Planable Review- Best Place to Create All Social Media Content and Manage Campaigns

Planable Review- Best Place to Create All Social Media Content and Manage Campaigns

You might get frustrated when all your social media plan is completely ready, your full campaign is ready to roll out, even your social media creative’s are also ready but some problem occurs in between.

The problem is that it has not been reviewed by your senior due to collaboration gap or might be the problem between design and content team.

Well the problem can be of anything, which can stop everything that is on a go.

But isn’t it great if you get a way which can constantly remind about the review of social media content to the concerned person and you also don’t have to run around every time?

Obviously yes will be the answer. Therefore, if you are really looking for easy way, which can do all your work from starting to, end then there, is a tool called as Planable that can solve the problem.

Just imagine that you have to complete your important work for next month where you have to keep ready for the post for clients Facebook page and Twitter profile, and you suddenly receive a feedback that some changes are required for approval.

Here what happens is many social media managers may put the posts in spreadsheet or in any document and share those documents between people who are involved. But this can lead to several issues.

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But with Planable, its easy to preview social media content with its simple UI. For an instance, those posts that looks like Facebook, they are previewed in Facebook itself. After that either the team or the client are invited to comment on it or approve each post before it is scheduled.

Its very easy to use Planable. Only you have to connect a Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter or any other group or personal profile. Here you can add image or video posts in their respective feed, can add hashtags or emojis. After that, invite team members or clients through email to workspace to collaborate.

It does not matter whether you are a social media manager, agency or only running a second Instagram for your pet, for everything, Planable is perfect. It has many valuable features, which can give better response in future.


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Have confidence that every post is perfect

The works that you have to show in excel or PowerPoint is time consuming and even frustrating. But with Planable, now its easy to preview Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts accurately asthey will appear when published.

Collect feedback right on the posts

Now its easy to get the feedback of your post right when it is created. Its simplified by team members and clients where they discuss about the posts. Remove all the endless threads and you don’t have to lose track of important feedback.

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Publish only the right posts, faster

Now its easy to plan and sign off faster without any misunderstandings. No need to put pressure as all posts are scheduled to social media knowing that client has seen it and they are happy with the work.

You can also watch the Planable video for more that shows how it works.


Simple Planable Pricing and Plans. Even there is 2 months off on yearly plans

Starter- $0 per month

  • 1 workspace
  • 3 team members
  • 1 social profile of each type

Premium- $49 per month

  • 5 workspaces
  • Up to 5 members per workspace
  • Unlimited social profiles

Enterprise- This plan is according to you need

  • unlimited workspaces
  • unlimited team members
  • advanced features
  • fanatical support


Yes, Let Me Visit to Planable’s Official Webpage 



Well, Planable is one of the best social media platforms, which aims to become command center for almost all social media campaigns. Its great for those companies who depend on social media campaigns to promote their products.

It has many advanced features that work effectively to reduce the pressure of social media campaigns and also increase returns without any loss. One more important thing is that it offers free service, which is one kind of satisfaction to users that there is nothing to lose.