5 Infallible Tips to Engage Your Social Media Followers To Boost Conversion Fast


Social media engagement is an essential metrics while building a small or medium business.

8 out of 10 businesses utilize the social media marketing for growing their business.

But with all things, still not all the businesses have the equal results.

There are some businesses that obtained remarkable results with social media content and campaigns and some achieve moderate results.

Accordingly, what separates the successful businesses from not getting success???


Once you engage with your social media followers you can turn them from followers into customers.

Only creating a profile and striking page is not ENOUGH to drive growth to your business.

If you can’t engage with your followers on social media platforms, you won’t get all the benefits that social media offers.

The time you dedicate to building your bond with the audiences results in higher number of positive reviews, trust, sales, and customer loyalty as well.

So, in this article, I am sharing with you how to engage with your social media followers quickly to drive growth to your businesses.

But before moving further to engage with your social media followers, it is important to get more followers on your social media channels.

So, here start with acquiring more audience on social media platforms.

Points Included:

1. How to get more followers on Social Media Platforms

2. How to calculate engagement rate on Social Media

3. Tips to Engage With Your Social Media Followers Quickly

4. Ways to Save Time While Engaging With Your Followers

How to Get More Followers on Social Media Platforms?

This is OBVIOUS, if you want to boost social media engagement on your pages, you need to grow more and more followers.

The more followers you have there are more chances to receive ample engagement.

# NOTE while trying to improve social media sites engagements, Avoid Being Pushy.

This could result in putting your entire effort to amount NOTHING. And you might create negative results and put off your target audience as well.

So, it is important to choose the RIGHT ways to get more followers and engagement on Social Media Platforms.

Check out the Easy and Effective Ways:

1. Create a Unique Content:

If you are starting out then it is important to create unique content. Try mixing up your content you can create Quotes, Funny GIFS, Viral Videos, Popular Posts and much more.

Also if you know social media world somewhat, that aware of the fact that you need to consistent on your posting frequency

And with this long-term effort, you ultimately get more shares and this helps you to grow social media sites followers.

Why don’t you try Prowriting Aid this provides a flexible interface to improve the blog writing. It contains lots of features through which one can make their blog catchy with less effort.

2. Be Active and Engaged:

Obviously being active and engaged in the tip that anyone can give you. Being active on social threads of others and even influencers, render your value to the new people and you can gain more followers too.

So whenever possible, don’t just share others posts but also add remarks like why you are sharing it, tag the original poster.

On Twitter, you can retweet the post of someone else by using the Quote option and gain followers.

3. Use Hashtags:

Using hashtags is also important but using the Right Ones. On your Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram pages make use of the right hashtags that are valued, will help you gain new followers.

While using new hashtag always leap before, search for it on the network and also assure it isn’t used for something that not relates your brand

4. Follow Genuine & Related Account:

To get followed, first, you should be a good follower. So search and follow genuine account related to your business.

In some cases, simply doing this will get you followed by some users, only if your profile is filled completely and fed in full of valuable and related posts.

Therefore, follow good active accounts in the company, and it vertically provides high-quality followers.

Try Audiensethis is the best tool is perfect for the client to promote their business on Twitter and direct connect with their followers. This contains every feature required to create an effective social media campaign.

5. Advertising:

This is another familiar but expensive way for growing followers. You can get more followers by spending money on advertisement.

This means you can buys ads on the social accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and grow your customers.

When you grow your followers then chances to make them customers raise adversely.

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How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Social Media?

Now after getting the good amount of high-quality followers in your social media accounts how you conclude that you are getting the desired amount of engagement.

So, the best is to acknowledge the engagement rate.

An engagement rate is a metric that calculates the engagement level that the created content is getting from the audience.

This will let you know the amount of audience interacts with the content. The factors controlling the engagement compromise user’s comments, shares/ retweets, likes and much more.

For calculating the engagement rate make use of the given formula.

Average Engagement Rate per Post (%) = Total Follower Counts / Engagement / Number of Posts X 100

You can repeat the process for each of the influencer’s profiles (for example Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) to know the engagement rate of an individual profile.

Categorizing the influencer’s engagement rate on every profile will help you consider the high, good or low engagement rate and the fluctuation across every social platform.

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Tips to Engage With Your Social Media Followers Quickly

Social media engagement will help you strengthen the relationship with the followers and also build customer loyalty.

While the customers respond your posts or send messages on social media try your best to respond humorously when required and go above and beyond for providing excellent customer service.

Doing this help you increase your sales naturally through social media engagement.

Well, there are many ways that help you improve social media follower’s engagement.

Here check out some of the effective ones.

How to Improve Social Media Followers Engagement?

1. Talk about Your Topic (Not Just Your Brand)

promote content

Only promoting your brand creates a bad impression. Well, creating the content and publishing it on to the social media platforms is the best way to let your people know about you.

But, if you all the time promote the brand you are more likely not able to attract your followers to engage with you.

So, try making various groups or join the groups on social media platforms, and invite the influencers and approaching customers for joining the discussion.

