ProWritingAid Review: A Perfect Editing Software for Writers

all about ProWritingAidNowadays writing an eye-catching blogs become so easy, it is just because of the online tools for writers. From many online tools, one of the popular and easy to use blog writing tool available for all types of writer is “ProWritingAid”.

In this review we will discuss about the features, why to use, pricings, disadvantages and other hidden things of ProWritingAid. So read this review till the end and decide that you are going to use this tool or not.

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Overview of ProWritingAid Writing Analysis Tool

ProWritingAid is a tool that provides advanced editorial features to the editors, you can use it directly or in the combination with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener or Google Chrome.

ProWritingAid first examines the writing completely and then produces reports on the basis of hackneyed words, style of writing, length of the sentence, grammar, duplicate words and phrases.

This is a new text analyzer for writers, you can simply open its web interface and paste your content into the window given and then click on the “Analyzebutton present at the bottom of the interface.

After it, you will get a list of the problems with a red “X” and the problems which passed will also appear with green flagged.

You can also access the complete details of the issues found, you need to click on the links present on the left side of the page.


ProWritingAid checks for SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar)

  • Style
  • Grammar
  • Overused words and phrases
  • Cliches
  • Sticky words
  • Diction
  • Repeats
  • Combination
  • Length
  • Pronouns
  • Alliteration
  • Homonyms
  • Transitions
  • Thesaurus (for alternative words you might use)
  • House Style check (should you set one up)
  • Plagiarism report

How to Use ProWritingAid?

First, you need to register yourself on only registered users can use this tool.

This blog editor tool provides three types of registration “ProWritingAid Free”, “ProWritingAid Premium” and “ProWritingAid Premium+”.

Choose one plan according to your requirement and start editing with Prowritingaid.

Now you can go with the free online tool, or download the desktop application (for Premium membership).

Its desktop application is capable to read and write some of the Markdown file, allows users to export a text file to the Markdown file- do editing with ProWritingAid and after editing again import back to their file type. So the application provides fastest and convenient way of editing.

You need to follow the below-given steps for better editing of your text:

  1. Run ProWritingAid and create a new Markdown file.
  2. Navigate to the Ulysses sheet, choose a text passage, and use the “Copy as Markdown” option available on the Edit menu.
  3. Paste into ProWritingAid.
  4. Now you need to deal with the reports.
  5. Go through the report’s issues one by one, and edit within ProWritingAid.
  6. After finishing, choose and copy the edited text.
  7. Paste the edited content back to your Ulysses sheet, take help of the “Paste from Markdown” option from the Edit menu.

While this tool is packed with lots of features, and very easy to use but it also has some limitations.

After finishing the editing you will see that some of the words are flagged this blog formatting tool.

Why so it is recommended that if you are going to use an automated tool then before implementing any suggestions you need to cross check it. However, this tool is an effective way to start when your editing is in final stage.


What it Offers?

ProWritingAid is editing and style software that works as a back bone of the writers while writing and drafting stage. You can compose your content within the program interface or go with other platforms such as Microsoft Word, Mac, Scrivener, Open/Libre Office, and Google by importing theonlinee editor, as an add-on plug-in, and as a desktop application.

With the help of this editor one can easily edit, format and easily solve their grammatical mistakes. This tool provides 25 reports which include a Summary Report along with an option to modify reports. Some common reports are:

  • The Writing Style Report: This report is about weak/tuff readability such as passive voice and duplicate sentence starts.
  • The Grammar CheckReport: This report is same as the word processor but contains some advance options.
  • The Overused Words Report :This finds the problematic words that come under the 5 categories:
    • Too Wishy-Washy
    • Telling Rather Than Showing
    • Weak Words Dependent on Intensifiers
    • Nonspecific Words
    • Awkward Sentence Constructions
  • The Sticky Sentence Report: This report is about the most commonly used articles, prepositions, and conjunctions that obscure clarity.
  • The Sentence Length Report and The Pacing Check Report: under this report a complete information about sentence variety and a bar graph is available to display how readers practice the speed of your prose.
  • The Sensory Check: This finds for words and constructions that pass on to the 5 senses.



  • It’s not about grammar and spelling but it examines your content from several different editing viewpoints
  • You can add it into MS Word as an add-in.
  • Available for free.
  • Available for online, download and add-in.
  • A tool for everyone, very useful for students, businessman, and technical writers.


  • Sometime using the “Help” function is little bit difficult.
  • Some of its reports are hard to understand.
  • Need a fast internet connection to use the add-in version.


Features of ProWritingAid

  1. Complete Readability Analysis

ProWritingAid will boost the readability of your content by applying some of the most advance readability scoring systems such as The Flesch Reading Ease Score, The Coleman-Liau Formula, The Automated Readability Index and The Dale-Chall Grade. This provides an overall readability score for your entire document. You can also see the readability score for every paragraph which help you to neutralize those passages and improve the readability.

  1. Generate Reports for the Selected Text

This is the latest option added to the ProWritingAid, now you don’t need to run each report on your entire document (slow or time taking). The upgrade version of this tool allows you to focus on just one section at a time, which boosts the report’s speed and decrease the distractions. Simply choose your text and run a report.

  1. Word Explorer to Make Semantic Jumps

Its new Word Explorer feature allows the users to search inspiration and build fresh ideas based around the words that are already in your text. Simply choose any keyword from your document and go to the Word Explorer to find alliterations, synonyms, rhymes, collocations, anagrams, common phrases, anagrams, and more.

  1. Summary Report

The Summary Report feature provides a complete overview of your document with some suggestions that you should focus on to implement it. This feature provides you an idea of how you are doing in every area compared to other ProWritingAid users.


  1. Contextual Thesaurus for Any Word

Simply double-click on any word and the tool will provide you a sorted list of synonyms that you can use for the same context. With this feature you can easily target different keywords in a single blog. For more synonyms, go to the Word Explorer.


  1. Easy Navigation from the Summary Pane

One can easily this navigate from the summary pane to highlights in the text. And now you can also accept the suggestions straight from the summary pane to boost the editing process.


Should I use

It is a pretty cool and advance blog writing improvement tool. Overall, if you read the pros and cons section of this review then you will see that Pros beat the Cons.

While some time the software ignores some words (“y’all” is a word, y’all!), but it is helpful to deal with the over-using words or going heavy on the adverbs situations. According to me, this is possibly the easy to use and free tool I’ve seen for editing.

If you are going to use this tool, then you need avid getting bogged down in all the different reports until you are completed with a rough draft.


Alternative tools

  1. Grammarly
  2. Evernote
  3. LanguageTool
  4. Hemingway Editor
  5. guru
  6. Ginger
  7. Editsaurus
  8. Plagtracker
  9. tinySpell
  10. Slick Write
  11. Writefull

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So the conclusion of this review is, ProWritingAid is an astonishing tool especially for the lazy writers. But the single warning I’d like to share is, doesn’t depend on any tool completely and always double check the provided suggestions.

Overall this tool is perfect for all type of writers, offering a lot of things that authors can catch on their own. It is an amazing tool, and not only verifies for the grammatical issue but also check other factors to make your blog more attractive.

If you want to make your content easy to understandable in order to fetch more visitors with less effort then you should use ProWritingAid.

If you really like this review then kindly share it with your friends, colleagues and others.