Spice Up Your Social Media Analysis Style With Social Mention..!

social mention

Social Mention is an online social media analysis platform that aggregates user-generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information. The awesome tool allows users to track and measure what other users are saying about them, their company, any new product or any current topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time.

This tool monitors 100+ social media properties directly including Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.

Social mention works perfectly as an online reputation manager when it comes to gauging social sentiments in real time then for that case Social Mention like tools is a really perfect option. The platform measures the “strength”, “reach”, “sentiment” of a search term.

This also breaks down the number of mentions a day across 100+ social media properties including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, G+ etc. ‘Granted, their listing long since decommissioned social feeds in their sources is anything but reassuring, but the results obtained are sometimes surprising to those of higher-tier social media management platforms like HootSuite.

What does Social Mention offer?

  • Real-time media monitoring
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Find Influencers
  • Custom Insights
  • Automated Reports

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Social Mention Features:

Easy social monitoring:

Raise brand awareness, make valuable relationships on social media, and improve your reputation.

Removes out irrelevant conversations

Social media is an awesome but little bit overwhelming as well. But this tool shows you only the information you need, so you will see less but more work mentions.

Find & engage new customers

Reach to the needing user who requires your services. You can even find your competitors clients and convince them that you are better.

Improve customer support

By setting specific, real-time keyword alerts and assigned tasks to team members, you can help the customers who all need it as Customers have embraced social media for their support needs.

Find related topics

Use the related topics found in your alert’s analytics to track what your audience interest during conversations. This helps you find content ideas and tailor your marketing efforts.

Web monitoring

Mention monitors all through blogs, news, forums and social media.

Monitor and Engage

If a relevant conversation is going online then this tool will crawls websites, blog, forums, social media and more. Find new customers, build brand awareness and improve your reputation online.

Analyze Trends & Generate Reports

Social mention tools use analytic portal lets you examine trends from online conversations. Sentiment analysis sorts positive and negative mentions and language filters show you where people are talking about you. Creates reports automatically to send to the clients, managers and stakeholders.

Discover & Engage New Influencers

Use influencer dashboard to reach to the most influential people talking about your brand. Engage with them directly from the dashboard.

Does Brand Tracking Easily

If you are curious to know how your brand is perceived online then Mention tool gives you everything that you need, in a very simple platform.

Better market research

As you know creating alerts is the best way to keep track over your competitors and overall industry. It builds detailed buyer personas, explore new markets, and get ahead of industry trends.

Real-time brand equity

The tool will setup your brand and its relationship with customers. Your brand has value and brand monitoring lets you measure your brand equity in real time by tracking and analyzing the conversations about your company.


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Social Mention Pros/Cons:


  • Social influence: reaches all mentions on your brand throughout the internet.
  • Reduce social mistakes: it helps to find and respond to inquiries/comments about your brand, which is quiet difficult when there are multiple mentions.
  • Score report: Helps to keep score of the online passion for your brand.


  • The tool has problems with sub-filtering keywords by sentiment or by source.
  • It has no advanced features in the API addressing the problems with sub filtering keywords by individual source.
  • It doesn’t offer the power for filtering content sources and outputting the results through API.

Social Mention Tool’s Alternative:

 Another alternative tool to Social mention:

  • Mediatoolkit
  • Hootsuite
  •  mention
  •  Mentionlytics
  • DrumUp
  • hibloo
  • FrankerFaceZ
  • Brand360
  • ReplyMap
  • Engagor


I Want to Use Social Mention


Should I Use This Tool?

I have taken the liberty of using Social Mention for researching sentiments about my brand and to see what customers are actually sharing their review. It’s quite interesting to see what buzz is being said about your brand, positive or negative.

Overall it’s great tool to feed various social network all in one site. It is also very much helpful to see what key terms are being used about your brands or products so that you can use same keywords on your site.