9 Live Chat Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Now To Increase Your Sales in 2018

live chat mistakes to avoid

In this competitive era, most businesses and consumers are familiar with the Live Chat. But, there is always a space for improvement and for this, you have to look back so that you can decide better the changes you need to make.

Live chat is online customer service software with live support, web analytics capabilities and help desk software. With Live chat, you can answer your customer’s question accurately and quickly.

If you want your business to be considered seriously then you have to provide this service to your customer. Live Chat is the best dynamic method you can try to connect with your customer.

Few years back, when there were no Live Chat options available, typing took so long to answer your customer’s query which was a quite hectic task. But, who doesn’t love to chat?

Chatting with anybody regarding any specific topic is not a boring task. Likewise, Live Chat makes it quite interesting for the service providers to answer their customer while being online for 24×7.


Live Chat Helps Improve Customer Service & Loyalty

If you want to understand better how much your customers appreciate access to live chat, you can consider some customer services like LiveChat, Olark, Jivochat and Comm100 and many more. All these tools will help you offer great live chat support to your customers to satisfy them with your services.

As per the benchmark survey, it has been found that live chat had the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73% as compared to 44% for traditional phone support and 61% for email support.


How Live Chat Helps Explore Your Business

Well, I have already mentioned that Live Chat is very important in this era for your business, so you can look at some benefits of Live Chat. These benefits of Love Chat help you explore your business more and more.

When there were no live chat options, customer service queries or sales leads were generated through forms and then clients would fill out their information, submit it and wait for someone to contact them. But now live chat revamps this entire process.

Everyone loves this option as they get instant solution to their problems. So, if you also want to try it then you should first look at its benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Increase sales
  • Discover customer pain points
  • Expand market reach
  • Customer convenience
  • Proactive outreach

These are some of the benefits of providing live chat services to your customer. So, if you also a businessman or businesswoman, don’t wait, just get a better option to get in contact directly with your customer through live chat services.

But, not every live chat services are perfect, there are still some services that make mistakes and disappoint their customers. And, so, there is a great need to avoid such mistakes to make your service better.

graph to show increasing customers

This graph shows the increased number of customers as per the live chat services provided to the visitors. 

Live Chat Mistakes You Should Avoid

Nowadays, live chat has become very important support and marketing tool. It has been found that almost every company is using this service but making some mistakes that are not noticeable to them.

But, you should know what mistakes are made while providing live chat services and try to avoid them to make your experience even better. All these mistakes will also help you increase your sales in the year 2018.

Below, you will have a look at the most common mistakes people are making today. So, look at the important live chat mistakes that no one should make:

Mistake #1: Leaving A Chat Before It’s Over

do not leave chat before its over

Live chat is all about real-time support which means that you have to be prepared very well to stay with the customer until their problem is solved.

Never forget to wrap up the conversation with a kind “Is there anything else I can help you with?” to ensure the customer has been much care.

If you do so, maybe the customer would not get satisfaction with the solution you have provided as you have only given the solution and just wrapped up the conversation and customer wanted to ask for more details.

Mistake #2: Hiring Unqualified Staff

uneducated staff

If you work as a chat agent and have only sufficient knowledge or details with you regarding the services you are providing is not enough. It is a belief that anyone can support as you have to only look into the available information and bring them to the customers. However, this is absolutely wrong.

Every staff must be a good typist and they must be multitasked to handle multiple chats. The staff should be aware of the appropriate tone for each situation in a text-based communication.

They should have complete knowledge about the products and should also have some basic marketing ideas to know which deal they should offer and which combo would sell better.

They should be trained well for the chat agent designation, rather than appointing someone from the call center who used to handle phone calls.

So, do not appoint any unqualified staff as they are the direct line of contact with customers and if they are chosen wrong, anything would go wrong.

Mistake #3: Take Feedback For Granted


Getting customer feedback is a very precious gift and it should be taken seriously. If you find that people are having issues with the complex checkout process you are providing then there is still a chance to improve.

When several questions from customers are flying in, asking for new shipping or payment option then you should update your policy soon.

