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Writing with peace of mind is the best and hard to attain the goal of any writer. Avoiding Distractions and working from home about a matter is the most difficult challenge in writing and can steal away hours from your craft and your tranquillity. It can be quite frustrating spending days devoted to writing, accomplishing little. Complications while writing and unavailability of tools make it more annoying while writing.

This brings the urge to find a better tool to increase writing productivity and after swapping and sweeping through large online content through massive online writing apps, presenting you – Quabel.

If you get easily distracted while writing and looking for a minimalistic writing app that can be accessed from anywhere on the web, then you are at the right place and your search ends here; Quabel is just for you. A text editor that lives right inside your browser and provides you a distraction-free environment so that you can focus on the utmost important thing while writing: the content.


Quabel exists to solve the distraction problem that many users suffer while writing. It provides an interface for the text you are into work, those words that allow writing to come out smoothly and not feel like a chore making it interesting every time you use it. With Quabel, you can create unlimited documents that too for free which can be accessed from anywhere with Internet availability.

Quabel being an online writing application for your browser makes it easy to publish and share your write-ups with just a single click. Its free to access it during the beta period and once the premium pricing comes into play then the free accounts will be limited to 5 documents at a time and premium users will be allowed to store an unlimited number of documents.

For premium users priced at mere $2 per month certainly not a dent in one’s wallet. Being an incredibly pretty editor, it provides users with a way to share documents with others in form of web pages to various popular formats. Although the premium account is there, you will not need it unless you want to use Quabel on your desktop( Windows or Mac), sync to Dropbox, or use it offline.

What does it offer?

  1. Explorer
  2. Editor
    • Publish
    • Settings
    • Night Mode


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Features of Quabel


After creating your account you’ll find yourself inside the editor, but you can switch to the explorer by clicking home icon available on the top of the page.


With the help of explorer, you can create new documents, view your documents, rename your documents, add and edit your labels or tags, and also can delete documents. A very cool feature of Quabel is that it offers the ability to drag and drop.DOCX file straight onto the explorer page. From there you can view, edit, publish online etc.


Quable doesn’t provide you with a rich editor with plenty of options for formatting and a rich-text editing tool there is a real focus on simplicity that allows you to make your work with more accuracy and simplicity. You can, however, add headings (1-3) by using hash tags. (i.e. # Heading1, ## Heading 2, ### Heading 3). You can also italicise words by using an asterisk or underscore before and after (i.e. *this will be in italics*). There. There’s no documentation regarding markup in Quabel, and not sure about other types of supported mark-up.

As far as navigating the editor, there are just three buttons that you’ll use (at the top right of the page): publish, settings, and night mode.

# Publish – this option is self-explanatory when you’re ready to publish your document. After clicking that you’ll see an “Export Document” pop-up dialogue box. Using this option you will be able to export your document in six different formats.

You can also print or email your document, as well as you can publish it to the Web as public or private. While publishing your document you’ll get a unique link that you can share with others or anywhere online that you choose. Also, you can preview your document before publishing it if you want to do so.

# Settings – Clicking on settings will give an “Appearance” pop-up dialogue box on the screen. “Goals” can be accessed from here. Under Appearance, changing the document style is available, hiding the top and bottom bars, customizing the reading and speaking times, and enabling typewriter sounds is available.

The navigation buttons are available on the top bar along with the title of your document. The bottom bar will display the number of words in the document, time that will be taken by someone to read the document, time that will be taken by someone to speak the document. So in Settings, you can choose the default words per minute to use for those times.

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Under the Goals tab, you can enable writing goals for the current document upon which work is done. You can also choose to remain under a specific amount of characters, words or pages and you can also choose to have it for a specific amount of time for reading and speaking. A really cool feature to have writing keep focused and boosts productivity.

#Night Mode – if writing at night and you prefer light text on a dark background. Night mode invert the colours so that you’ll have white text on a black background.


Pros and Cons of Quabel


  • Simple and sleek to use.
  • Doesn’t contain complex tools and options.
  • Editing and formatting options are limited but focused.


  • Not too much personalization options present.
  • Free options have limitations to using.
  • Not much enhanced as required.

Should I use Quabel?

In a nutshell, Quabel is really awesome and users find it pretty useful for their kind-a-stuff. However, nobody can assure about replacing like Google Docs and Zoho. Then again, Quabel has to go far about replacing users and would like to be instead of those. Quabel is a place where you can go to just write and not have to worry about formatting and other distractions.

Though there aren’t much options/buttons/clickable in Quable but for a reason and make it simple  Quabel’s goal is to make a distraction-free writing environment that can be accessed on the Web from any computer, and it delivers the same quality and awesomeness.

YES, I Want to Use Quabel for Free !

Last Few Words: Quable

In reviews, it has been disclosed that if one has the right tools to carry out the job, the final product is so much better and this is certainly the case with Quabel. The app seems flawless when you have written a review using Quabel and it ensures that it doesn’t take much time into delving the setting and look about of your interface and just delivers the best quality and this has certainly worked.

From the editor itself to the goals feature that it is equipped with, it makes writing fun and with ease — supporting the idea of being as simple as possible to ensure better productivity and content centered. Though there are few checks that if included can improve the app such as a spell check option akin to that of Google Drive’s, it’s certainly an app that’s worthy of trying out to see if it works for you.