Marketing Miner Review – Data Mining Tool for SEO, SEM and PPC Experts!

Marketing Miner reviewWant to learn about a professional specialized SEO data mining tool? If yes, then you should read this review till the conclusion.

Here in this review section, we will discuss about Marketing Miner. This is a professional data mining tool, developed for the Search Engine Optimization specialists and online marketing agencies. With the help of this SEO and SEM software solution, you can easily manage online marketing, online projects, and other digital marketing activities.

Simply, add your dataset to this comprehensive data mining program and it will extracts and record vital data depending on the user’s input dataset. Marketing Miner solution offers 4 different data mining tools, they are keyword miners, domain miners, URL miners and product miners.

Marketing Miner will turn the process of analyzing keywords and identifying high-quality data into a simple task. All the data provided by this tool is relevant to your specific niche, so it will make your SEO efforts more successful and boost your ranking on the major search engine results pages (SERPs).

This software solution extracts the data by implementing its advanced methods, ranging from search volume and CPC (cost per click) of phrases for Google. With the help of Marketing Miner’s key features, SEO specialists and businesses will keep track of your website rankings and performance. You can also discover ads and other strategies which are implemented by your competitors.

Along with data mining, Marketing Miner also offers users to record and examine important insights about the performance of your products and services in the world of the online market. Via this tool, you can assess the ratings and pricing, along with the monitoring of online mentions of their brand.

Marketing Miner includes several important features to make the data mining process easy and simple. Some of its features are competitor analysis, integration of Google analytics, page rank and keyword tracking, keyword research and auditing tools, mobile search tracking and link management.


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4 Different Marketing Miner Tools Are:

Keyword miners

Keyword miners feature will help you to fetch a wide range of data, which includes search volume, link prospecting, SERP position, and SERP analyzer.

  • Search Volume: Search volume collected by this tool is perfect for SEO, PPC, marketing and copywriting.
  • SERP Position: This tool provides the complete insight on the current ranking or position of your website or pages in the search engine results page.
  • SERP Analyzer: This analyzer will help you to examine Google search depending upon your queries. Via this, you can also find out the SERP features, Adwords units and search results.
  • Link Prospecting: Via this feature, you can find out the similar website, do market research and more.


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Domain miners

  • Contact Finder: This will search the contact information within a single click, which is perfect for the link building and marketing.
  • DNS Info: It will also offer domain’s IP address and other important server insights more effectively. This feature is specially added for the web design.
  • Sitemap Finder: Via this feature, you can easily find the sitemap of all of your competitor websites within a single click.
  • WhoIs Scraper: This offers you complete information about the proprietor of a particular website or domain.

URL miners

  • Plagiarism Checker: This copyright protecting tool will help you to prevent your web pages content from being copied. It is perfect for the copywriting, link building and SEO activities.
  • Broken Link Checker: Via this, you can scan internal and external links of your website to confirm that everything is ok.
  • Content Analysis: This feature will help you to record the information related to the content structure of your website. (title and headings, word and sentence count, paragraph count, meta tags etc)
  • Social Signals: Find out the most shareable content of your website with ease.

Product miners

  • Heureka: Want to analyze and compare price comparisons, rates and positions against your competitors then add your product feed.
  • eBay: Find out how much your products are present on eBay.
  • Pricegrabber: Check your price on the largest international price comparison websites.
  • Pricemania

Marketing Miner Pricing Plans:

Minee – Free

  • 1000 Credits per month (100 Google Queries or 330 Search Volume Requests or 1,000 URL Content Analysis)
  • 1 Project with 5 Tracked Keywords per Project

Miner – $29/month

  • 100,000 Credits per month (10,000 Google Queries or 33,000 Search Volume Requests or 100,000 URL Content Analysis)
  • 1 Project with 500 Tracked Keywords per Project

Digger – $59/month

  • 1M Credits per month (100,000 Google Queries or 330,000 Search Volume Requests or 1M URL Content Analysis)
  • 10 Project with 500 Tracked Keywords per Project

Machine – $99/month

  • 2M Credits per month (200,000 Google Queries or 660,000 Search Volume Requests or 2M URL Content Analysis)
  • 20 Project with 500 Tracked Keywords per Project

Technical details

Devices Supported: Windows, Mac and Web-based

Language Support: English and Germany

Pricing Model: Free and Monthly payment

Customer Types: Small Business, Large Enterprises and Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted


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Hence, it is clear that Marketing Miner is a complete SEO tool for the Search Engine Optimization specialists and online marketing agencies. If you are running an online business or service then you must check this tool once.

Don’t worry you don’t have to pay a single penny to use Marketing Miner, go with its basic plan and enjoy its basic services/features for free. After using its basic features if you like to access all of its features then you can subscribe to any of its paid plans according to your business need.