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About  ScrapeBox

E-commerce industry has been estimated to be a worth of $12trillion worldwide and SEO is the backbone of the Internet industry. You have to be acquainted with important SEO techniques so as to you can achieve quality backlinks for your website.

It does matter whether you be the owner of an E-commerce website, Internet marketer or related to some other e-commerce industry.

Scrapebox is referred to as the ‘swiss army knife’ of SEO tools is an automated tool which finds blogs to comment on and automatically comments along the website URL. It also helps in creating thousands of backlinks to the websites that too within an hour. The importance of backlinking is well understood in Search Engine

Optimisation and scrapebox has all the powerful features which can build your business online with the perfect utilization of the tools embedded in the package.

The best thing about scrapebox is that it analyses the competitors and backlinks and within 5 minutes you can get a complete rundown of every backlink of the competitors so that you could work on the page rank, commenting, backlinking sources and many other things.

Scrape allows you to only run one license per PC but you can run as many copies of scrapebox on the same PC. Manual commenting using scrapebox is time-consuming and is the most effective way to use scrapebox.

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What does it offer?

  • Harvest Keywords
  • Harvest Blogs And Websites
  • Multiple Proxies
  • Ping Mode and Referrals
  • Trackback Poster
  • Analysis Tool
  • Automated Blog Commenting
  • Features Of ScrapeBox


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Harvest Keywords

Harvest Keywords is one of the best features of ScrapeBox and is useful too. Now hunting keywords is not desired anymore while doing research. It has multiple sources for keyword harvesting and features which help to get a long list of popular keywords within minutes.

Harvest Blogs And Websites

After harvesting keywords, one can go on the websites which are related to particular websites and blogs. Also, the credibility and source of backlink could be determined using this tool which helps to win over the competitors. Harvesting URL’s from search engines such as Lycos, Ask, Blekko, Excite, Rambler, IXQuick, TalkTalk, DogPile becomes easy along with major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.

Multiple Proxies

Multiple Proxies feature of ScrapBox helps to save IP from getting banned. Just have to paste or import in the Proxy list and then Scrapebox performs all its function like Harvesting, Comment posting, Pinging and Page rank checking. This will help to protect the real IP from getting exposed and maintain your anonymity.

Ping Mode and Referrals

The Ping Mode feature helps you to send referrals and the best thing about it is that it leaves references on other websites. This helps in a significant increase in the websites and views on articles that one desires. Hundreds of pings or thousands of URL’s can be done using this tool.

Trackback Poster

ScrapeBox posts trackbacks faster which no other SEO tool does and one could post thousands of trackbacks within minutes. With this feature getting backlinks to the website becomes easy which in turn helps in generating tonnes of traffic as it only targets on high traffic blogs.

Analysis Tool

The analysis tool helps to analyze competitors websites and backlinks. This tool makes it possible to get details of competitors backlinks and finding out the best ranks of the page and best pages and contents to comment on. This tool could be always used to compare competitor’s statistics which helps to better strategize the steps to be takenfurther to bring better traffic.

Automated Blog Commenting

It becomes very difficult commenting on the articles and sounds annoying to take the pain and comment on the blogs. Using Scrapebox, this trouble gets saved and you get quality traffic to the website.


Pros and Cons of Scrapebox


  • Easy Backlinking process
  • Abundance process
  • Organic back link building is free
  • Guest Blogging back linking


  • Time-consuming process
  • Results require patience

Should I Use ScrapeBox?

The benefits that you get from this tool is incomparable and has the best of its advantages. Though there are few issues like you have to pay extra for proxies and the automated commenting is not a suggested way to increase traffic. The other features give you a distinct ability to utilize the benefits of this tool and increase your productivity.


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The amazing features of ScrapeBox will provide a cutting edge over competitors. ScrapeBox will help you in growing your business and deliver the standard of work that is desired by the client. This automatic tool really decreases your workload in SEO. You’ll just have to click few buttons and your work is done. Traffic and revenues from websites increase remarkably.