7 Incredibly Easy Ways to Use Live Chat for Lead Generation

live chat to boost lead generation

Online business is all about generating leads if I say so I don’t think I’m wrong.

And this is the biggest challenge that every business holder are struggling with despite having high traffic on the website or huge customer support.

Well, this is a very complex situation and left the companies wondering what to do next to increase the lead generation process.

So, here I am having the one solution that helps you to boost the lead generation process for the growth of your business in future – implement live chat.

Live Chat is the ultimate sales hack and the incredibly easy ways to accelerate website conversions without any split testing.

This service allows companies to reach to the potential visitors and communicate directly with them in real time.

So here in this post, let’s dive deep into the Live chat, how this helps you to lead generations and key ways to use Live chat for lead generations.

Let’s get started…!!

As I said above Live chat is ultimate sales hack and with this, the online businesses won’t require worrying even if they don’t have the money, time or resources for A/B testing.

You might be wondering how..??

Than here have a look…

How Live Chat Help Website Generate More Leads?

Live chat offers forceful reporting capabilities that allow the business owners to track visitor’s activities on the website and supplies data to the sales team.

This is really effective to review the success of the program and make further improvements.

Well, there are others points as well that help you draw a clear picture of why live chat is important for your online business.

According to a survey, it is found that:

  • 44% of online customers state that having questions answered in the middle of online purchase by the live person is the most remarkable features website can offer
  • 63% customers state they are more likely to return to the website that offers live chat.
  • 60% state they are more likely to purchase from site again.
  • 38% reported they made a purchase due to the chat session itself.

Apart from that, there are other live chart’s benefits as well, here have a look:

  • Reduces the bounce rate of the website
  • Increases the conversion rates and sales.
  • Improve the customer service
  • It is cost effective
  • Capability to build customer trust and loyalty
  • Also enhances the ability to raise sail with related deals and offers.

So, this is the data science behind why live chat is important and how this helps you to generate more leads.

Now, this is the time to implement live chat best practices for conversion rate optimization.

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Essential Ways to Use Live Chat to Boost Lead Generation:

Check out monumentally talented ways to use live chat for leads generation and make use of them one by one.

1. Live Chat Provides Real-Time Assistance to the Customers

The main objective of any online business is providing quick customer services to build loyalty, trust for the long-term growth of the company.

And to do so live chat is the best option and allows converting website visitors to customers and boosting lead generation.

Live chat provides report analytics that helps the businesses track down visitor’s behavior on the website. The data is then obtained to the sales team to do improvements where required and approach the visitors as per their behavior.

And consequently, live chat helps in boosting lead generation as this leads better customer experience with quick response.

Try Comm100 and Jivochat, to develop the trust among the customers, enhance the user’s experience and set up rich and multi-media connections with visitors.

2. Lowest Marketing Budget

In today’s competitive world everyone is trying its best to present themselves uniquely to the visitors. Even some are found spending a good amount of money on high-budget marketing then it is really required.

Well, the success is not dependent on using most of your budget onto this, but you need to use it smartly so that it reach higher achievements for lower cost profile.

In today’s world, the direct approach makes use of Live chat to fulfill all the requirements with minimum budget.

This is the best option for the small and medium-sized business to increase their sales and conversions by spending the minimum marketing budget.

In a report, it is clearly mentioned that “companies save almost 50% on support costs by implementing live chat”.

So, without wasting time make use of live chat to boost lead generation.

3. Generate Great Mobile Experience with Live Chat

“Don’t just satisfy your customers, delight them.” –  Warren Buffet

This is what you need to implement to drive success. But in today’s, fast-paced, no one has time to sit and get the details.

The customers might also don’t have time to sit in front of the computer to get the details about the product and services.

So, this is your duty to let your customers updated with 24*7, 365 days support. You should also offer them live chat service on mobile to enhance the customer experience.

This simple effort will allow your potential visitors to communicate with the customer service agents at once form the page they are on or without leaving the mobile app.

The live chat mobile application compatible on Android, iPhone, and iPad for Windows will strengthen your relationship with the visitors and optimize the lead generation process.

Using live chat will allow you to give instant response to the customers’ query and as well improve response time. And this is how you can use live chat for lead generation.

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4. Use Automated/Proactive Triggers for Engaging Potential Audience

It is very important to boost the audience engagement and live chat will help you in acquiring this easily.

During browsing your products or service the customers might find a product that is close to what they are looking for.

But on the other hand, the other prospects don’t know what they want and may browse similar products. Then, in this case, live chat will help you in understanding their requirements and allow you to provide better support.

Thus, using suitable psychological triggers is important to retain or convert those prospects into customers.

Combining the psychological triggers works best especially when the trigger is leaving. For instance: offer some discount, spot limited time offer with additional perks to spot the triggers and make them customers.

Opt for the Live Guide Chat – this is integrated with all those features that you would expect from any enterprise-level live chat software.

5. Utilize Visitor Analytics to Know your Customers

The visitors generate data as they visit your webpage. But the main point is how they found your website, and after landing on your website where they should click and other points.

These are some important points that can be tracked and potential customers could be identified right away.

When a visitor visit and clicks on the website this can possibly trigger the live chat with the agent. And then the Live chat agent guides the visitor with complete details about the product, solve their query and guide them towards the right way etc.

This is why live chat is important on your website and it is advised to use live chat to boost lead generation remarkably.

6. Create Exceptional Live Chat Service

For conversion rate optimization you need to create personalized live chat service. In a report, it is stated that nearly 82% of Americans say they seek a recommendation from family members, relatives, and friends before making a purchase of anything.

So, this is why making live chat service more exceptional will show the organic growth to your website. And when you create a personalized and concerned live chat customer service experience, the customers who enjoyed your services are most likely to become repeat buyers.

You may try Provide Support – is one of the oldest & reliable live chat tool and real-time visitor monitoring platform.

Follow some best ways to make your live chat service exceptional for customers:

  • Personalize greetings
  • Make use of agent avatars
  • Utilize the visitor data

These are some effective ways that build trust and good relationship with the customers.

7. Analyze Live Chat Data


This is last but not the least way that you can generate leads with your live chat software by analyzing the live chat data.

Monitor the visitor behavior to deliver more personalized services and offer discounts, this will possibly convert the leads to convert into permanent customers.

And with the built-in visitor monitoring feature, you need to access certain information such as:

  • Your visitors are browsing which page
  • Location of the visitors
  • How the visitors found you (for example keyword they type into their search engine and from which search engine)
  • How many times the visitors come to your website
  • The main purpose of the visitor or what contact your visitor had with your website.
  • How much time the visitors spent on your website
  • And other behavior information.

Analyzing these live chat data will help your business to understand the customers in a better way. And better understanding means better marketing campaigns to boost lead generation and boost sales as well.

There are many advanced tools like FreshchatCrisp Chat and others that help you to connect with your potential customers really well and convert website visitors into customers.


The art of boosting lead generation is constantly improving. So this is really important try the different ways that help you to generate leads.

Live chat is one of the trendy and effective ways to boost your lead generation. And there are many different ways to use live chat for lead generation.

Using live chat as a support tool is great at generating leads and putting the given tips into action will help you to boost it in no time.

Implementing this not only optimizes your conversion rates but provide both supports for your current customers and newcomers as well. This can build trustworthy relations as well, and establish you as a brand.

So without wasting your precious time, follow the different methods given to use live chat for lead generation.

Good Luck!!!