21 Successful Email Marketing Strategies You Should Definitely Try

Successful Email Marketing

Do you SEND EMAILS to clients and get NO REPLY? Do clients even OPEN the emails or they just open to DELETE it? Yes, it may be possible for them to do so. You have no idea what is going wrong with your email campaigns.

If your emails marked as spam, getting deleted or even ignored then it is a great issue for concern. It becomes quite important to know why is it happening so?

Well, it may be because you are not grabbing the audience’s attention. Or maybe your call to action doesn’t insist your audience to click or the subject lines do not reach out and say “Open Me”.

Do you know that the reason for any successful e-commerce business is an outstanding marketing strategy? Yes, IT IS TRUE. These days several channels are there and so it can be not so easy to determine which one is best suited for your business. So, here, in this blog, I am going to discuss the best email marketing strategies or programs that make business successful.

But, do you have any idea what is email marketing and what email marketing strategies can be done to make your business successful. So, start following the below section of this blog and get a complete idea to make your business successful with email marketing strategies.

Email marketing helps to connect with the audience just to promote your business and increase sales. Several things can be done with emails like tell a story, share new stories and sell products.

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Email marketing takes so many forms but generally, it consists of sending the content to the audience directly. This is done to increase sales. The email list consists of those people who visit your website and they provide their email address to you.

You will be able to find their email if they opted to sign up for the newsletter. Or they may also enter the email address when they purchase something from your store. So, you can easily manage the list of emails and also coordinate the email marketing strategies with the help of some mail marketing tools like AWeber, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign and SendinBlue.

21 Email Marketing Strategies To Make Business Successful

Making your business successful with email marketing programs cannot be easy but if you have perfect strategies then no one stops you to become successful.

SO, it is very important to know what modifications should be made in your present email marketing campaigns. Also, you should know what strategies should be followed to improve the business.

Here, you will get to know about some basic yet the most important email marketing strategies to make your business successful.

So, Here We Go……

Strategy #1: Dynamic Content

dynamic content

Nowadays personalization has become so easy because of better data integration, machine learning and other improvements made in the email services. The personalization includes dynamic content which is good for the specific subscribers.

Dynamic content for email marketing sounds like customers are getting spoiled but the FACT is that the competition is fierce. If you give more to your customers what they are actually looking for, you will earn your place in their list.

Having successful marketing strategies will definitely give what the customers want. And for this, you can try dynamic content. It provides easy access to relevant data and also increases the campaign’s effectiveness.

Strategy #2: Pre-Send Checklists


Most of the email marketers have a nightmare that they have missed something when it is too late to make any changes. Concerning about the quality of the work is a good idea but do not stress too much as there are several ways that can prevent and reduce errors.

There are several individual elements in the emails that cannot be right which also includes functionality, rendering, analytics tracking, images and links. If you use an outstanding pre-send then make sure that you do not ignore something very important.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 132% possibly than less successful plans to try outstanding pre-send checklist.

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Strategy #3: Automated Emails

Automated email is the most effective and the best way to engage in email marketing as it enables the marketers to send out the messages t their customers. Small-scale business owners do not have the time to send individualized messages.

Automated emails campaigns can be simple or complex. Most of the platform offers some ways to set up workflow that will deliver messages that are based on the difficult steps.

Automated emails save money and time, increase customer retention and engagement. Emails that are triggered as highly relevant just because those emails are sent at a specific time when the email recipients are most email message receptive. There are some email marketing tools that offers features to create automated emails so that you can send it to the target customers. Some of the tools are SendPulse, EasySendy Pro, ActiveTrail and more.

Strategy #4: Animated Gifs & CSS Animation

Animated Gifs & CSS Animation

Animated GIFs and CSS animation are other things you can add in your email to send to the target audience. Animation CSS is the latest trend that grips the email design domain.

A few years ago, gimmicks like hover, flip, free fall, illumination etc were only possible in web pages using the Flash and JavaScript. But nowadays, they are easily generated for emails using CSS enclosed around the HTML structure.

