SocialDraft – An Intuitive tool to Schedule Posts and Manage All Social Media Activities

SocialDraft reviewWhen it comes to boost audience and improve post engagement instantly then you need to take help of social media platforms. It is because; no one can give you to get exact and instant result like social media platforms.

Managing your social media accounts or channels or brand pages you need to go with a professional Social Media Manager. As managing social media activities manually is a difficult and lengthy process.

In the online market, there are different types of social media management tools available, so picking one which is suitable for your business is little tricky.

The only way to select a perfect social media manager for your online business is going with the trial period. Almost every tool provides the trial offer for their user. So a user can personally use and find features, pros, cons, and more about the tool, and take the decision.

I’ve reviewed lots of tools of different categories like autoresponder, landing page and funnel builder, social media manager, social media scheduler and more.

In this blog, I’ll describe about Socialdraft which is a social media manager. I’ve selected this tool for reviewing just because of its popularity and compatibility. So let’s start,

Socialdraft is one of my favorite social media management software, but believe me, this review is completely unbiased.

With the help of this social media manager, one can easily manage their social media account or page and get better results. Socialdraft will allow you to get more leads by keeping your audience engaged.

Socialdraft’s drag and drop feature make this tool more fantastic as you don’t know to deal with several steps, simply drag & drop your content and post them easily.

No matter you are a blogger, ecommerce vendor, author, social media fan, online content publisher, online instructor, coach, consultant, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, email list builder, brand owner, or anyone who uses social media platforms to boost leads, sales, visitors or to increase your email list, then Socialdraft will defiantly benefit your business.

Now you don’t need to waste your precious time in managing your social media platforms, simply go with Socialdraft and interact with your audience, manage and monitor your profiles.


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It is easy to schedule content with your audience via all major social networks including Instagram, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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Features of SocialDraft

  • Automation: It is completely automated and one of the easy way to manage your Facebook groups, Pinterest board (automatically pin content to your Pinterest boards), Instagram content posting and following all of your idols, friends, and fans.
  • Drag and Drop Calendar: Socialdraft’s drag and drop calendar feature will help you to post your content easily. With Socialdraft’s drag and drop editor, one can easily curate beautiful content and spread your content to your audience smoothly.
  • Compatible with All Devices: You don’t need to worry about its compatibility as you can easily access and use this tool on your PC/laptop, tablet or Smartphone. So you can effortlessly manage all of your social media campaigns, collaborate, and interact with your followers despite of where you are.
  • Reports At A Glance: All the reports provided by Socialdraft are very easy to understand. You can easily export the report, and distribute them to your team. It also provides an option to produce white label reports.
  • TrueTime: Post your content at the time when it gets more engagement, Socialdraft is packed with a feature called TrueTime. TrueTime regularly analyzes your social media interaction and determine the time at which social media content should be posted.
  • A Single Place to Manage All Social Media Activity: now you don’t need to fumble and switch between tabs or browser windows. As, Socialdraft allows you to manage all of your social media channels from a single dashboard.


More Features

  • Easy to manage Social Media Accounts
  • All-In-One News Feed
  • Publishing & Scheduling Content, Bulk Scheduling
  • Post Scheduling Suggestions
  • Managing Social Profiles
  • Packed with collaboration Tools
  • Custom URL Shortener
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Easy to monitor Brand & Keyword
  • Scheduling Facebook Posts
  • Multiple Pinterest Boards
  • Scheduling Pinterest Pins
  • Scheduling Instagram Posts
  • Exporting Reports
  • Sharing Reports
  • Visual Calendar
  • Posts Approval
  • Influencers Information
  • Posts Engagement
  • Drag-and-drop Posting Calendar
  • All-major Social Networks
  • Team Collaboration
  • Managing Projects
  • Engage & Amplify Content
  • Social Feeds
  • Real-time Notifications
  • CSV Posting
  • Mobile Application


Some of the Disadvantages of SocialDraft 

There is nothing in this world that is completely perfect, so SocialDraft also has some demerits or disadvantages like “Lack of Freemium Account”, “Yearly Accounts are Incentivized”, and more.

This tool is not completely free, there are many tools that offer 100% forever free plan (with some limitation). But the sad news is, Socialdraft doesn’t provide any fermium plan. A 14-day free trial is provided by them.


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So, the bottom line is; if you want to use social media platforms and boost your business, generate leads, drive traffic, then this tool is exclusively made for you.

With the help of this tool, you don’t need to worry about the perfect time to post your content, as it allows you to schedule your social media content at the ideal time in order to attract more visitors OR make the maximum impact.

If you are still unable to manage your social media accounts perfectly then you must try this too once. This will surely boost your social media engagement and help you to run social media campaign smoothly.

Don’t buy instantly, go with its 100% free 14-days plan. Use 14 days for free trial and after the trial period if you are satisfied then you can go with its paid plan.