SiteGuru Website Audit Tool – Boost your SEO Ranking Like a Pro!

SiteGuru review

Nowadays designing a website is become very simple, but converting a well-designed website profitable is a lot harder.

If you want to rank your website on the search engines then you have to boost your website’s SEO.

By increasing your SEO rank you can easily make your online stores/services and business website fruitful. In order to correct the SEO related issues, you should always audit your website with the help of website auditor tool, these types of tools are designed to get rid of SEO, usability & technical issues.

If you’re searching for a working website checker tool then you should try SiteGuru, but before using this tool it is suggested to learn more about it. So let’s start,

SiteGuru is a professional website auditor tool, through which you can boost your website ranking without investing more money or hiring any professional to operate this tool.

SiteGuru allows you to analyze and fix Common SEO issues, Usability quirks, Technical problems and more. It will also notify you about the health of your website, every week you will receive a report on how your website is doing. You can also access this website auditor from your Mobile phone, it provides a user-friendly interface for both your mobile and website.

Via you can run a free website check to check and optimize your website health. After scanning or checking your website using Siteguru you can analyze your website for SEO enhancements and usability problems like meta tags, speed, security and duplicate content.

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What SiteGuru Does for your Website?

It will analyze and calculates your SEO score through which you can easily identify the issues and Fix them to boot your score and rankings.

Run a methodical SEO audit for the site audit, it also detects the usability problems & technical issues on your website.

Analyses and compare the rank of your website with other competitor websites. It not only analyzing one page but analyzes your complete website along with your competitor’s website.


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Few other highlights of SiteGuru SEO Analyzer:

  • Detects and fix SEO problems present on your website
  • Spot the usability issues on your website & get rid of them.
  • Fix all the technical problems present on your website
  • Notify you about your website health every week
  • Mobile friendly
  • Scan your complete website for the most vital technicalities
  • Boost meta descriptions, titles of your pages, 404 or broken links, semantic structure etc…

This advanced Website Analyzer will automatically crawl towards every link of your website to check their status, this check includes:

  • Meta description and page titles
  • Duplicate content
  • Semantic structure
  • Security
  • Sitemap is available or not
  • Favicon is available or not
  • Is your server is giving the accurate error message for the problems?
  • Is your website contains the OpenGraph tags for social media sharing
  • HTML is valid or not
  • All or important images have alt tags or not
  • Website is mobiles friendly or not
  • Webpage contains excessive different javascript or CSS files or not
  • And more…

How Does SiteGuru work?

Register for free: This tool is completely free for singup, enter your email address to register. Don’t worry as you can register without giving your credit card details.

Website crawl: It will scan your website thoroughly along with the local links.

Analyze pages: Along with the scanning it will also analyzes each and every page of your website for any SEO, usability and technical problems.

Weekly updates: It will automatically generate reports and send you weekly.

Tools provided by the SiteGuru are:

Broken links checker

Complete SEO audit

Technical audit of your Website

Easy to understand and organized dashboard to manage multiple websites

Features of SiteGuru

Search Engine Optimization

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo will drive lots of traffic to your website, but for this, you have to optimize your website correctly.

  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles
  • Broken links
  • Duplicate content
  • Sitemap
  • Semantic structure

Happier visitors

It will also help you to make your visitors happy and hence they will come back again, spend more time on your website, and share with their friends.

  • Mobile friendliness
  • OpenGraph tags for sharing
  • Page speed
  • Security
  • Favicon

Technical awesomeness

After fixing all the technical issues your website will become perfect. This tool analyzes your site for the most important technicalities, such as

  • Valid HTML structure
  • Correct error headers
  • Javascript and CSS files
  • Alt tags for images
  • Language settings


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That’s all about the SiteGuru website auditor tool, if you are interested in this tool and want to check its working without spending a single penny then you can even enjoy it’s 10 days free of SiteGuru, without entering credit card information.

After using this tool, if it suits to you and your website then after it you can select any one plan from the available plans.

And the most important part is, you don’t need to install any scripts, plugins or code on your website as this tool only check the publicly available parts of the website.

So, it is suggested to start with the free trial and select the plan that suitable for you. You can also change plans at any time, the payments will get changed according to your selected plan.