4 Ways to Make Your Landing Page to Convert More (With Best Practices)


Landing pages have fairly become a required marketing toolbox element to convert visitors into buyers.

These days, you might see plenty of eye-catching and stunning landing pages used to sell products.

However, not only products, even the email marketers, focus the most on creating an attractive landing page to convert more.

So, it is clear, creating a stunning landing page is a best possible way to attract the audience and as I said above to convert the audience into buyers or better conversion rate.

But the question arises here Are your landing pages a conversion machines or bounce-rate missiles?

If your landing pages are not optimized well for conversion, they essentially fail in leading generation and conversions do dump your entire work in second.

Though there is no exact formula to create a perfect landing page, however, you still need to follow some common rules to increase your chances of making a winning one.

There are lots stirring parts like CTAs, content, forms, graphics, objectives and more to balance the giant machines of a landing page.

Therefore, today here in this article – you can stop worrying and love the landing pages (and the leads they bring).

Here know everything about landing pages from content, graphics, to form buttons and others to make your landing page convert more.

About Landing Page

What is Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that a visitors lands on. The main purpose of the landing page is getting your user to take action.

A landing page is created for every proper resource like promoting a product, selling a product, service offering, putting new eBook for download.

And a landing page is nothing, but a fresh, elegant and striking web page that immediately attracts reader’s attention on sight.

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How Many Types of Landing Pages are There?

In marketing there are two main types of landing pages:

  • The Click-through Landing Pages
  • And the Lead Generation Landing Pages

The Click-through landing pages is an optimized web page that guides the users to a regular sales funnel, or the shopping cart flow (in e-commerce sites).

And the Lead generation landing pages are utilized for capturing website visitor data. This is commonly done in exchanging of useful Guides, Checklists, eBooks and other valuable downloadable content.

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Landing Page Workflow

Every type of landing page has its own workflow for how the user moved from the ad source to the landing page.

See how the click-through landing pages workflow looks like:

Search engine → AdWords SERP result → Landing Page

And for the lead generation landing page, this looks like:

Blog post → blog ad (text or image) → Landing Page

Landing Page Structure

To convert leads every essential landing page has the same main elements. Here follow the main points:

  • The logo
  • The heading and leading line
  • Main content that includes feature and profit points.
  • A patent, well-known CTA
  • Striking content to build trustworthiness, like:
    • The brands/companies that are using your product/service
    • Client’s testimonials with company, title, author image and quote.
  • Terms of services, footer with copyright info and other significant footer notes.

Landing Page “Best Practices”

Well, these web values are equally valid from the simplest to the most complex enterprise web applications. And in this section follow the landing page best way such as content structure, buttons, forms and graphics to make your landing page convert more.

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1. Landing Page Content Best Practices

The lead generating landing pages content should not be centred on organic search position, as this, not something from where you are generating traffic.

Most likely people land on the landing page through an ad campaign or through links (through a blog or email campaign).

Well, if your lead-generating landing page does well on the SERP, then this is best, leave it as it is.

However, the main purpose, of the content is to gain the attention of the page visitors and influence them to execute particular Desired Action.

Now, what is the desired action, this may be something like downloading content like a camera specification sheet, a product pricing guide, a social media checklist, or even a CTA to call the store for the new offers.

Well, the Good content writing is biased, but principally on the landing page or web, there is structural breakdown to judge content.

Content Chunking

Content Chunking also plays a vital role; this is a way of breaking the long piece of content into easy-to-read, shorter paragraphs.

Well, this not only makes the content pleasing but also develops the content comprehension and as a result, it makes the content easier to understand and memorize.

The good idea is to break the information into paragraphs and mix it with bullet points or visuals.

This will simply make your information easy to read and under by readers and as a result, you will get better conversion rate.


Glance-ability is scanning the page for information, and the quick glance at the keywords and the selective sentences.

Commonly people don’t read the entire information, and this is another reason why clickbait-y articles are more shared.

Well, reading content on the screen is not the same as it is on the paper if a people found anything a bit boring they will move to the others.

And remember there are hundreds of other things are on the web that is trying to catch ones attention.

So the Best is making your landing page content easily SKIMMABLE, and eye-catchy by putting striking words.

Now you must be thinking, What is SKIMMABLE?

This is something that makes the content more striking, eye-catching by making use of highlighted or bold keywords, using subheadings, bullet lists and limits your ideas per paragraph. And make your landing page convert more.