Animated GIFs introduces movements in the emails and catch the subscriber’s attention. Email designers started distracting their attention to use animated GIFs where several images are required.

Strategy #5: A/B Test Transactional Emails

Transactional emails used to have more highly open rates than the other emails. These kinds of email offer you the best opportunity so that you can promote related products. A/B testing is nothing but the best option to know what will work best.

You can test transactional emails to improve the results. Some of the content you can go for A/B test in the transactional emails are subject lines, length of the emails, word order, content, personalization, visuals and call to actions.

So, be very careful before you send transactional email to the target customers so that you can avoid any mistake to take place.

Strategy #6: Email Address Verification

Sometimes bad transcriptions, typing error and bots are the reasons due to which invalid email addresses would be attached to the email list. So, email address verification technique used to check email addresses and flags bad ones before they cause any issue.

There are several email verification providers available who gather intelligence and will also help you improve the list before you get caught up in the trouble.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 45% possibly than less successful plans to use an email verification technique.

Strategy #7: Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Email encryption is something like a secret code so that the information sent and received can be decoded only by the recipient.

There are some tools that protect transport encryption keep the safe content of the email while it is transit. However, this doesn’t have any effect on deliverability but it is becoming a trust factor like Gmail failing emails that are not encrypted.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 91% possibly than less successful plans to encrypt the emails.

Strategy #8: Make Sure Your Email Looks Crisp & Clean

This is true but would be surprised how many people send emails that used to look like amateur websites from the 90s. If someone has opened the email due to an engaging heading then they want to keep their interest. Look at the things below to know how your email looks like:

  • Include bullet points to let people skim the content and take in the points
  • Use short paragraphs and make sure that phrases and keywords are relevant to the readers
  • Block images
  • Insert pictures carefully. Your images should explain your message rather than replace the content.

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Strategy #9: Responsive Design


Email marketing campaigns that are effective for all devices on which the users can read their emails like tablet, desktop and smartphone. Email campaigns that are actually designed specifically for mobile devices are important a quality known as responsive design.

Designing an email body for mobile is not a matter of taking a crack at writing mobile-specific CSS. There are some other things that you should consider for:

  • Buttons and links should have less target area of 44×44 pixels. There is nothing more unusable than clouds of small links on the touchscreen devices.
  • Single column layouts more narrow than 500 to 600 pixels work best on mobile devices. They are very easy to read and if they fall apart then they will do so more elegantly.

Strategy #10: Encourage Readers To Reply

Email marketing used to open the door for important conversations with the real people who are interested in the business. It is very important that users give reply to the emails sent by customers and so your email should be so effective that it encourages users to reply. Well, you can try some simple ways and focus on the below points only to make it happen. They are:

  • Target Content: Segmenting email lists by reader demographics makes so easy to create a message that really resonates with their interests and needs. This makes the users more likely to take up an offer and engage with the email marketers.
  • Distinctive And Entertaining Voice: If a reader opens any email then it doesn’t mean that they are queued up to delete it quickly. So, make sure that your email message body must come from a real marketer.
  • Irresistible Subject Lines: Try to speak to directly readers and promise the customers something that looks different from the other emails in their inbox. This can be done with the automated solutions that personalize the emails.

These points are very helpful to encourage users to respond in a better way. It means that the customers click on a link mentioned in the email and encourages them to respond.

Strategy #11: Email Content Calendars

New technology email planning is very important to handle seasonal points in sending or creating email a difficult one-off email and then update and maintain the automated email campaigns. And just with the help of calendar, it makes it happen.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 47% possibly than less successful plans to maintain calenar of email content.

Strategy #12: Keep Your Emails Out Of Spam Folders

keep emails out of spam folder

When you construct your email carefully and users add them to flag and spam then they will not see the light of the day. So, to avoid this, you should start off by ensuring that your customer has chosen into the emails so that your emails.

Apart from this, try to avoid using so many exclamations, all caps, and hyperbolic phrases. It would be better if you don’t use format HTML that are poorly formatted in the emails. So, with these, you can keep your emails out of spam folder.

