6 Proven Reasons Why You Need To Check Website’s Backlinks Regularly

Reasons Why You Need To Check Website’s Backlinks Regularly

If you are much serious about improving your SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) then it is very important to check backlinks.

Don’t know why links are so important? Well, don’t worry I am here to explain you everything.

In this helpful blog, you will get to know what backlinks are, why you need to get backlinks and reasons to check backlinks and more. So, keep reading this blog and get all the answers.

But before that, it is also very important to know about website’s backlinks. If you have an idea about this then it is good and if not, then read the below section of this blog.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage, also known as inbound links. This means that when a webpage links to any other webpage then it is called a backlink. In the previous time, backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a webpage.

A webpage having lots of backlinks tend to rank higher on all major search engines. Backlinks should always be natural, it means that a website must not use artificial ways with an intention to create backlinks for their own websites.

The quality of the link is much important than the quantity of the links. Do you know why do you need backlinks?

If you are interested to know, then just follow the below section of this blog.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Website backlinks

I know this question is very important for you all. Well, let me make it very clear that it is important to have backlinks from quality sites and those backlinks should be relevant.

As for example, you have a website about fish and you are creating links from other niche websites about monkeys then these links will be of no use. You should only get links from relevant and authoritative sites.

Search engines like Google rely on links for several reasons. Inbound links add context and tell the spiders to crawl the internet that there are more webpages to be found via the backlinks that exist there.

Links are the most important part of Google’s ranking algorithm. If you point more high quality and relevant backlinks then it would be better to rank in search engine for the keyword you have targeted.

So, it becomes quite vital to building relevant inbound links as ranking highly can increase your website’s conversion, purchases, traffic, etc.

However, sometimes it becomes very important to check the backlinks of the website. If you are not tracking your backlinks manually or not monitoring them then this post is a must read a post for you.

Getting links from high-authority and reputable websites will improve the ranking of your website. But, if you want to gain more traffic via backlinks then there are certain things that you should be aware of.

Getting wrong backlinks can also cause a disaster for your website which is the main reasons to check backlinks and also keep track of new backlinks.

So, let’s check out those reasons below to know why checking backlinks are important. Let us have a look at them one by one:

Reasons To Know Why You Need To Check Backlinks

Reason #1:  Bad Links Can Affect Your Reputation

Bad Links Can Affect Your Reputation

Exactly like everything in business, backlinks do not have only one or two benefits. There are several case studies where backlinks can hurt a website’s reputation.

If you want a good reputation of your website then you don’t have to spend a lot of money to protect your reputation if you keep track of links.

You just have to check and identify the links that are a threat to your website’s reputation. With this, you can get alerts when your website gets links from other websites. For this, you can try aHrefs. This is the best tool that offers some features with the help of which you can analyze your website’s backlink.

Well, here are some of the worst conditions mentioned that can damage your reputation:

  • Links that you don’t trust on
  • Links from adult or gambling websites
  • Links from unrelated websites to your niche
  • Links from the sites that are using violent and use aggressive language to other people

Reason #2: Spending Money On Low-Quality Links

Spending Money On Low-Quality LinksIf the companies offer SEO services then it doesn’t mean that they are well versed in SEO. However, it could be possible that you are paying for building spam to your own website.

And obviously, no one wants this to happen. If you would like to avoid that, then the best thing you can do is invest in a useful backlink analysis tool, as for example, KWFinder. You can get daily reports on the link being built to your website with the help of KWFinder.

If you still can’t identify whether the links are good or bad then just visit the domain. And further you can check whether the backlink is good or bad with the help of this backlink analysis tool.

Reason #3: Protect Your Website From Negative SEO

Protect Your Website From Negative SEO


In today’s world, everything is just vulnerable, even your website. In some cases, your competitors will look at sloppy ways to beat you with a motive to rank in the major search engines.

This can be done by spamming your website. If you check your backlinks, you can respond before Google takes any sort of action.

Avoid all the links that were created with the motive to get your website penalized. With the help of Monitor Backlinks, you will receive alerts whenever your website will get a new link. This can help you check and monitor if they are of actually any value or not.

Reason #4: Avoid Link-Based Penalties

google openalties

Generally, backlinks can help you achieve better ranking, but at the same time, they can also lead to penalties and vulnerability.

You should note that there are some backlinks that can help you improve your ranking in Google. As for example, the Penguin algorithm of Google checks for websites with spammy link structure leading to penalization.

If you want to prevent the penalties then it is important to check your spammy links on a regular basis.

All reasons to check backlinks are mentioned here in this blog. So, check the backlinks and identify the bad links and try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Also, make sure that you should understand the guidelines provided by Google to ensure they are met.

Reasons #5: Get Notified of Reviews And Complaints

Get Notified of Reviews And Complaints

If you check your backlinks, then you should be able to determine when there is a complaint or a review about the website.

No matter whether the review is positive or negative, the only thing that is important to know is that it exists to understand the value of the backlinks bringing to your website.

You can check your backlinks with the help of LinkBird tool. This tool is very helpful for tracking your website’s backlink whenever it is created.

Reasons #6: Your Website Could Get De-Indexed

Your Website Could Get De-Indexed

Definitely, you would not want to see this message ever. May be your company participates in link schemes like building links or buying links that are low-quality.

These techniques applied by you can lead your website to penalize or your site may get de-indexed.

In the year 2012, Google de-indexed several websites and some of those websites had page rank 7 and domain authority 70, but they were still thrown out.

If you also want to avoid such situation, no matter what is your position in Google’s search, you just need to check where your backlinks are coming from.

For this, you can try Linkody tool. This can help you a lot in checking the backlinks of the website.

Wrapping Up

After you review all the above reasons to know why checking backlinks are important for your website, you should not avoid checking your website’s backlinks.

If you want to succeed in internet marketing, you can check your backlinks to monitor your website. internet marketing, you can check your backlinks to monitor your website.

However, you must make it a rule to check backlinks to make sure that they do not hurt your online reputation, link building and marketing efforts as well.