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Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing

The inverted pyramid writing style is basically used in journalism to show how the information should be spread and prioritized in the content.

By using this style, you can reveal the basics of the entire content piece in the intro and after that explore the important details, followed by general and background information.

Well, this not only applies to the landing pages but general content on the web. It doesn’t matter how important you think your content piece is, remember you are competing with Youtube, Netflix and other platforms for the user’s attention.

Voice of the Customer

The Voice of the Customer is just what it means. This is a strategy, refers using the exact words and language your users are using for them.

This simply makes your content more in line with what your audience is searching for and they can easily relate to the content you present them with.

Well, this might seems like a COMMON thing, but it is the very significant step in content writing. And also helps to build trust and ultimately convince the users to interact with the landing pages and optimize landing page conversion rate.

2. Landing Page Forms Best Practices

Forms are the best practice to grab user data. This is the easiest way while providing free information to the targeted audience.

So just “Gate your Content to get Leads!”

It is seen that the landing page forms can often get overlooked while building landing pages.

This might seems RIDICULOUS but this is TRUE. It depends on what layout you are choosing for your forms, the speed is affected with which it is read, and the amount of cognitive load it puts on the website visitors mind.

Types of Landing Page Forms

 As shown in the image below

Structure of Landing Page Form

Few key elements are there on every landing page to convert more:

  • Form title
  • Labels
  • Placeholder text
  • Input fields
  • Conversion buttons/CTA
  • Text area/message box

The form-related best practices come from various eye tracking studies, in which researchers utilize the high frequency/fast cameras for tracking web-page viewer’s eyes. The studies clearly state that form that makes your eyes less wander and read faster.

So, it is important not to get too fancy with the form design. The reason for that is our brain recognizes the shapes and structure faster than we do. So, try your best to make the form elements well spaced and aligned properly, and avoid adding useless designed elements to grab the attention of the users at first sight.

So, try your best to make the form elements well spaced and aligned properly. And also avoid adding useless designed elements to grab the attention of the users at first sight.

 3. Landing Page Buttons Best Practices

Now, comes the landing page buttons best practices. Buttons can create or even break a landing page experience for users. It is important to create the button that grabs the attention of the user and the button should not be wide or too short.

The button plays an important role and it is essential visual styling button should be on landing pages and as well in the user interfaces to optimize landing page conversion rate.

Well, when there are too many things on the landing pages, and in this case, the button only looks like graphics and disappear into the page.

For this reason, it is highly important button should have the correct length, height, colour and look like buttons.  

Remember; don’t reinvent the button on the landing page, the more a button looks like a button, more people will click it.  

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How Button will Have More Click

There is a simple trick to get more clicks “Make the button Simple and more like a button.” So, remember not to make anything else on that page that looks like a button.

Make just one button or the main Call-to-Action.

There might be cases when you need to use three CTA buttons for important and related actions. So, check where it is on the page to get clicked and if there were one button and two links, you may have seen larger clicks on a button then other two combined.

So, check where it is on the page to get clicked and if there were one button and two links, you may have seen larger clicks on a button then other two combined.

F-Pattern Button Placement

The Eye Tracking studies state people scan the web page in F-Pattern, so when you want to make pages capable, place the button in those places.

If you use forms on top right and bottom left corner of your pages it will optimize landing page conversion rate. The famous platforms like Amazon, GAP or Apple use this pattern and the result is clear to you.

4. Landing Page Graphics Best Practices

Graphics are other important practices on the landing page. The simpler the image is, the better it will convey the message.

In simple means, the subject of the photo should be isolated from the background and clear in focus.

The graphics are better shown than told. Well, if the graphics are not all landing page-specific, they are hyper related to the works with web imagery.

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Limit Competing Elements

It is highly important the graphics/imagery should be CLEAR.

If there are too many competing elements in graphic or image, then avoid making use of it.

The best way is to watch some photography or photojournalism magazines. Here you can see the subject within the photography is either remote visually from elements or framed by elements inside them.

Keep it Clear!

The best is keeping your graphics clear and firm. Try to opt for simplicity than complexity to convey the message.

As simple and clear your graphics are the chances of optimizing your landing page conversion rate is higher.

Final Notes:

Hope after reading this article the point Landing Page is clear to you.

Make use of the ways given here to make your landing page effective and stunning to attract more visitors.

So, just implement them one by one and undoubtedly optimize your landing page conversion rate.

Good Luck!!!