Ninja Outreach- The Key To Blogger Prospecting And Outreach

Ninja Outreach- The Key To Blogger Prospecting And Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an all-rounder influencer marketing tool which helps users to find influencers and bloggers to reach out to building more backlinks, guest posting, social shares. It also helps to find the influencers related to our keyword phrases and creates a list to send emails in pre-defined templates automatically to them with a personal touch.

You can say it is all in one tool to find, organize, craft and design email templates in a single tool to reach influencers.

What Does It offer?

This amazing tool offers following things:

  • Content Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Finding Guest Posts
  • Linkbuilding
  • Cold Emailing
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Finding Podcast Guests
  • Collecting Contact Info
  • Content Promotion
  • Instagram Prospecting
  • Twitter Prospecting
  • Influencer Marketing

Features of Ninja Outreach:

Ninja Outreach covers a lot of features but prospecting is the main section where it allows us to search bloggers and influencers with different filters to refine searches or to get the right influencers related to your work fields such as social media following, page authority, social shares, and domain authority.

Thousands Of Influencers In Your Niche

This tool effectively finds thousands of bloggers and business leads in just a few seconds for your targeted keywords.  You can filter by tags like bloggers, influencer and companies. There are about 25 million websites in this tool’s database.

Find Twitter And Instagram Influencers

Run searches through the database of instagram and twitter influencers including names, description, location, websites, follower counts and email addresses and add them to a list.

Organize Your Clients And Campaigns

List Management

Now you don’t needs to keep vast spreadsheet records and expensive CRMs. Just segment your list for each campaign and tag them with specific clients and relevant keywords for convenient tracking. Team association allows multiple users to work together.

Incredibly Targeted Results

Advanced Filter

The tool uses such filters that has over 25 metrics including location, SEO, Social, Special Posts, and even contact information availability. Everything in a well sorted order.

Easily Track All Contacts

Your Prospects

Superbly manages your contacts which includes dynamic notes, tags, email history, and RSS feed. You have the option to Import new contacts and collect contact information or export them to CSV.

Quickly Personalize Your Templates

To send personalized outreach to your contacts it creates templates with custom fields. Common contacts fields will automatically populate emails and contact forms.  It shows sent, opens, clicks and reply rates to show you what’s working and what not.

Auto Contact Influencers Through Email

Outreach Mode

Launches email outreach campaigns with custom HTML templates which saves lots of your time. Tracks, replies, sent, opens, clicks and automatically follows up for easy outreach management.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Get quick access to over 25 million influencers in your niche now.

If you are an experienced blogger and you want to save your time for your influencer marketing. Then go ahead and buy this product as it utilizes the strategy to become successful.

All plans include unlimited searches, emailing and campaigns. If you don’t like the services then you can cancel it within 30 days as it gives 30-Day Money Back Guarantee offer!

Ninja Outreach’s Pros And Cons


  • Multi-purpose software
  • Best influencer list organizer.
  • Save lots of time to search influencers’ information easily.
  • Sends personalized emails which look professional rather than spam.
  • It offers Predesigned templates
  • Drag and drop interface to create new templates.
  • It has the option of Auto fill contact forms.
  • Tracks email outreach campaign.


  • In prospecting section, not all filters are working properly.
  • There are no such pre-defined templates to use instantly.
  • The web app also has some fewer features compared to the desktop version.
  • All social media platform are not included except Twitter and Instagram in social prospecting section.

Alternative Tools:

  • Ninja Academy by NinjaOutreach
  • Ninjaoutreach

I Want to Use the Ninja Outreach

Should I use this tool?

I think this one is the best tool for effective blogger outreach at scale. Ninja Outreach tool saves lots of my time and effort. It has all the features that any user wants in an outreach tool.

I’m personally recommending this tool to all who is looking for an outreach tool which reports on and lets them filter by the metric which matters.