Step-by-Step SEO Guide To Boost Your New Blog Up in Google’s Ranking


Ranking top in Google is the key to SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS.

But is this as SIMPLE as it SOUNDS…. well, the answer is a big “NO”

This is something that is not easily ACHIEVED;

There are plenty of online business owners and bloggers – the Newcomers & Experts as well, who are found struggling hard to get to the top of Google searches.

And in a study, it is clearly mentioned that the first page of Google receives 95% of the web traffic, while the subsequent pages receive 5% of the less of total traffic.

So, the million dollar question arises here is “How to Improve Google Ranking of New Blog”?

Well, the answer is, you need to become more CREATIVE, DEDICATED, INVENTIVE AND PERSISTENCE in your writings.

Google is continuously changing its algorithm so you need to follow some steps to get to the top of Google search.

Here I’m going to describe the Step-by-Step ways to optimize your blog for both the users & Google search crawlers and increase Google rankings of new blog for free.

Steps To Boost Your New Blog Up in Google’s Ranking

Google wants to satisfy its users.

And this is the reason when someone searches anything in Google, it struggles to present the value to its users by displaying the relevant and trustworthy content on the top of search results.

So, this is the time become more CREATIVE and learns how to write SEO friendly blogs 

Let start with first one…

Step#1: Learn the Google Ranking Algorithm

Well, to improve Google ranking of a new blog, it is essential to learn the Google ranking algorithm.

So here, I am describing some powerful SEO strategies that you can start utilizing Right Now to boost search engine rankings of new blog.

Google is continuously changing its algorithm and even some of the changes are not publicly announced as stated by Google Executive.

So, this is the reason the changing algorithm is the biggest barrier to SEO success.

Well, it is necessary too, because as it said Google believes in providing the best information.

Its mission is to organize world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

And this is WHY it is essential to track the Google chief principals and write SEO friendly blogs.

Step#2: Assess Current Search Ranking

This is the second step that you need to implement to improve Google rankings of new blog.

And to improve ranking, it is really necessary to know where you are standing now in your search ranking.

Well, this THUMBS RULE goes for the new sites also.

Here check out some of the terms to know where your site ranks in search engines:

  • The first page that shows in search results for the topic on your site
  • Check average monthly searches
  • Keyword average cost-per-click (you can utilize Cognitive SEO)
  1. Check Speed of your Site:

This is the Google major ranking factor, and it is very essential.

If the site is slow, then there are very fewer chances of a high search position and this adversely affecting the conversion too.

As per a report, it is stated when the site load times increased from one to four seconds, then you can experience a sharp decline in the conversion.

So, it is important to know your own site speed and as well how to improve Google search engine rankings.

Well, there are many tools that will help you find out the speed of your site easily and as well optimize it. Here check out some of the best

Make you of any of them and figure the speed of your site increase Google rankings of a new blog for free.

  1. Check Site’s Health

Secondly, you need to check your site health before starting to optimize your website.

If you have experienced a rapid decrease in organic traffic even after a consistency for months, then this is the time to consult a Doctor.

Well, I am KIDDING this means you need to assess your site health.

And to do this there are many online tools available such as MxToolBox. And easily check your site main issues in 5 categories:

  • Common site problems
  • Mail server
  • Web server
  • Blacklist
  • DNS

Step#3: Target the Right Keyword

There are many websites, which target vague catch-all keywords and won’t provide the right traffic.

While selecting the keywords many think that the keywords with 1,00,000 monthly searches are the best to aim, but they are NOT.

Well, these keywords are not only competitive and hard to rank but also provide plenty of useless broad traffic than the people who looking for what you are providing.

Try to find the unique keyword and identify the long-tail keywords, so that your blog can easily rank for.

Spend some time to identify the best keywords for your site and the identifying the long tail keyword is very tiresome.

You can make use of the Google’s Keyword Planner, to know the best keywords and the competition for the keywords look like.

This is very helpful in removing the one you should not be optimizing for and select that can drive traffic as well easily get to the top of Google search.

The three main things that you can search in Google are:

  • Keywords
  • Monthly searches
  • Competition (number of search results Google returns)

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Step#4: Optimize Blog Post Title

Well, after checking your website health and Google ranking algorithm, it is the time to work on your Blog Post.

The very first thing that you need to do is optimize your blog post title.

The title plays a significant role to boost search engine rankings of new blog.

The blog post title is the anchor text that attracts the visitors from the search engine pages.

Also apart from making your blog title attractive make sure to add keywords to it.

Here check out some actionable tips for making a blog post title:

  • Very first try to include narrow and highly targeted keywords in your blog title.
  • Make use of the striking and psychological keywords in your blog post title. Make use of the influential keywords like “step-by-step guide”,strategies” and many others to boost search engine rankings of new blog. And eventually, increase the CTR (click through rate) also.
  • Your title tag should be within 59 Google believes the 50-59 characters title tag is best.

