Sprout Social: A Perfect Social Media Management Software

Sprout Social featuresSprout Social is one of the advance platforms to manage many social profiles of different social platforms. This helps to boost customer engagement and run campaigns via different teams for different departments.

This platform also provides a facility to integrate with the CRM solution, once the integration done customers can generate tickets for any concerns on social media and the generated tickets are assigned to the related teams.

It allows you to schedule the content to a variety of social networks via a single console, you can also keep track of the social responsibility of your business (what is discussed about the business on the social media).

This tool is perfect for you in order to manage multiple accounts, you can schedule the task according to your requirement as it allows you to schedule the task on different days.

It provides a clear and easy transition between accounts, and so you can easily keep & manage different client profiles separate from others. Via this advance tool, you don’t need to verify or recheck what content you are going to publish, as its advance programming doesn’t allow any kind of errors in terms of distributing the wrong information to a wrong client.

It is also very handy to give permission to another person on Sprout Social which becomes necessary when someone goes on holiday.

It is packed with a Well-organized dashboard, which is one of the necessary parts of any service or tool, features offered by Sprout Social or separates subject matter are separated into six separate areas: Messages, Tasks, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports. This makes it more understandable and easy to operate even without the need of any key skills.

It provides the solutions over various platforms such as for enterprise, for agencies, for small business, for social media management, for customer service, for social media marketing. All of these solutions contain different features and pricing.

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What Sprout Social Offers?

It offers various features in order to make your experience better and do your job without any problem, some of them are:

  • Smart Inbox
  • Social Monitoring Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Publishing
  • Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Account Structure
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Geo-Target Your Tweets
  • Access to a Complete Twitter History

Features of Sprout Social

1. Smart Inbox

Sprout Social allows users to add their social profiles present on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Here comes the Smart Inbox feature, it allows users to combine all the messages from the added social networks into one fluid stream. Through this you can easily make the social monitoring and easily respond to customers on any particular profile.

2. Social Monitoring Tools

Social monitoring tool is one of the most advanced aspects of this platform, it allows the user to enter brand keywords in order to know what your audience is talking about. This can make the designing of your content better to generate leads and convert those leads to sale. This tool is also capable to automatically format trend reports according to the performance of every added social channel.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Though this feature you can fill the gap between your service and user, with the help of Sprout Social’s CRM tools you can quickly respond to the issues that arise, fix support problems, raise leads and aid by giving a great customer experience.


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4. Publishing

The publishing tool of Sprout Social allows sending and scheduling the message across multiple channels. This feature works with a “message approval” tool that needs messages to be permitted by a selected member before they can be sent or scheduled out.

Via this, all the editorial issues are prevented. And, this platform works over a shared content calendar so that all the members can access to all content that is scheduled. Through this, all the members can work more efficiently.

5. Analytics

No matter what level of membership you are using, Sprout social provides their analytics tools for every level of membership. This is one of the biggest advantage of sprout social, some of the social analytics tools they offer:

  • Twitter Comparison
  • Engagement Report
  • Team Report
  • Trend Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Page Performance
  • Twitter Profile Performance
  • Group Report (this report includes all social profiles)

6. Collaboration

Collaboration is an important key of getting succeeded in competitive marketplace, this platform provides an easy partnership between team members. On this platform users can do lots of things such as: manage the received messages as a team, avoid any type of overlapping, and convert any message into a task (like you can convert a customer complaint into a job).

7. Flexible Account Structure

This tool provides three options for becoming a member.

  • Small and rising businesses
  • Full-service and niche agencies
  • Enterprise corporations

So, you don’t need to pay more for your small business. Pay according to your business and save money.

8. Mobile-friendly

This tool is completely mobile friendly, which is one of the eye-catching features of this tool as everyone wants to do almost anything with this platform via the mobile app. You can publish and manage content and execute full smart box searches. This tool is available for both Android and iOS products.

Sprout Social Pros

  • With the help of this software, you can monitor incoming messages from Twitter
  • Easily schedule tweets efficiently
  • Easily access the reports on our social engagement

Sprout Social Cons

  • This service is a bit limited with the LinkedIn
  • This is a quite expensive service.
  • The layout of a platform isn’t enough exciting.

Should I use sprout social

I believe that Sprout social is one of the reliable tools, this is fabulous in creating reports. It always provides me correct complete reports included with your monthly fee, where some other tools charge extra for reporting. Via this tool it becomes the easy for us to create reports on a regular basis and share them with our clients. It is perfect for me, thanks.

Alternative tools

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Stacker
  4. PromoRepublic
  5. GoCinchy Social
  6. Jarvis
  7. inboundli
  8. Swift Social
  9. Social Scheduler
  10. KUKU
  11. DrumUp
  12. Crowdfire


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As above said, Sprout Social’s analytics, brand monitoring, follower management, and reporting capabilities are very advanced but in some point this tool is weaker than other competitors.

It is also true that it is packed with fewer social networks than Hootsuite, it is the Sprout Social’s major drawback. One more drawback is a higher price, as it is little costly it is not suitable for smaller businesses. This product is recommended for the big organization, as it integrated with lots of others advance features discussed above.