The Scribendi Review – A Human Based Proofreading and Editing Service

Scribendi review

Proofreading is the professional task which needs very deep knowledge understanding of grammar skills. In order to edit and proofreading personal documents such as letters, emails, or resumes you need to hire a professional or you can go with any online proofreading service.

Here in this review, we will discuss about a famous and one of the first online proofreading solution, i.e. Scribendi. The is founded in 1997. This company is known for providing very fast, reliable, and affordable services to their clients.

You can go with Scribendi in order to edit and proofreading of a book, short story, play, screenplay, essay, term paper, dissertation, the academic paper of students, reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, and any other business documents of business people.

Overall, the Scribendi seems to set the bar high for being the first online proofreading and editing company. This site is highly recommended for those who need to be reassured their papers or manuscripts are in good hands. If you want to feel that a company wants to really ensure your success, this is the right place for you. Look at other Scribendi review and know what we are talking about.


Some of the Services provided by the Scribendi are:

  • Proofreading for students
  • Essay editing service
  • Editing for books
  • Proofreading and editing of corporate material
  • Personal document editing
  • Manual and brochure proofreading and editing


How Soon is the Paper Done?

You can control the speed of your work on this platform. The Scribendi fix their prices off the size of the project and turnaround time. You can select a faster turnaround to accomplish your task quickly, but it will cost you more.

In order to get a high-quality editing and proofreading, you need to pay little more to them. But don’t worry as there are no hidden or extra charges or fees.

You will receive a quote according to every project. To do this, you have to submit your work first and then you will get a quote back.


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What They Offer

The provides a professional online editing service for all levels of content. They provide their services to students, businessmen, and large corporations.

You can use this service without the need of any professional skill, as this online portal is very simple to use. Simply, Sign up for your account, select the type of document you need to edit, upload your Word or Text document, choose how fast you want the output and pay.

Note: Scribendi process up to 10,000 words per 24 hours.

First of all, make it clear that the Scribendi charges per word so the cost fluctuates based on how many words. It varies from $0.01 to $0.06 every word, so you need to pay almost $12-13 for 250-word blog post, which is the cost if you want for a fast return.

If you are running any WordPress website then you can go with the scribendi plug-in. Simply, download and install its WordPress plug-in and deal with your editing needs without going anywhere.


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Scribendi Features


Professional Editors

There is no technology behind this proofreading service, this service provides professional editors and experts for your proofreading and editing purpose. Our specially selected team undergoes a rigorous selection process and is supported by the advanced technologies.


Protect your Privacy

This service is packed with bank-grade security standards, so you don’t need to worry about your work or data. Your document’s security is one of the important parts of this service.


Very-Fast Turnarounds

The Scribendi process your data very fast. This service allows for the return of clients edited and proofread document in as little as 4 hours. Choose the turnaround according to your need.


Quality Assured (ISO Certified)

You don’t need to worry about the quality of output, after proofreading and editing service your content gets processed again by the Quality Assurance process to make editing and proofreading services precise. All the contents are separately verified according to global standards.



  • Pricing is based on word count and type of service
  • Very realistic pay scale
  • Brilliant management support
  • Includes resources and style guides
  • Editor website with feedback, resources, etc.
  • Editors are acknowledged to clients only by number
  • Provides advanced security and privacy


  • Deadline pressure
  • Little doubtable for quality editing; accuracy a must
  • No monthly subscription


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Final Verdict


That’s all about Scribendi, if you want to go with any professional service and don’t have to believe over available automatic tools then you must try Scribendi once.

This high-quality service will help you to get error-free content as an output.

But, this service also has a few issues, such as its price transparency, the output timing, lack of monthly or annual subscription etc…

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