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Strategy #13: Make Easy To Unsubscribe For Users

Outstanding customer service is only about giving users what they actually need and when. This should be taken in view and provide in the best possible manner. This logic is even extended to the unsubscribe process.

Yes, If a user wants to remove the email id or the name from the subscription list then make sure that they can do it easily. If they won’t find it easy to do they will simply flag emails as spam and this will definitely cause an issue in the future.

So, be very careful while designing the unsubscription process so that you don’t have to face any issue in the future.

Strategy #14: Email Briefs

email briefs

Do you have any idea what the actual goal of the email is? Who is being an email sent to and when will the email be sent? Have you ever wondered how will the success of the email be measured?

Well, for this email briefs answers these important questions and more to make sure that everyone on the email marketing team is focused and aligned.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 126% possibly than less successful plans to create email brief for each and every email produced by the email marketers.

Strategy #15: Email Approval Process

There is a great need to go through the appropriate approval process on a regular basis just to catch the mistakes made. This process is not strict enough so that it does not slow things to crawl. This becomes more critical as you send more and more emails to the subscribers.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 32% possibly than less successful plans to have an appropriate approval process on a regular basis rather than a troublesome process or negligible.

Strategy #16: A/B Test Automated Emails

Emails that are triggered are not “set it and forget it” programs. Those emails are review and improve programs. As it is clear that they are living campaigns, so they benefit from optimizations and updates which also include A/B testing for automated emails.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 70% possibly than less successful plans to A/B testing the automated emails at least once a year.

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Strategy #17: Spam Filter Testing

spam filter testing

What happens if you identify the possible deliverability problems before sending an email? Think about it……let me tell you what….Spam filter testing permits to do so, catches content and authentication and other email issues pre-send.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 24% possibly than less successful plans to perform spam filter tests in order to identify issues before you send their emails.

Strategy #18: Make Emails Mobile-Friendly

The most important thing you should take care of is to make your email mobile friendly. Generally what happens is – most of the customers reach by their phone. In fact, 66% email opens takes place on tablets and smartphones.

However, if you find that emails are not optimized to view on these electronic devices, you are possibly missing out on a large number of clicks.

Strategy #19: Win Back Campaigns

win back email campaign

Do you want the subscribers of your website to convert on a regular basis? If yes then let me make it very clear that if you trigger a win back campaign and should be based on the amount of purchases over some period of time then it is a very good idea. This strategy will really help your users or customers to stay loyal and committed to the brand you are promoting or selling.

Email marketing plans that are successful is 60% possibly than less successful plans to send win-back campaigns.

Strategy #20: Track Your Data

Sometimes you may find results that may do not have anything to do with content and platforms. So, at that point, you need to track your data very carefully. Things like at what time people opened the email, how many emails were not delivered, etc should be carefully tracked. These little things will help you know about the performance of the emails.

Suppose, if you are making use of Google Analytics on the website, then don’t forget to tag the emails with custom campaigns tracking. This will show how the emails are getting more traffic to your webpages. If you gather powerful information then you can represent your email messages in a very well mannered way as the users want.

Strategy #21: Test, Test & Test

test, test and test

Last but not the least, make sure that you do not send anything that is not working properly. Try to check the messages twice and the result should be the way you want them to look. Generally, you will look all those emails in Yahoo, Google, Outlook before you finalize the drafts.

Make sure that all the links work properly and any shortcodes are not failing. If you send emails without double checking the message body then it may cause trouble for you and your website. So, if the email goes wrong then it will look unprofessional.

Final Words

After going the strategies is have mentioned in this blog, you might have noticed how email marketing can become successful. You cannot get easily everything you want on this earth until and unless you do hard work.

In the same way, you have to do a lot for making email marketing success. I have mentioned 21 different strategies here in this blog with the help of which your effort will show how much you have succeeded in email marketing programs.

Do not miss out any of these strategies if you want to make your email marketing program successful. All these are the most basic yet the most important strategies you should follow to touch the sky.

I hope you will not let your customer or user down by delivering them any unwanted message body. So, all I can say is All the very best to you.