[Complete Review] Loomly – Know Everything about This Social Media management Tool

Loomly comparison  I have already written about the various types of Social Media managers along with their pros, cons, pricing, features, uses criteria etc. And, now I’m going to write a deep review of another social media managing tool ‘loomly’ –formerly ‘Calendy’. After going through this detailed review of loomly, you can easily decide that this tool is perfect for managing your social media accounts or not.

Loomly is actually social media calendar management software through which one can easily create and schedule their content for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & LinkedIn. This tool is designed for the individual as well as teams, so you don’t need to think about its working.

This tool is programmed with a very simple user interface and advanced features, so the user can easily implement their ideas for social posts, preview social media posts, handle approval workflows, get live post optimization tips, and also automate post scheduling & analytics.

If you are using Loomly then you will feel free when it comes to “how you want to go about content creating”, as it offers lots of options for content creation. It is one of the best parts of this social media manager; you can create calendars & add clients and discuss to them what you are doing before sharing anything OR you can simply create and share your content without adding client and having any kind of discussion with your client.


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As I already said that I used lots of social media scheduling software and after using this it becomes my favorite. There are many advanced features that can make you the fan of this tool such as clean interface, the calendar view of scheduled posts, option to modify every post for the specific social media platform and more. Along with all, it also offers ideas for social media content, so if you get stuck on what to share to engage your followers then this tool will help you.

With the Loomly you can manage all of your social media calendars with a single Dashboard. Another feature of Loomly is its Live Post Analysis through which you can create social media posts, based on verified rules and maximize the organic ROI of their content. Loomly’s built-in Preview Mode will help you to feel the look of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+.


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Some of the other important features are- post ideas, live post optimization tips, post previews, approval workflows, automated scheduling & analytics. Loomly Social Media Manager is available as a web platform and mobile applications (iOS & Android).


Features of Loomly

1. Efficiently Manage their Calendar

Now you don’t need to worry about managing SPREADSHEETS for every social media accounts, with the help of Loomly one can easily manage all of their social media calendars from a single Dashboard. You can access the calendar with a single click, and you will get the notification every time when someone in your team updates or comments upon any content, with email & push notifications.


2. Easy to Create Attractive Posts

No matter you are skilled or unskilled in the field of content creation, as applying them to the real world is completely different. In this situation, you can take help of Loomly’s Live Post Analysis and compose social media posts, based on examined rules to boost the organic ROI of your content.


3. Show Post Mockups, Not Ideas

A picture can describe the things deeply than a thousand words. That’s why you should go with the content mockup. Loomly is designed with a built-in Preview mode that shows you how your posts are going to look like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+.


4. Discuss with your Client before Posting

Want to need the approval of your client before posting your content then you can do this with the Loomly. This tool allows you to add each social media post for your client review and they can access the full Approval History.


5. Schedule your Post Seamlessly

A choice is always good. This tool is integrated with the Buffer, so you can either Schedule your posts with Loomly or send them to Buffer. It is hoped that this tool will get integrated with lots of other important features.


6. Calculate your Success

Loomly’s analytics function allows users to determine the performance of their posts in real time once they have been published. After it, users can have a quick look at the shared topics and content and determine which post needs more attention and all.


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That’s all about Loomy, if you want to know more about this tool and test this Social media Manager for your business then you can go with its 15 days trial which is completely free and you don’t need to provide credit card information.

If you are new and want to manage all of your social media activity over popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+ then this tool is perfect for you.

After using its free trial, if you are satisfied and want to go with this tool then Ok otherwise there are many other Social Media Managing and Scheduling tools and available, check it here…