SendPulse Review: A Professional Email Marketing Tool with Artificial Intelligence!

SendPulse featuresAre you an online marketer or running a business? If YES then you probably need to utilize the power of email marketing and stay connected with your existing customers.

Nowadays, Email marketing becomes the working method to reach the infinite number of people and boost the potential leads.

There are many traditional email marketing services are available, like MailChimp, Aweber etc. all of them are useful but expensive. If you are running a small business then you should go with an affordable but working email marketing tool. In this blow, we will 0discuss about a professional Email Marketing Service which is perfect for all types and sizes of business, so keep reading and don’t forget to comment at the last of this blog.

We all know that, if the email marketing strategy is implemented properly then it will become a potential lead generating tool for our businesses. And that’s why; this marketing strategy is implemented by all types of businesses.

Now, coming to the point; here in this blog section, we will discuss about SendPulse email marketing tool. It is popular in the market as an alternative to MailChimp. Through this tool, one can easily create beautiful emails and send to their subscribers without paying more.

SendPulse is integrated with the “Artificial Intelligence” system hence it able to provide some advanced features which are not provided by the other available email marketing solution.

It will allow you to communicate with all the devices via Email, SMS, Web push, SMTP etc. It is found that after using SendPulse AI frequently, the click-through-rates, page views, visiting time on site and conversions metrics will get boosted 50% to 100%.

SendPulse is designed to help beginners, as all the features provided by this tool are very easy to use (predesigned email templates, reporting, a drag and drop builder and more)

It is an email marketing app for those peoples who need to interact with their potential customers in order to convert them. Via SendPulse, you can send emails and text messages with ease.

Along with communicating and sharing your product/service information with your subscribers you can also segment your audience, create A/B tests, and do many more.

This tool is very easy setup, and you can start using it without paying a single penny. Simply create an account for free and tell SendPulse what you want on doing with it. If you are new to email marketing and want a proper guidance while creating your first campaign then SendPulse will guide you.


Yes, Let Me Visit SendPulse’s Official Webpage 


How to Start Sending Emails Via SendPulse?

If you are interested in this tool and want to use it to entertain your subscribers then you can sign up for a free plan and log into your account.

After signing in you will see the following options:

If you already have an email list elsewhere, you can import it to SendPulse.

If you want to start building a list from scratch you can design a subscription form and add it to your website. With SendPulse you can easily create responsive subscription forms that look great on any screen size and fit your website’s design. Intuitive drag and drop form builder makes the process fast and easy.

Embed the subscription form into your website, this will help you to collect the subscribers’ personal information.


How to Send Email via SendPulse?

SendPulse provides both text-based and HTML email templates. If you are new, then you can go with the predesigned responsive email templates and layouts. OR if you want to design your own email template via drag and drop email template editor.


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SendPulse Autoresponders

This tool comes with autoresponder feature, which is the most effective ways to entertain your subscribers.

Via SendPulse, you can setup email automation using 3 types of autoresponders:

  • A sequence of emails from the user subscribes to your blog.
  • Send an automated email at the specific date.
  • A triggered automated email.

In order to set up the autoresponder, you need to click on the “Create an autoresponder”, write the email subject, choose or create an email template, and add your text content. If you want to add triggered messages then you can do this.


A/B Testing

This tool contains A/B testing feature, through which you can check the performance of your email campaigns. It has an extensive A/B testing feature, simply select the parameters for comparison, either open rate or click-throughs.


Web Push

SendPulse email marketing tool offers both bulk SMS messages sending and web push notifications along with the bulk email sending.

With the help of its free web push service, you can create and send personalized messages to your subscribers. Your users will receive the push message messages on their devices directly.

This is the way through which you can easily boost your website traffic along with attracting unique visitors, hence it will help you to boost the overall engagement of your website.


How to Add Web Push Notifications to a website?

Step 1: Click on the ‘Push’ present at the top menu bar, and then click on the ‘Add new website

Step 2: After it, enter the URL of your website.

Note: Make sure that you have an SSL certificate aka HTTPS-enabled website.

Step 3: Now, simply follow the onscreen instructions to turn on the push notifications on your website.


Email Analytics

This feature will allow you to see the performance of your email campaign. Via the inbuilt analytic feature, you can see the open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, and more.

SendPulse offers complete analytics reports:

  • Open Rate and Click Rate
  • Click chart
  • Geographic stats
  • Statistics by device
  • Error statistics


API and integrations with third-party applications

This advance email marketing tool can be integrated with your CMS and CRM systems. So you can easily manage your mailings from your own projects.

List of integrations are: WooCommerce, WordPress, Zapier, Typeform, Bitrix24, CreateForm, and Zapier.


I want to Use SendPulse for Free 



SendPulse offers lots of features and its design is very simple, both of these ingredients are making this tool one of the popular Email Marketing Tool. It contains all the basic features which are required to run an effective and successful email marketing campaign.

The email marketing tool is perfect for both small and medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective email marketing service.

If you are a beginner and want to start your journey, but don’t have the budget to spend on premium features like autoresponders and push notifications then don’t worry.  SendPulse also offers a free plan for those who want to test this tool for their business. So, it is suggested to first try its free version and if it suits your business then you can subscribe any of its pricing plans according to your subscribers.