Thus, execute the tips NOW and ultimately get to the top of Google search.

Step#5:  Add Keywords to Blog Post

After optimizing the blog post title and selecting a long tail keyword, this is the time to add the LTK and related secondary keywords into the blog content as well.

But, remember the keywords should be added in a way that it appears normal rather than stuffed.

Try to add the related keywords that have similar search volume in the blog content. This helps a lot in ranking on the top in Google.

Now the search engines have become very instinctive and only classify the article that is having the necessary and related keywords as well.

Follow the essential tips for adding keywords:

  • In an article, 2% of the total wording can be utilized to assign keywords.
  • For improve search engine ranking, try to allocate the keyword within the first 100 words and in the conclusion as well.
  • Using the alt tag to optimize the images of your blog post. The alt tags are very necessary and can dramatically increase the ranking and traffic through the image searching function in search engines. And also try to optimize the image name something related to the post.

Step#6:  Social Shares

Now after writing the SEO friendly blog, it is the time to share them.

Social Media is the incredible and efficient way to reach your market.

And sharing content on social media will surely help to improve Google ranking of the new blog.

The more numbers of social sharing increase the referral traffic and this returns more authority and HIGHER RANKINGS EVENTUALLY.

 Isn’t it GREAT!!!

So, don’t forget to share your content to the social media sites this not only increases Google rankings of new blog for free.

But also generate more traffic and build a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

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Check out some useful points about social sharing:

  • Share the blog post on the trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, with the attractive title
  • Also add the responsive social sharing buttons on your website, to let the users share your content.
  • You can also do social bookmarking of your blog posts to ultimately bring more sharing and referral traffic. Try building relationships with your customers by making use of ContentStudio This will help you to boost content and share them on several social networks.
  • You can also schedule your blog post for sharing then automatic after publishing them. Some of the best tools are Hootsuite, OnlyWire, Sendible and Post Planner

Well, I guess after reading this, you might clearly understand how important is soocila sharing

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Step# 7: Be Sure Your On-Page SEO Is Done Carefully

Many people ignore the simple on-page optimization.

But, it is also Worth to increase Google rankings of new blog for free

It is very imperative that each and every post you are publishing should have some specific keywords.

And as well the META tags are in order for every page.

There are many useful plugins like Yoast SEO or the SEO plugins for WordPress that make this process much easier for you.

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Step#8: Promote Your Content To “Earn” Links

This is another step to boost search engine rankings of new blog.

And, promoting the content will help you enhance your brand awareness.

Build an inbound marketing strategy for earning links. And figure out who are your audience & their problems.

Publish your content directly addressing their needs, and as I said above to share them on social media platforms to easily get you content in front of your audience regularly.

Well, you might be thinking – What are “Earned” Links?

The earned links reflects the value that you deliver to the market.

In simple words when another trustworthy source or site links to your website then you have “earned” a link.

Earning links from reliable sources is very effective to improve Google rankings of new blog.

This is a simple link building technique for a new blog but if your content is not useful, then expecting links from the site is a MISCONCEPTION.

Moreover, this is not help you content to get to the top of Google searches but also makes your site Trustworthy & Authoritative in SEO.

Well, there are no any shortcuts for increasing the earned links numbers for your website.

The best and easy technique is focus on creating useful, informative and thoughtful content, which meets the requirements of your audience.

 So, know you must understand how EARNING LINKS helps improving Google rankings of new blog

Well, these are the Steps that you need to include for Boosting Your New Blog Up in Google’s Ranking.

Now follow other titbits that are also effective in increasing and enhancing Google Rankings:

  • Try to do high-quality link building for a new blog to rank higher in Google rankings.
  • Before targeting any keyword do proper keyword research and well check the keyword difficulty
  • Avoid grammar mistakes and try to make your writing correct. As Google never crawls a page filled with errors and mistakes. And even makes the readers goes back to others. There are many online tools that check your content and correct them. Some of the best are: Byword, Grammarly, ProWritingAid and Hemingway App
  • Moreover, try to write SEO friendly, informative content.

Outbound links can be good for SEO, but too many of them can be distracting and if they are not directly related to the topic at hand, it can impact the reader’s experience.

It’s Time to Put Into Action:

Well, the secrets of how to increase Google rankings of new blog have a certain level of mystique.

But these are some chief strategies that will increase Google rankings of the new blog for free

So take your time, study and understand your audience and their desires

Do some research and as you get the entire info, create the informative, fresh content that meets their desire and let them coming back again and again.

Start implementing them now and you’ll assuredly get to the top of Google search

Also, remember to keep sharing your content…