This is the smartest way to spread your brand and gain and engage more followers.

Also shares others people trending topics to getting customers loyalty and avoid being a big-headed brand that only talks about themselves.

Talk about the topic as well!!!

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions or joining Q&A sessions are the best way for providing users with value and assume you as a helpful brand.

This is the best way to engage the social media followers.

If in the comment someone responds you then instead of saying “Thank you”, ask for her or his opinions on the topic.

Ask different types questions and try your best to continue the conversation and building a healthy relationship with them.

3. Make Posts Visual

Try making your post visuals this is also a great way to engage the audience on your social media platforms.  

Make use of the images, emoticons and videos to make your post more appealing and attracts users to open and read it.

Sharing the GIF images, short videos into social posts make it looks striking to all types of users and increases the posts accessibility.

You can also combine the use of emoticons with the images and videos to make it stylish and this will naturally attract and engage the followers.

You can even receive more reshares/ retweets of the particular posts.

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4. Schedule Your Post At The Best Times To Increase Your Reach

This is an effective trick that helps you to engage the followers on your social media platforms.

For every network, there are particular times of the day when the users are actively high.

By scheduling or sharing your posts at the best times will raise the chances of engaging your followers effectively.  

You can visit this part schedule your post at the best times, to check out the time represented in the form of an infographic and a complete overview of best times for posting on social media to get more engagement.

Why don’t you try 99 Dollar Social, this works like a magic tool. It is an is an outsourced social media service that helps busy entrepreneurs to maintain a solid presence on social media.

5. Make Your Customers Feel Engaged

Well, not just putting the efforts in sharing your content the right way, scheduling the posts, asking questions, joining groups and other tips are enough to engage your followers.

But you need to really make your followers feel engaged. So the best is to provide a direct response to their content.

Make them feel like they are valued by responding them carefully, mentioning through a particular hashtag.

You can also greet the customers with their name, this displays a friendly relationship and their response is crafted carefully by a human.

This not only builds trust and engage your customers but also brings the brand closer to the customers.

Remember: “People trust the people more than the faceless corporate brands.”

You can opt for Buffer, this is designed with the advanced algorithm to provide the best content sharing time based on the different social media platforms, you can also post your content whenever you want to post it

So, these are some of the valuable tips that help you gain followers as well engage them naturally.

Well, Relax, you don’t need to take out extra time for putting all these tips into practice, here I’ll help you out by providing the ways to save time while engaging with your followers.

Ways to Save Time While Engaging With Your Followers

save time

During engaging with your followers, it is also important to so other things like creating content, planning and running business.  

So here check the best ways to save time while engaging with your followers.

1. Have a list of GIFs, Emojis, and More

Having a handy list of GIFs on your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook will help you Save Time naturally.

This will save your time for searching the images. And storing them will help you grab and use them rapidly without searching.

You can also do the same for screenshots and videos that are used commonly and create a list of favourite emojis for immediate response.

2. In advance Craft Your Replies to Common Comments

Arranging the answers and questions to the comment will help you reply faster, then you don’t imagine.

You can advance craft the replies like:

  • Thanks for sharing the informative posts!
  • Is there any other tip for growing my business?
  • Glad it worked for me, Thanks a lot!!!

These are some common comments that will help you to engage with your followers quickly.

Well, you can also try few other variations rather than replying with the same phrases.

In some case make use of the GIF image for greeting “thanks” or change the way of writing so that not always be the same.

3. Utilize Social Media Engagement Tool

The quick and easiest way to engage with the social media followers is making use of the tool particularly designed for social media engagement.

This will help you to reply to the comments and mentions from one place instead of the log into each social media channels and opening the notification in the new tab.

There are plenty of social media engagement tools like Buffer, SlackSocial, PostPlanner, Sendible and many others.

4. Schedule Time to Engage

It is easy to go to our page and immediately respond and give a quick reply. But if this disturbs your workflow then it is quite hard to keep it up.

Many of us found this very hard as we need to frequently stop our work to reply to the comment.

Well, this can affect the work productivity, if you are having many other roles rather than replying and helping the customers on social media.

So, the best is to schedule time for managing the social media profiles or engage with your followers.

Opt for Onlywire this makes content submission process on various sites (bookmarking and social networking) fully automated and much simple.

5. Use Productivity Tools

Utilizing the tools is another great way to save time and engage your audience.

There are many tools that help you to reply your followers quickly.

The tool like Text Expander will help you type generally used phrases just by typing few characters like “tks1” and this will expand it to “Thank you for sharing this post”.

There are more others tools like CloudApp, Dropbox and others that will help you to create and share GIFs, annotated screenshots, and more.

The Way Forward:

So, this is all about social media follower’s engagement.

Engaging with the followers is the best way for building brand, so try the given ways to grow your followers as well engage them.

You can also make use of the different tools to save your time engage with your followers while staying genuine.

Despite it, I tried my best to put together the complete information that works for you to grow and engage your social media followers.

But if in case, I missed out something then do share it with me, I love to hear from you.

And remember Always Stay Connected!!!