SocialSprinters Review – Add Extra Marketing Layer To Your Facebook Business Page that Convert

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According to a report, 96% of B2C and 88% of B2B companies use Facebook for marketing. The main reasons behind above-discussed statistics are to show the importance of Facebook over the online business. If your business is not available on the Facebook then you need to think about it as this may impact your business.

Now, after creating a Facebook page or company profile you need to manage them properly, boost your followers, respond to your customers via message and much more. This will boost your sales and make your product popular.

Don’t worry as all these social media activities can be easily done and you don’t need to hire any social media manager for that.  Just use ‘SocialSprinters’, which will manage your Facebook activity efficiently and boost your online sales by creating applications for your Facebook business page.


Why You Need to Create Application for Facebook Business Pages?

  • Creating apps for your FB business page you can boost your online sales.
  • It’s easy to increase the visibility of your products on your Facebook page via using our apps.
  • No need to do any expensive market surveys as you will get all the information you want about your customers via creating app.
  • It will also help you to boost the followers on your Facebook page
  • Add new subscribers for your newsletter
  • Engage your followers by creating your own Facebook apps
  • Boost the popularity of your product
  • Via app you can keep the overview of statistics in real time
  • This will also help you to turn your fans into your customers


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What kind of Apps can you create using SocialSprinters?

 You can create your own Facebook application and get your fans busy to boost the fame of your brand.

And the best part is, you don’t need any programming skills or any professional knowledge for creating apps for Facebook business pages.

Simply go with this tool and use the predefined templates to build apps for price lists, calendars, contests, product catalogs, menus, contact forms, surveys, news feeds, recruiting, coupons, ticket sales, and more.

You can create various types of Applications for your Facebook Page via SocialSprinters, some of them are:

Price list: Via this type of app you can show the price list of your services and products to your customer in a specific manner.

Required things

  • Admin access to Facebook page
  • List of products or services


  • The price list will become easily understandable for your customer
  • Very interactively represent the price list of your services or products.

Share to Win: Via this, you can get more clicks, likes, and shares. Simply create a contest or reward your followers by clicking your links and sharing your content with their contacts.


  • Engine your fans and motivate them to share your products and services with their contacts in a positive light
  • Boost the interest for your brand by creating audience for your advertisement


Advent Calendar: Through this app you can take advantage and let your business benefit for any occasion. Just remind your clients/customers that how much time is left for the specific occasion.



Product Catalog: Via price catalog app you can allow your customers to calculate the price. Simply offer your products and services together with a transparent and accessible catalogue.


  • This will make your product more modern and interactive for your customers
  • Purchasing become easier so the probability of the sales gets boosted

Restaurant Menu: You can create an app for your Restaurant Facebook Page. Represent your tasty menu along with the prices. Allow your customers to order food or make table reservations direct on your Facebook page.


  • Make your business more profitable
  • Boost the awareness of your business
  • You get new email addresses

Video Contest: Publish your movie party on your Facebook page. Allow your fans to submit a video and compete for votes in your original video contest.


  • Competitors themselves promote your brand over your target audience
  • Engage your fans

Facebook Flyer: 
With the help of this type of app you can promote your product, service or event with attractive pictures. Simply, upload any graphics or images and boost your Facebook campaign with a flyer.


  • All of your fans will get the crucial information in one place
  • Flyers are very attractive and grab more attention than others

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Contact Form: This type of app will help you to collect more e-mails. Via this your followers can make online reservations, subscribe to your newsletters and join your Facebook contests.


  • You can execute the contact form wildly (as many months as you want)
  • This form will record new e-mails for your newsletters



Survey Form: Create and run this survey form to collect client response, like are your customers happy with your product or not? Etc.




Instagram App: Via this kind of app you can gain more followers. Simply link your Facebook page to your Instagram account and publish your Instagram images on Facebook



Some more types of apps are:

  • Quizz Maker
  • E-mail Capture
  • Photo Contest
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • News Tab

Other types of apps that will be available in future are:

  • Webinar
  • Team
  • Searching for Employees
  • Messanger Bot
  • Discount Coupons
  • Store Finder
  • Selling tickets
  • Timeline Competition
  • Lucky Machine
  • Product reviews
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Group Discount
  • Raffle
  • Wish Machine
  • TOP Fans
  • Reservation Calendars
  • Auction
  • Voting
  • Facebook Store
  • Share to Pay
  • Task Journey
  • Special Offer


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As we all know that, Facebook is another world, and it is quickly touches the two billion user mark.

This social networking site had 1.86 billion monthly active users which are increasing day by day.

So it is important to publicize and promote you product/services over this social media platform.

To deal with this, you should go with the SocialSprinters. With the help of its various types of facebook page application one can easily boost their product page or company profile. It offers 14 days trial at only $1, so go with it and blow the trumpet over Facebook.