OnlyWire: Instantly Share Your Blog-Post To Social Media

OnlyWire Instantly share your blog-post to social media

A websites’ success is directly or indirectly related to the number of visitors coming to a site, hence forms the most important asset for your company. This is the traffic that defines the growth of your website and ultimately is a deciding factor for future prospects.


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Your invariable desire to drive scores of views is obvious and being an intelligent blogger or an entrepreneur your focus should be on bringing quality traffic that popularises your enterprise. This should be one of the top most priorities to ensure success in driving visitors to your websites to increase its visibility.

However, what is more important is how to achieve this goal for your website or blog?

Well, this goal of driving traffic can be achieved by utilising the prominent social network and bookmarking sites as traffic generation point. It a proven method for increasing traffic as these social bookmarking sites, as well as social networks, are useful resources for gaining prominence and popularity in the online world.

Social networking and bookmarking sites can provide thousands of visitors to a website or blog while ensuring reachability of those submissions.

So now you know that this is the way of bringing visitors, but you might face difficulty in choosing social networking and bookmarking sites as they are so many of them. The numbers are simply overwhelming, sites like Facebook, Twitter, being Google+, Stumble Upon, Linked In, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious, and much, much more. Well, posting to individual sites to attain maximum outreach is time-consuming and will take away hours on a daily basis.

This brings us to a better solution, OnlyWire, which is an automatic solution to the problem of posting on social networks and bookmarking sites manually. OnlyWire eliminates the problem of individual postings by utilising the automation tools and makes the whole process a lot easier.

OnlyWire software makes content submission process on various sites (bookmarking and social networking) fully automated and much simple. So with minimum efforts, the goal of reaching out a maximum number of people becomes possible with OnlyWire Tool.

What it Offers?

  • Automated posting
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Dedicated support
  • Multifunction sharing
  • Branded submissions
  • Multiuser

Features Of OnlyWire

Automated posting: OnlyWire allows the user to post content in an automated manner ensuring content scheduling and facilitating the process. With this, the tool provides an ease of operation when it comes to content posting.


Reporting and analysis: OnlyWire being an enhanced platform is able to perform better analysis and reporting that means an evaluation of backlinks is done according to their impact and effectiveness in driving traffic. This makes easier to eliminate out unhealthy and unprofitable linkages, considered as spam links by search engines.


Dedicated support: From OnlyWire, users get the best experience from the software and can also receive advice and technical support when needed. This gives users the ability to query and enquire, ask questions concerning the tool and get their solutions.

Multifunction sharing:  Sharing contents using this tool with an automatic orientation in varied platforms is one of the advanced functionality of this tool. This helps the user in saving a lot as it platforms separately which saves time and resources. It relieves the user from spending time on each social platform.

Branded submissions:  OnlyWire ensures that users get their submissions backed up by some brands that they choose.  This gives people to identify and apply a brand strategy that builds traffic and increases the appeal of their site thereby, also achieving SEO objectives seamlessly.

Multiuser: OnlyWire gives individuals, settings to allow logins and operations in an enhanced manner which creates ease of accessibility and also improves user efficiency.

 OnlyWire Pros

  • Automatic Logins
  • 46 backlinks for each post
  • Auto-Syndication with SM sites
  • Convenience
  • Recommended content (Paid Plan)

 OnlyWire Cons

  • Posting capabilities are limited
  • Limited backlinks
  • Lengthy initial setup process could have used more than one direction during set-up
  • Scheduling is limited

Should I use this tool?

Definitely, OnlyWire gives you all those advantages that you need to optimise social media sharing. It’s reachability to so many sites make this tool so comprehensive and convenient. It is extremely helpful to those (like me) who blog daily and want to connect with many online blogging tools. It is also handy for long tail keywords, and might even rank one on keywords in some market segments providing you with a distinct niche.


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Final Words

With such easy syndication tool, one can save a lot of time and invest in building other prospects. OnlyWire fits into the suitability of each and every kind of need giving its providing 35% powerful high PR backlinks from various social media platforms.

I would highly recommend this tool to get high-quality backlinks that will increase your PR back linking upto 35%.