Pagewiz – Perfect Platform For Making Your Landing Page Attractive


Pagewiz is a versatile webpage building tool that used to allow you effortlessly create beautiful marketing webpages of all shapes and sizes. One can easily create sales webpages, landing webpages, lead capture webpages, affiliate presell webpages and every other webpages that will be required as an entrepreneur or a marketer. Pagewiz is used by most of the biggest brands that you have ever heard of such as Avis, Philips and Chevrolet. So, if you decide to give Pagewiz a turn then you will be in a great company and your landing webpages shall indeed look very beautiful.

Pagewiz allows you to create, publish and split-test landing pages. With the use of top-of-the-technology, the wizard style interface rolls out landing webpages as easily and quickly as a powerpoint presentation. This makes the business owners and the marketing professional free from the lengthy design and IT development process that are required to launch a successful landing webpage.

If you are panic because you think that Pagewiz costs a fortune, then stop worrying at all and proceed with the huge smile because this cost much less than you think. One of the main motives of the Pagewiz is to get you up and running fast. No matter at all if you presell your favorite affiliate offers, creates a beautiful video sales webpage or even creates a landing webpage for your new book launch.

What if offers?

If you are internet marketer, author, affiliate marketer, consultant, coach, blogger or even if you sell any kind of products then Pagewiz might be the best purchase you can make all year.

This is because Pagewiz always states “beauty sells”. Pagewiz can work for you if you are a graphic designer, web development consultant or a copywriting consultant because many of their features come with a white labeling option. With this tool, you can also help your clients to generate leads and you can also design their webpages. Also, with this tool, your clients are almost guaranteed to be thrilled with the work that you produce.

Features of Pagewiz

You can find numerous beneficial features that can match your niche. Here, you can have a look at them one by one:

Lots of Templates:  The time when you log into the Pagewiz member’s area, you will realize that they have a massive boatload of templates. It doesn’t matter if you want to presell your favorite affiliate offer, create buzz about your own book launch, presell the hottest product launch or even just create a lead capture webpage, you will only find ample quantities of awesome landing webpages that will work for all situations.

Hosted For You: Have you ever kept your hands on your head when you looked at your hosting bill? If, ever happened then send them an email and tell them that they are fired. This can be done because, with Pagewiz, you can host all of your marketing webpages in the cloud for a absolutely zero additional cost. So, you can be assured that your landing webpages will be hosted and you will be hit by a surprise bill when you expect it the least indefinitely.

Beautiful Templates: What is good there in a webpage if the quality of the webpage is absolutely dull? You have seen lots of lead landing webpages and capturing webpages that make the words “ugly duckling” as if you were letting them off easy. With the help of Pagewiz, you will never face this problem because their landing webpages are quite beautifully designed and worthy of almost any marketing project regardless of the scope, complications or size.

Tons of Integrations: Nothing matters if you want to integrate your email autoresponder service or Google Maps or even Pagewiz’s own custom API. You can adjust everything here, how simple or complex you want your landing webpage to look like with Pagwiz.

Ample Split Testing: Is there any single best way to make more sales or get more leads? Well, it is to split test your current marketing creatives. Now with Pagewiz, you will be able to split test your webpages so go for a second guess or make an assumption that is dead wring or even an assumption that can cost you and your company a small fortune.


White Labeled Lead Notifications: Just imagine if you could send your client a notification whenever they got a new lead via one of the landing webpages that you built them? This would make you just like a lead generation powerhouse and it would offer strong incentive for the clients to stay attached to you. Now with Pagewiz, this is rather simple to set up.


Full White Label Integration: You can now take things a step further by simply offering the complete Pagewiz service as your own custom solution. This is as easy as tapping into the Pagewiz API and configuring everything with your branding identity.

​​Mobile Responsive: With the help of Pagewiz, you will have to worry never about how your webpages look across all devices as they have a massive supply of mobile ready templates that will look beautiful across all the mobile devices. This will be automatically served whenever a mobile device is detected.

Security: It is generally connected to the IT security. This is the one feature that 99.99% of marketers and entrepreneurs forget because of the dismal lack of oversight. Hackers are out there and they love to steal your customer’s email data. So, Pagewiz makes special emphasis to announce that any leads they store on their servers are going to be protected very well. As it makes no mistakes, one data breach can be the end of the business even if you have the best intentions and you have the best looking website on the planet.

​​Statistics Are Always Live: With the help of Pagewiz, there will be no need to curious about how your webpages are performing because everything is simple to grasp. Also, you will never be lost with regards to how your webpages are performing.


Should I use this tool?

Yes, you can absolutely use this tool as it offers lots of beneficial easy to use features that allow to do a lot to your webpages. It has been found that our WYSIWYG design tool is so easy and intuitive that anyone can easily create a pixel perfect landing webpage in minutes. With the help of multiple page optimization and account management, we have made landing webpage management very easy and efficient.

Pagewiz is the only landing webpage creation platform that used to allow multiple forms per webpage. This is one of the major advantages for long landing webpages with multiple conversion points. Pagewiz allows for an optimization of your landing webpages not only for conversions but also for events and much more.

Pagewiz Pros:

  • 100% Hosted For You
  • Adequate Split Testing
  • Authority And Prestige

Pagewiz Cons:

  • Unique Visitor Caps
  • Recurring Cost
  • Low Competition


No matter what type of entrepreneur or marketer you are. It may be possible that you are a list builder, an email marketer, consultant, affiliate marketer or maybe you run an ecommerce store. In all the way, you will realize that you need to look good in your promotions. If any of your webpage doesn’t look good, then you possibly will not even have the confidence to publish anything on your webpage. However, the reality is that if you add subscribers or even increase your conversions and have a beautiful landing webpage is just like a bonus which is absolute requirement. So, you can have a beautiful landing webpage that is hosted for you and promotes absolutely anything in the next 10 minutes. There is no need of coding and you can get started without spending even a single penny.

Pagewiz Alternatives:

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  • ClickDimensions
  • ThriveHive
  • dotMailer
  • InstaPage
  • Marketing for Mavens