A Detailed Review of Streak – Alternatives, Features, Pricings and more!

Streak alternatives

Interacting with your customer via email is a great way to generate leads and converting them into sales. In order to establish an effective bounding between your product and your customer, you need a professional autoresponder tool.

There are lots of autoresponder software/services are available in the market that can work as a Customer Relationship Manager. If you are new with any of the CRM tool and get confused, then don’t worry as it is a very common scenario.

If you want to manage all of your contacts, add them to one place, track leads, and deals, and put all of them in one single place then you must go with a CRM tool.

In this blog, we will discuss about a professional one, through which you can easily manage your messages and notes about your customers & clients.

The Streak is the exclusively designed CRM tool, which you can integrate within your Gmail inbox, and works with all other Google Suite applications. With the help of this advance autoresponder, you can track several business processes such as sales, partnerships, support, hiring, deal flow, and much more.

The Streak is also packed with a powerful set of email tools like email tracking and more. Via this app you can easily manage all data which are important for your business at one place, so keep everything in the one place (inbox).


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Integration into Gmail is the best part about Streak, especially for those who are already living in Gmail.

In the introduction part of this blog, I’ve discussed that Streak is for those who are not more technically proficient, which you can see in the different reviews given by Streak users. According to Bart M (www.g2crowd.com)

Streak sits in my Gmail as a sidebar and allows me to use it as part of my normal behavior with a minimal amount of efforts. Create a box, add basic details, add a reminder and send.

Through this CRM you can easily track relationships with the rest of your team, especially tracking progress with potential applicants for your programs. And it’s email tracking option is the perfect one.

In short, this software is capable to turn your Gmail into a CRM; Gmail is the place where most of us depend on emails. The design of this CRM plugin is focused on your inbox, especially Gmail, and groups email threads based on your workflows. It is compatible with the processes in sales, deal flow, product development, support, fundraising, hiring and real estate.

If you are working as a freelancer or running a small business then Streak is perfect for you, as it is limited to Gmail.

However, if you belong to any large organizations that depend on the Google’s email client then you will find the plugin useful. Streak is currently used by top companies like Uber, Weebly, Twitter, and Yelp.

The streak is helpful in tracking views, send bulk emails, schedule emails and more. You can also create different but related email threads for you different departments like sales, support, product, and HR.

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Streak Security and privacy

  • It Encrypts sensitive data
  • HTTPS for all pages
  • Works on the multi-factor authentication
  • Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions

Streak Specifications


Perfect for the Users: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business

Devices Supported by Streak: iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows

Supports provided: FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Video Tutorials

Supported Language: USA, UK, Canada, International

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Streak Features

  • 360-degree view of the customer right inside Gmail
  • Email tracking
  • Email power tools (snoozing, send later, snippets, thread splitter)
  • Mobile access (iOS)
  • Mail merger/mass email
  • Custom columns/fields
  • Magic columns/fields
  • Search/auto-complete
  • File attachments (Google Drive)
  • Basic API access
  • Webhook API access
  • Linked boxes
  • Advanced Zapier integration
  • Task/Reminder (Google Calendar integration)
  • Call logs/Meeting notes
  • Formulas
  • Email filters
  • Data validation
  • Import/Export capabilities
  • Saved views
  • Advanced permissions
  • Custom permissions
  • Premium email support
  • Combined billing
  • Premium phone support
  • Data recovery service
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Streak’s Pricing Options

Personal – Free

  • Basic CRM Features
  • Email Power Tools
  • 200 Tracked Emails per month

Corporate – $39 per user/month

  • Full CRM Features
  • Unlimited Email Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • API Access
  • 750+ Integrations (via Zapier)
  • Premium Email Support

Enterprise – $89 per user/month

  • Custom Permissions
  • Data Validation
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Premium Phone Support
  • 10 user minimum required


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Streak includes several advanced options through which you can easily boost your business and convert your leads to sales. Streak is perfect for freelancer, startup and big organization.

This CRM is perfect for you if you are a Gmail user, and using G-Suite email accounts. It’s easy to create your own PIPELINE views of contacts with “Box” view and bunch Mail Merge with error detection to delete problem contacts for nice error-free sends.

So, it is recommended to try its fermium plan first and if it suits your business then you can go with any paid plan.