MailChimp Review: A Great Start in Email Marketing

mailchimp reviews

There is an old saying for business “Build it and they will come” but now it doesn’t hold true. To make your business engaging you to needs thinking about different tactics.  In short, you need email marketing. YES! for your business growth email marketing is the best platform.

You might have heard about – MailChimp. MailChimp is the cloud-based email management service founded by Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong, and Dan Kurzius.

More than 14 million people and businesses across the world use MailChimp. It is categorized as the best email marketing services because it is easy to use, provide affordable choices whether you have 1,000 contacts or 20,000 contacts to reach.

MailChimp brand name is the most powerful in the ESP market. The free option is arguably the best on email marketing. The paid option gives high-level marketing features like spam filter diagnostics, autoresponders, and list segmentation by time zone, billion social networking integration.

It includes other advanced features like email creation and tracking tools. The company was started as a side project but now it is the world’s leading email marketing platform. Mora billion emails are sent and received a day.

If you are on the hunt for email marketing platform and looking for a professional looking templates, easy customization then MailChimp is definitely your first call. Sign up forms and newsletters are very catchy which will reflect your brand image, and could be easily formatted for mobile and desktop in a snap.

Why should you Choose MailChimp?

  • Free lifetime membership option
  • Easy email creator
  • In-built navigation from start to finish

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What it Offers?

  1. Email Campaign Creation
  2. Email Data Management
  3. Autoresponders& Deliverability
  4. Tracking Your Success Rate: Analytics
  5. Mobile
  6. Social Media Integrations

Take a closer look at the awesome MailChimp features:

Email Designer:


It let you design your email innovatively. The easiest way to design campaign: Just drag and drop photos and content blocks. Place them where you want. Adjust the layout, customize your message, develop own color palette, including a helpful call to action, and much more.

Add a background image to grab the attention of your recipients. Built-in photo editing: No need to open up another program to edit or resize your images, uses the built-in tool of MailChimp.

Email Templates:

You can start with a basic layout and make it your own using our email designer. Simply drag, drop, reorder images and content blocks to design your template in no time.


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Multi-user Accounts – MailChimp accounts support multi-user with different login and permission (admin, manager, owner, author, viewer).  It is a very unusual feature for an ESP, and it’s very useful.

Custom Forms: MailChimp provides easy-to-create custom sign-up forms for permission-based email marketing lists. It can be easily integrated with both company websites as well as Facebook pages.

Analytics and Reports: MailChimp provides A/B split testing access to users. It even offers the wide variety of reports, including revenue, domain performance; click maps, and subscriber activity. It is fully integrated with Google Analytics which allows additional data collection and email marketing optimization.

Automation: Automation feature runs your campaigns on behalf of you by using a set of triggers and responses. You may be wanted to tweak them for optional effect, but MailChimp provides a huge amount of preset scripts to get you started.

Geolocation: This software records the subscribers’ locations which let you segment your lists and target subscribers in a particular geographic area.

Delivery by Time Zone (Paid Plans Only): This feature allows the user to automatically segment their lists to make sure that each subscriber receives email messages as pert their time zone.

Social Sharing: This feature is available with all plans, which let you automatically post newsletter updates to Facebook and Twitter as well as tracking stats and create a social sign-up page to make new subscribers.

MailChimp Pros& Cons

MailChimp Pros

  • Clean Interface, easy to use.
  • Lots of third-party integration
  • Built-in templates and editor to customize campaigns.
  • Free plan for small businesses and bloggers planning

MailChimp Cons

  • Free plans don’t have analytics tool or auto-responder
  • Reports aren’t real-time
  • Customer support system makes it difficult to get help after 30 days. It means that after 3 days the only help you get is from the Knowledgebase or Tutorials.

Why Should I use MailChimp and no other Autoresponder?

Your first choice must be MailChimp because….

  • It provides clean, intuitive interface and other powerful tools.
  • It provides fair pricing
  • It offers API which makes it easy to integrate our tools with it.
  • It has a cleaner embed code.
  • It keeps you out of the spam box.
  • It provides easy to Understand Reports
  • MailChimp is easier to use.

It is best suited for small business owners who need email marketing on a fair budget for the larger list owners who leverage MailChimp tracking and analytics.


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Bottom Line

Question yourself: What newsletter solution do you use? Are you happy with it? If you find yourself in the confusing state then do try this solution. MailChimp is an email marketing service for both small and big companies who are looking to increase their brand awareness as well as want to track their email marketing campaigns. Most small businesses can grow their email campaigns with this fair platform.

Anyone who is looking to kick-start their email marketing campaign, MailChimp is the perfect solution for them. Sign up forms, management, list integration, tracking, campaign and template building features will keep them supporting in long run.