SendGrid Review- Best Cloud-Based Email Marketing Platform

SendGrid Review

SendGrid is an email-marketing platform that works as a transactional email delivery, which is reliable, scalable and easy to use to fulfill the requirements.

It provides SMTP APIs with flexible web, which easily integrate in any cloud, based email infrastructure.

Using this powerful platform, now your transactional email will begin to run in minutes. In a general, after sending email to anybody, only 20% emails reach the inbox and due to this, there was no guarantee on email delivery.

To sort out all such problems, SendGrid has come up with its new features, which provides best email delivery expertise, giving assurance to reach the email to the user’s inbox without any fail. This platform provides easy integration via SMTP relay or by the flexible API’s.

Not only this but it also supports several languages, frameworks and applications and this is also the best way to focus on business and no need to worry about sending any emails delivery.

After using SendGrid for your company, you can actually see the difference in emails as the emails will not go to spam folders. All these features are included in this platform and there is no requirement of any money or extra time.

SendGrid works effectively to provide better support to their clients by giving a way to integrate into any app just to improve the email delivery rates. It also has the ability to recognize email campaigns with real-time analytics and even developers can track the statistics to email address level.

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Main Features

Transactional Email

SendGrid comprises of transactional email delivery system, which is completely reliable and scalable. The platform has other features as well like email authentications, outbound spam monitoring, ISP feedback loops, IP reputation scoring etc.

Now easily integrate SendGrid in your transactional email program with SMTP API’s with SMTP relay, which allocate to decide about the best integration methods that makes sense of business. In addition, the tool also supports libraries, multiple development frameworks along with code samples.

Email Analytics

With real-time analytics, now user can easily see the performance of email campaign. The tool uses Event Webhook with statistics dashboard that provides each and every information they require. Now developers can easily track deliveries, spam reports, email requests, bounce rates, unsubscribe, clicks, opens etc all in real-time.

To go through this process, you simply have to go to dashboard and check the real-time click-through rates with bounce rates. The complete view of your campaigns with its effectiveness and recipient list will be seen. Now user can create customized reports that are properly based on ISP geography, timeframe, device-type and email category.

Advanced Deliverability

SendGrid provide it users with unique delivery of promotional and transactional emails for integrated platform. Doing this process saves more time and also removes the part to deal with vendors. SendGrid supports common email types, which are promotional campaigns, trigger-based notifications and alerts, newsletter and email marketing campaigns.

SendGrid verifies email senders and this also one of the way which ensures about the high level email deliverability. It also works to protect any type of spam so that emails don’t get erased or disappear in between.

Marketing Email

SendGrid’s email platform for proper delivery delivers more than 13 billion emails every month for 180,000 small, medium and large organizations. Because of its better features, customers don’t have to face high spam rates.

Now you can design your own email marketing campaign with SendGrid’s campaign creation wizard. It also has pre-designed templates that help you to overview the campaign look. In addition, the tool also provides its users with drag and drop editor that helps to make some changes in your campaign. Even there are options to use your own HTML and also can schedule delivery times of your campaigns.

For whom is SendGrid for?

Well if you look in deep then its originally built for developers but now it is used by several companies and industries whether they are big or small. SendGrid is based on cloud so it is increasing day by day because of its unique features that users don’t easily get in any other platform. However It professionals and developers are primary users of this platform. Apart from this, there are many renowned users like Pinterest, Scoutmob, Foursquare, Uber etc.


Send up to 40,000 emails free for 30 days, then send 100 emails per day free forever and there is no credit card required.

Essentials Plan – $9.95/month

  • Emails/month included in plan-40,000
  • Price per extra email- $0.001
  • APIs and webhooks
  • DKIM customization
  • SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Pro Plan – $79.95/month

  • Up to 100,000 emails/month
  • Price per extra email – $0.00085
  • Dedicated IP
  • APIs and webhooks
  • DKIM customization
  • SendGrid Marketing Campaigns
  • Subuser management

Premier Plan – Custom pricing

  • 1.5+ million emails/month
  • Custom price per extra email
  • Dedicated IP
  • APIs and webhooks
  • DKIM customization
  • SendGrid Marketing Campaigns
  • Subuser management
  • Customer Success Manager- 5 million+
  • Prioritized support- 5 million+

Yes, I Want to Visit SendGrid’s Official Webpage 


SendGrid is extremely easy to use platform that makes work simple and quick to use. It has many unique features, which are attractive, and is powerful enough to handle anything. Using SendGrid, there is no requirement of any deal to vendors.

It has great features that easily send the emails to desired recipient without any fail. Moreover, this email-marketing platform provides 30 days free trial period in which users can send up to 40,000 emails without any money.

So it’s wise to use this platform and make your business grow to high level. In fact apart from SendGrid, if you also want some other tools or alternatives of email-marketing platform then you can visit: Email Marketing Tools