.

Talkwalker seems to offer a range of insight, functions, and filters other than free social media to a Freemium model with free and Pro versions. This tool provides other features, which includes:

  • Specific filters for News, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Evaluation of influencer levels of reach and engagement
  • Coverage of different themes
  • A more comprehensive database of up to 1 year


What Does It offer?

Powerful Features And Simplicity.  All In One Platform.



Know the conversation that matter using the widest data coverage.


Images and Text in One

Finder deeper insights faster with the text and image analytics and also analyze results in real time.

Instant And Easy Reporting

Save time with automated reports and share key findings within few seconds.

Use-Case Driven Action

Turn social data insights into action instantly, leveraging our use-case driven platform.


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Leading Global Data Coverage
Leading Global Data Coverage

Get the full spectrum of social conversations. Listen to your customers on every channel, online and offline and in almost every language.

  • Explore the most comprehensive coverage of owned and earned media across 150 million websites, 10+ social networks including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Track print outlets and radio broadcast globally.
  • Examine results in 187 languages with automated in platform translation.

Image Recognition Technology

Image Recognition Technology

As you know building an effective social strategy without image recognition is almost impossible. Use the revolutionary technology to stay on top of every mention of your brand.

Leverage the only solution that lets you analyze images and text altogether in one platform.

  • Explore new business opportunities through visual insights on your brand logo plus the 30,000 brands in our database
  • Act instantly when people engage with your brand image.

Superior Analytics CapabilitiesSuperior Analytics Capabilities

Your main motive is to find an edge from where you can reach and get more engagement to various users. This tool provides you that edge with unique features such as the Virality map, smart theme detection, pre-defined use case dashboards, social channel analytics and much more.

  • Replicate viral campaign with the Virality Map
  • Bolt on the trends at the right moment with the trending score.
  • You will get to know about the Benchmark performance strategy against competitors and identify best social practices by using the deep social channel analytics.

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Pricing of Talkwalker:


Simple Pricing. Complete Data Intelligence.

To use this tool you must sign up for a Talkwalker account, which is absolutely free. Access to all information and analytics discussed above is also free. If you want to get benefits of additional features then, Pro accounts are available at Basic, Corporate and Enterprise levels.


Pros and Cons of Talkwalker


Startup feel
Flexible Work/Life Balance
401k plan
Great Benefits
Collaborative Culture


Data sources: talk walker doesn’t offer data from Forum sites and Tumbler. For this, you need to feed external links.

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Should I Use This Tool?

Talkwalker social media management tool has minimized my workload as it gives information about how keywords are used on social media. Now I can easily search brand, twitter ID product name, news items or any other topic. I can do easy research about the product, businesses, people and other keywords to see how popular they are and how they are being shared.