Samepage Review- Best Team Collaborative and Project Management Software

Samepage Review

There are many businesses, which does not work properly just because there is no team collaboration and communication between members. Due to such problems, business owners search for some helpful apps, which can help them to properly manage their team and work, can reach to another level.

Though they search for many team collaboration apps but don’t know which would work for them and some of them might don’t have uniformity.

So what to do and how to do a team collaboration to grow their business?

There is a new collaboration app named as Samepage that is a cloud based collaboration software that works as a hub workplace.

It has many advanced features and built-in integration which works excellently. This has many online tools like file sharing, real time document collaboration, task management, video conferencing, team chat and many more.

This project management software helps team of every size and simplifies their workflow and also help to complete the work on proper time. Now its easy to share documents with vendors, clients and contractors along with the entire world.

Samepage work is to improve teamwork and manage all the projects, store files, communicate and also can get all the updates from outside and inside the organization.

This project management tool has chat function, which helps team to communicate in better way, engage efficiently, and let users to comment on pages. Even the best thing is that Samepage can be used in mobile apps for Android as well as iOS devices.

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Easily create plans

You can easily handover every tasks to a person or any groups. You have the option where you can set deadlines, reminders, set priority and after that just relax, as Samepage will notify the due dates of team approaching in their desktop and mobile devices.

Now its easy to see the upcoming events as Samepage has its own calendar and you can easily show all the events and deadlines of task among all the important projects.

Easily share and synchronize files

Now no need to worry as Samepage allows drag and drop facility on page and you can edit them before you share with your team. No need of email attachments and if you have shared your files on Google app or another cloud file sharing service then also no need to worry as you can access them from your Samepage workflows.

Only with few clicks, you can synchronize team files. And if required to access previous version of file then there is an option to cover it.

Edit content in real time with others

Now its possible to edit document by several team members and that too in same place. And the document is not a normal one but it is a living page which can handle videos, files, social network content, files, diagrams etc.

In addition, the pages you create manage and track group chats along with video calls and so there is no problem with a newcomer. After using this project management software, it will be just a matter of seconds that all your team members will work on same page at a time.

Easy to comment on anything

Now using Samepage make it easy to comment on anything you want on any page. It has many features like direct messaging, video chat, team chat and many others, which are the best ways to connect with your team members.

But apart from this, it also has ‘content chat’ that let you to start conversation on page about anything and this conversation will give a clean view of almost everything that is happening on that particular page.


What are the built-in-tools of Samepage

There are many built-in tools that Samepage has and it is designed in such a way that one can manage their projects without any disturbance. Some of the tools are:

Teams- It allows to create teams to manage and share everything with right people

Pages- Now you can edit the pages you create and share them with your co-workers in real time

Video Calling- Now with your project content, you can do unlimited group video

Chat- You can chat with anyone, with a group, page members, one-on-one or with a group

Tasks- Handover tasks with reminders and deadlines

Calendars­- Its own calendar allows to share all meetings, PTO schedules, upcoming events etc

Files­- You can edit files or can sync easily to your desktop so that you can share them immediately

Images- You can share art, can create image galleries etc

Videos- easily add videos from YouTube or any other platform for easy access and sharing

Maps- This allows to add Google maps to all pages for better management

Diagrams- Now draw diagrams on page to share those ideas in visual style

Search- Fast to search pages, teams, contents or files

Surveys- You can add surveys to the page for immediate feedback

Spreadsheets- Spreadsheets allows to display calculated data on page

History- Can return to any previous page or file

Notifications- Any new activity happens, you can get notification on device

Multi-Lingual- Supports several popular languages

Secure Sharing- No need to worry as pages are shared with teams, individuals or guests

What is the best part of Samepage?

Everyone wants to know what the unique part of this project management software is. So its best part is that anyone can work from anywhere and that too in any platform.

No matter how much big your teamwork is, maybe it is small or big or medium, global or local, Samepage will help you to complete your work easily through web, mobile apps or even through desktops.

No matter what device you have, now its easy to connect your team with mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Free- 0 USD

Free for any number of members

  • 10 Teams or Sub-teams
  • 10 Pages
  • 1GB Storage
  • 30-day Chat History
  • Direct and Group Messaging
  • Voice and Direct Video Calling
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Track Changes
  • File Synchronization
  • Presenter Mode
  • File Sharing
  • Diagrams
  • Public Page Sharing
  • Code snippets
  • Page Tags
  • Task Assignees
  • Sub-Tasks
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Task Progress Tracker
  • Inbox
  • Copy and Assign Tasks
  • Task Participants
  • Filterable Task Lists
  • Direct File Editing
  • Cloud File Integration
  • Surveys
  • Event Email Notifications
  • Recurring Events
  • Calendar Subscription
  • Admin Role
  • Personal and Team Calendars
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps

Pro- 7 USD per member per month billed annually Or $8 per member with monthly billing

Includes everything in free, plus…

  • Unlimited Teams and Sub-teams
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 1TB Storage
  • Unlimited Chat History
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Admin-controlled Membership
  • Extended Admin Capabilities
  • Group Video Calling
  • Multi-team Guests
  • Private Teams
  • Team Archiving
  • File Version History
  • Page Locking
  • Hide the “Everyone” Team
  • Page History
  • User Manager Role
  • Content Manager Mode
  • SSO Integration
  • Customer Success Coach
  • Phone Support

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Samepage is one of the flexible software that brings all the information, which is required for business need at fingertips. This is easy to use and its customer service is just amazing which you cannot get in other advanced technology.

Its price is affordable and is small with integrated teams. You can easily get every information on single page. Now you can share your projects inside your organization as well as outside like contractors, clients, partners and consultant. So it is easy to use and the price is also free in which several features are available.

Give a try to this and if you wish then you can check out the other project management tools here: