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99 Dollar Social

$99 Social media content management is an outsourced social media service that helps busy entrepreneurs to maintain a solid presence on social media. So that when your customers and potential customers look for you, you are always there and you’re not just there, you’re there consistently, establishing your relevance, creditability and approachability as a small business owner.

Its service include comprehensive social media packages at just only  $99/month and have social business owners the time that it takes to manages numerous social media accounts. All social media accounts are managed by a content specialist who conducts research to find the best approach for each business on social media.

What Does 99 Dollar Social offers?

 No need to worry about missing a post again! Get fresh quality content for your social media sites every single day at a crazy low price of just $99/month. You will get unique content created especially for your business, posted every single day on popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Content posted every day to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Unique and high-quality content is specifically created for your business.
  • Articles and images are been selected according to interest of target audience.
  • Weekly promote your company’s products and services as well as other customized promotion targeted to the local community.
  • Make regular use of hastags to raise your chances of being found in social searches.
  • Does the social profile optimization to receive the most results in search engines.
  • Top –notch supports via email, phone and chat.

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Features of 99 Dollar Social

High-quality posting:

Posting is based on the content you have on your website and from other related websites with the purpose of generating social media shares and interactions.

Targets New Followers:

This application not just only tries to increase your followers but also aims to find new followers that matter and add benefits to your business.

Page optimization:

The very first thing this application does is optimization of social media profile page in order to maximize exposure and visibility.

Spam monitoring:

Social media is full of spammers and this tool will ensure that these will stay away from your pages and accounts.

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99 Dollar Social Plans and Pricing

As the name of this media content management tool itself gives a clue that the price chargeable to use this awesome service is just $99/month, without any hidden fees or price increases.

However adding more social sites such as Pinterest and Instagram beyond the basic package will costs extra but all packages include Facebook, Twitter. All plans are only monthly basis with no long-term contracts. So, if you are not satisfied with the service then you can also cancel it within the first 14 days for a full refund. Let’s check it out what plans and pricing it actually offers.

$99 Social Pros:

  • Managing social media pages is time consuming and resource intensive task actually. By outsourcing this you are freeing up time for your team to focus on other business objectives also.
  • Increases traffic to your websites through social media.
  • Offers interesting content and consistent schedulable posting.
  • Monitors your account and follows a positive social image for your company.
  • The role of managing the social media presence and accompanying profiles for small business with the expertise will be able to deliver successful campaigns and gives you the best return on your investment.

$99 Social Cons:

Access to content

One of the most challenging thing in outsourcing your social media management is ensuring that is the agency or marketer who is tasked with the job knows all latest happenings in your company and has the content and material to do it. However there are many workarounds to this, example the marketer could hot desk at your office for half day per week to uncover new content and news;

Or you could delegate the management of a close working relationship to an administrator or marketing within your organization.


Outside of social media manager may not understand your industry inside and out and as such may not be able to produce content that is 100% sincere.

Response delays and mistakes

If any follower asks any question regarding your product or then the outsourced social media manager doesn’t have the company knowledge to answer. At that time there will be an inevitable delay in responding.


Outsourcing your social media management can be pricey as this is a time-consuming job and expert knowledge doesn’t come cheap. However, there are numbers of agencies out there who are able to work to a solution in your budget and build a package that is mutually beneficial without many expenses.

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Should I use this tool?

I have a great experience working with this $99 Social tool. I have been handling my social media account from the previous year and now I can confidently say that this tool is providing the excellent service at an incredible price.

If anyone wants to gain credibility on the internet, then this is the best option. Now I am able to spend more time with my customers instead of at the computer.