Sendtask Review- Best Task Management To Collaborate With Team

Sendtask Review- Best Task Management To Collaborate With Team

Everyone almost think the same that if you have a team working with you then obviously you would love to work as a team. But keeping your team in on organized manner every time is not an easy task.

So, people generally go for search on how to collaborate all members in one place so that work can become easy.

After lots of searching on internet and everywhere, finally you did not get the solution. So, what to do now?

Well here, your team members should set up in project management software. Doing this will make you as well as your team members go through on boarding process but this can be a challenging for your team. Here Sendtask will help you to eliminate this frustration.

Sendtask is one of the joint task management software that comes under project management category. It integrates with third party applications and email. Works to provide solution between teams, clients and suppliers and that too within single and unified environment. It completely means that everything is done together in one place.

That team which is of different field or function or have different mission generally wants one single platform to work with. With Sendtask, users can easily create accounts, manage their projects and also monitor their performance all in single workplace.

Many times, it happens that some collaborations does not work permanently which creates problem later on. But Sendtask removes all such situation and it allows people to send their task by email to others, provides them the right way to follow-up and after that easily control the rest part of the project and there is no need to have an account.

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Features of Sendtask

Project Relationship– Sendtask allows users to collaborate with anyone and that too in few seconds. It lets users to end task with an email address. Here users can give instructions for the particular task and even can attach files like documents and images.

Here people can easily join without having any account as this application is for unlimited users. So here the benefit is that as many members can join and can work as a team, so that every project can easily finish. It is effective in doing every tasks and manage them properly without any issue.

Task management– With Sendtask, you can easily manage your team to do every thing done. Users can easily access them through websites or through their mobile devices and this way it makes the things move on perfect way with a change task list.  It allows you to check the list and tally with right people at the time of work being completed.

Reminders & Due Dates– Sendtask gives you the power to track on track your project with the help of automatic reminders, which allows you to know when to do the task. It contains due dates and activity logs to organize your work in proper way and make them visible.

Sendtask can directly email the tasks into the email inbox so now your team members will not have any option to say that they never due dates.

Slack Integration & Customization– Sendtask uses slack chat system and this helps you to do effective workflow. It easily share task with your team members. Even users can sign into their Gmail and can see contact in task management app. There they can easily see the task without going to Sendtask.

It also has built-in sorting option or also has the option where users can create their own. It has customization, which can be used for changing in dashboard for personal preferences. This process really makes easy to do anything because everyone knows what he or she are doing.

Some other features are:

  • Easy on boarding
  • Assignee
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited users

With the use of Sendtask, every task becomes simple. There is no need of on boarding, only requirement is that users should have an email account. Those who are irritated of when their emails will track the tasks, for them Sendtaks can be useful. This is simple as sending an email to someone but it gives the power, which generally comes with task manager.

After using Sendtask, you will be free and you don’t have to worry about anything. This is because after you have created the task, it’s not your responsibility but the person responsible for the task will be automatically get the intimation.

Anyone using this tool find it easy and simple and don’t forget, it is powerful too. It is very much useful for ad-hoc teams and can be used for both small as well large scales. As calendar invitation works for scheduling, Sendtask also works similarly for tasks in email.

Problems that Sendtask Solves

Reminders– One of the best thing that Sendtask have is that it reminds you about any task. For an instance, if you have some project work then you have to run around to know other people for the same.

Not everyone loves this because nobody likes to chase people for particular work. But with Sendtask, people automatically get the intimation about the project and due date.

No need of any account– If you want to send some invitation to your friends or colleagues or your team members then you don’t have to go individually telling about it.

Using Sendtask makes this process easier and it works almost similar to sending calendar invitation. Simply users need to have an email account.


Sendtask is still in Beta and is completely free for unlimited users and for unlimited tasks. Every current feature will be free forever


Intended Users– For Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Large Enterprises, Small Business, Non Profits,

Devices Supported– iPhone, iPad, Mobile Web App, Mac, Web-based

Supported Countries-Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States

Supported Languages– English

Support Options– FAQs, Online Support

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It is always important to select the right-project management platform especially when it comes for your business and it depends on your organization and your team members. With the use of Sendtask, you do not have to worry about anything because it covers every tasks sharing.

Moreover using Sendtask does not need any type of account on it. Only you should have your Gmail account and everything can well organized. It has slack channel integration, which manages every project management in simple way.

This task management is completely free to use for unlimited users so you don’t have to worry about anything wrong. You can freely use it and see how it works. Apart from Sendtask, you have several other project management tools like ClickUp, Toggl, Freedcamp, Zenkit etc that works best to give you better results.