The chat agents may encounter so many issues each day. It’s their duty to note down every valuable feedback and try to update them itself without asking the customers directly.

Mistake #4: Getting Your Visitor Channels Mixed Up

channels mixed up

When it comes to the number of concurrent chats managing comfortably at any given time, every chat agent has their own comfort level.

It can be quite difficult for someone to manage three or four chats simultaneously. Maintaining response time and consistently deliver excellent service becomes difficult at this point of time.

One should be so experienced that let alone keep all the conversations straight. If you find that you are toggled between the conversations with the customers then make sure to take a second to confirm that you are on the correct chat channel before you submit the response.

Mistake #5: Forgetting Your Manners


Sometimes live chat communications can take more informal tone than other channels. Reading and typing paragraphs of fluent prose don’t lend itself to the impatient nature that characterizes the internet population.

Live chat communications styles should always reflect the brand’s voice and should always focus on addressing the issues or questions of visitors.

You should always avoid one-word responses and sometimes you should use sarcasm which means you should not always translate into chat.

While training any new chat agent, he/she should go through previous chat transcripts and also monitor live chats with other team members as well. This should be done to get a feel for conversation styles.

Mistake #6: Do Not Leave Your Visitors Hanging

Do Not Leave Your Visitors Hanging

If you are using live chat for support, sales or both, setting expectations with your website visitors is very important. You don’t have to leave them hanging at all.

If you need some time to research something or even confer with another team member then it is just normal to ask your visitor to wait a moment.

Also, if you need some more extra time, then you should also follow up with them through phone or email. But, be very sure that you are communicating wait times properly and follow up actions.

It is not a wrong thing if you over-communicate in a live chat. So, make sure that you don’t leave them hanging at any cost.

Mistake #7: Don’t Set Yourself to ‘Available’ Unless You Truly Are Available.

available for chat

It is quite frustrating for visitors when they engage with a Chat button only to be met with silence. Live chat is actually all about being live all the time.

Live chat is a real-time communication with your website visitors. If you don’t have much time to be online or live all the time then it is worth providing the live chat services.

So, always make sure that when you set yourself to ‘Available’, you should be available there for your visitors. And set your status to ‘Pause’ if you need to step away from the live chat application.

Mistake #8: Don’t Overdo Shortcuts

no shortcuts

Shortcuts are just like makeup, it should look like you are not wearing any makeup. However, the main motive of using shortcut is to increase the efficiency of your live chat communications.

Shortcuts should not interrupt the flow of conversation. So, try to keep it in mind all the time that you don’t interrupt the flow of conversation.

You should always make sure that you are using a tone of voice that is consistent with the communication style of your brand and always try to avoid the robotic sounding responses.

So, if you have any related shortcuts that are not the effective response then try to avoid them completely.

Mistake #9: Don’t Perform A Copy-Paste Function

copy-paste function

Just like shortcuts, the copy-paste function can also be very useful to get information to your visitor’s efficiency and quickly.

But, make sure that to take the extra critical second to cross check that you have pasted the correct text or image before you send the message.

Be very careful with a particular warning when toggling between the team and the visitor’s chats. While having a conversation with your visitors, it is not a good reaction to paste a.gif.

So, be very careful while you perform any copy-paste function and try to avoid using them.

Bottom line

Live chat is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to provide their customer’s instant access to the help they actually need.

This is the reasons why people are using more and more live chat services today. But, people make some mistakes while providing live chat services; you should avoid these above 9 mistakes.

Live chat is very powerful, but your own implementation of chat needs to be truly effective. Nowadays, it is very common to provide live chat services but making mistakes is also very common which needs to be corrected soon. You can also try some tools to make your live chat services perfect.

Some of the effective tools are Front Chat, FreshChat, Provide Support and Live Guide Chat. They are very helpful in making the live chat experience better.

In the above section of this blog, you might have seen some common nine mistakes you should avoid to makes the visitors experience better. All these avoided mistakes will help you a lot in increasing the sales in the year 2018.