11 Top Tips For Managing Complex Projects Easily


Managing a complex project is a real headache. And the toughest part of conquering the complex project is beginning or from where to start?

Every project is different from the other and has exceptional challenges. If the project is more dynamic and advanced this is more likely to cause more uncertainty and stress.

Well, the only key to manage the complex projects perfectly is Planning !!! And having Basic Graph to get things started can be incredibly valuable.

So, if you are the one looking “how to deal with a complex project”, then luckily you are on a RIGHT TRACK.

In this article, I’ll share with you the essential and working tips to manage complex projects with perfection. And as well lessen the risks of working in highly complex project situations.

So let’s get started…

Working Tips to Manage Complex Projects:

Managing complex projects requires the power of “E” (Experience, Expertise & Exposure) and to begin with a project you need to define the goals clearly.

Follow the below-given tips one by one to measure a big success in the increasing complexity and demand for innovation.

1. Start with the Big Picture

As I said above to start anything it is very important to have the clear Defined Goals.

To head into a new endeavor you need to first recognize:

  • What is the main goal you desire to achieve with this project?
  • And What will be the outcomes the projects deliver?
  • What are deadlines?
  • Track the problems and opportunities
  • And lastly, how will you measure success?

Starting with these goals and work scope, make the complex project management easy.

Also, this helps the project to go on the track and allow you to do only the job that is intended.

2. Form a Team

Big projects require a great team!!!

So, after setting the goals your next step is to form a team.  Check for the other great members that help you to complete the complex project or share your responsibility to complete the project with excellence.

Look for who will take the new role? You can include the members who have been a part of large projects earlier or the other creative members of your organizations.

Including others will help you to discover something New & Solve the Familiar Challenges remarkably.

3. Team Management:

team management

Now after forming a Great Team, this is time for team management.

Here you need to communicate with the team and create a shared goal significant to everyone.

Start with listening to other team members, and make sure your goal is clear, align the Ifs and Buts of your big picture, your mission, challenges and every aspect to your team.

Now after defining the shared goals, this is the time to consider the roles and responsibilities.

It is important to perform as a Great Team and this is can be only achieved if everyone understands their roles, play positions and even help the other teammates to shine.

Tracking all this will help you to perform BEST and get maximum success.

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4. Check Your Resources Carefully

Well, after assembling your team and assigning roles and responsibilities, this is the time to get some Idea.

Share your project plan with the higher management people or the experts associated with the project. This will help you to acquire a clear idea of the goals and deadlines.

Apart from the deadlines, improvements also include the Risk to effectively manage the complex project.

And for every risk involved in the project, clearly outline the consequences, and even a corresponding alleviation plan should be declared.

Because “Learning how to live with the insecurities is the only security”.

To manage complex project resources plays a very vital role.

So, consult the higher management to minimize the chances of the risk or unexpected occurrence of the risk.

5. Break Down Your Major Goal

Well breaking down the major goals into the smaller, visible goals is very helpful.

Putting smaller goals are easily accomplished, and also decide who is accounting which project segment based on the roles and responsibilities.

This makes your complex project easily manageable, less stress and more focus on the work.

So after breaking down the project spend some time to recognize the major objectives, tasks, and deadlines.  

This will help you break down the challenges, in the long run, achieve the goal.

6. Understand the Complexity and Uncertainty of the Project

Understanding the complexity and insecurity about the project is very helpful in the project management.

So check for the insecurities and complexities that might emerge in future during accomplishing the project.

Understand everything to reduce the distraction, time, resources you and your team members take towards managing a complex project.

Also during selecting the resources for your project target the deadline also.

Despite this, during project implementation, remembers to follow the project plan daily and this will adversely fix other minor complexity and insecurities.

7. Create Positive Team Environment

Having a positive environment is very important.

The environment always influences the individual behavior and creating positive and inspiring business environment will help you and your teammates to thrive.

A secret to best work is the positivity, trust, support, transparency, and collaboration to complete tasks.

This will also inevitable allows the team members to produce great results by giving their 100% efforts.

So, support and even challenge your team members to reach the goals that are lofty but exclusively attainable.

8. Make Work Easy with the Collaboration Tools

One of the trickiest aspects to manage complex projects is staying organized during the collaborating with different team members.

A Minor Breakdown in the collaboration can be very damaging.

However, to tackle down this complexity there are an array of project management tools available to get maximum benefits in business.

Using the project management tool will help you to minimize the risk, create great work and even allow you to enjoy faultless collaboration.

You can opt for Wrike this is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool. This help the users to handle Marketing Teams, Creative Teams, Project Management Teams, Product Development Teams, Business Operations Teams, Professional Services Teams and more.

Here check out how Wrike help you to manage complex projects and fix the issues related to it.

  • Wrike is having an active timeline that helps you to easily recognize the deadlines, spot scheduling confliction and reorganize the projects with few clicks.
  • It offers the project’s details to the marketing teams with ease.
  • It can easily remove several administrative works that hamper the productivity such as email updates, feedback, reports, and briefs.
  • This allows the marketing teams flexibility to organize the work based on unique processes. It also provides a mobile app to make it easy for the team members to work from anywhere.
  • Wrike automatically detains all the details related to people, projects, and processes.

So, feel free to make use of Wrike to manage the complex projects easily.

9. Delegate and Keep Track of Progress

track progress

Another tip to manage a complex project is the micro-management with higher level managers. It is important to track the projects progress closely.

Doing this will help you track and resolves the issues and technical difficulties immediately. Quality plays an important role while managing the complex projects.

This is an essential aspect while running a complex project.

Tracking the project not only requires the improvements but also the flaws and tries to fix it immediately.

You can also listen to the Experts and the work with their supervision but after filtering the information through a critical lens.

10. Manage Combination Efficiently

Project integration management is the art and science of combining entire different functions and processes together.

Doing this help you to ensure the consistency and effectiveness completely.  While managing the complex projects there are many elements to put together and some of them have the more uncertainty such as requirements.

In simple words, there are lots things to pull simultaneously.

Therefore keep interacting with the people, friends, and colleagues and share the project vision and the business case.

Make the sure the people play their role effectively in the project and manage the change effectively.

So manage integration effectively with the people and the system whenever any modification or other action takes place while managing complex projects.

11. Bonus Tip: Reward Motivation & Progress

Now here comes the last but not the least tip to manage the complex projects. Here you need to motivate the team by creating a reward-based motivation.

This will simply inspire your team members to go ahead and give their full input for great work.

You can motivate the team members by admiring them for their great work. And can even offer incentives or some kind of internal rewards for great work.

Well, this is the not a Bribe but will motivate the workers to give their 100% and go ahead.

So, along with the other tips, this last tip also plays an important role to manage complex projects.

Wrapping Things Up:

Managing a project need complete dedication and control from the all involved parties. Some projects bring their own complexity and number of challenges to test your knowledge and experience.

So this is why I tried my best to put together top tips to manage complex projects.
Well, I am not saying it is going to be Easy for you but it should become easier if you follow the project management tips to manage complex projects.

So read the article carefully and manage the non-manageable product easily.