Podio Review: Project Management Tool For Small & Medium Enterprises


Podio: Introduction

Podio is collaborative work platform that can also be called as Collaborative Tool, Project Collaboration Tool or Task Management Software that is perfect for managing projects, team or anything else for your business that requires a flexible app that works the way you want.

With Podio working as a team has become very easier. Over 400,500 customers/teams agree that organizing, communicating and getting things done with the use of Podio has become easy and totally customizable to meet your project needs. Podio is perfect for all medium and small businesses, public administrator, nonprofits, freelancers and professional services.

Podio Free Employee network offer anyone with a company address to sign up and collaborate. Its Social Activity display likes, comments and status updates. It allows you with the complete flexibility to define content structure, overviews and reports. Offer customizable workflows on how to run a project in order to keep your team work efficiently.

Podio also allows the customer to track and organize communication closely. Whether you want to share information or want an urgent message from the team member, Podio allows you to put all your conversations in one place for easy monitoring. All updates, comments, and modification are done in real time, so you get the updated information related to your project work.

Podio is also available for Android and iOS so that you can easily access your project plan even on your mobile devices and wherever you are. You can also include CRM, integrate with your company intranet and work processes by extending its features.


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Podio: What it Offers?

With managing project, content, task management, conversations and processes structure and all these things in one tool, Podio make the focus and clarity to you and your team member what they need in order to get their best work done.

  • Simple and flexible project management for teams
  • Sharing content and feedback workflows with clients
  • Instant messaging, conversations and video chat
  • File sharing integrated with several popular third-party app such as DropBox, Google Drive and much more
  • Email Integration and web forms
  • Sales tracking and simple CRM
  • Calendaring with Google and Microsoft Exchange integration
  • Automated progress reports and calculation
  • Personal customer support for 24 hours from the Podio team (plan)
  • Available for Android and iOS operating system



Podio: Key Features

Whether you are company or businessman completing a project or closing a sales lead, Podio allows you to obtain everything associated with the job on one page, gives you to make instant collaboration easier. Upload and share files, add comments and view the status: everything is updated in real time.

There is no fall through from here, from simples to dynamic cardboards, select the view that you think that will give the perfect visualization for your work. Below find out some quick key features of the Podio.

Task Management:

Tasks are the small pieces of work of the projects and workflows. Podio helps you to break down the projects and workflows as per your work progress so that you can easily manage your small piece of work.


File Sharing:

Podio is integrated with several third-party file sharing apps such as DropBox, Google Drive, ShareFile and much more. It makes easy for you to share files in contexts on what you are working on.



It comes with several add-ons and extensions that are built for doing some specific kind of work. It is integrated with everything from Gantt charts to time tracking. You will find several types of integration that Podio offers. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Go-to-Meeting
  • Box
  • Excel
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Evernote
  • FreshBooks
  • Google Drive
  • Zapier
  • SugarSync
  • Onedrive
  • Instapaper
  • Zendesk

App Available for Mobile Devices:

The Podio apps is available for both Android and iOS. So Podio can easily keep you updated related to your project and with your team, no matter wherever you go throughout your workdays.


Podio API:

On the Podio there is also a platform for the developer, who can create their own new app and build custom integrations as well.


Podio also offers protection to the safety and privacy of the users by providing several security features such as Secure Host, Secure Encryption, Restricted Access, Frequent Back-ups and Regular Audits.

Podio: Pros & Cons


  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Real-time notifications
    • Allow developers to create own app


  • Does not have robust kind of interface
  • Takes some time to understand how to use all the tools
  • Might not be ideal for enterprise solutions

Should I Use This Tool?

For those who are new to Podio or those who are looking to use Podio in new areas for your business, then I can say that you can use Podio as it offers flexible and adaptable platform. Using the Podio App builder, all members of the project team will easily able to set up workspaces for every single project. It also allows you to install and even create new and original apps to manage your work the way you want.


YES, I Want to Use Podio



When you make a decision to purchase Collaboration Tool, we realize that it is very important to not only see how experts assess it in their review, but it is also very much important to find out if the real people and companies like you that buy it are actually satisfied with the tool.

In this regard, I think Podio offers a lot for both small and mid-size businesses with its best customization features and ease of option. It is perfectly suited for website design and development work. It supports everything from project management to in office chat to employee praise and identification.