Linkody – Monitor Your Valuable Backlinks 24X7

linkody blogA successful Search Engine Optimised website is one which has strong backlinks and has stashed methods for monitoring backlinks of its competitor. If backlinks are not kept up to date then it will make much more difficult later to check your backlinks.

Many methods are out there but most of them being cumbersome takes a lot of efforts and are time-consuming. Some dedicate their whole week just monitoring backlink situation which could be dedicated to some other important tasks.

There is an easier way to monitor your backlinks – Linkody. Linkody is an automatic backlink checker that gives you opportunities to track and monitor your backlinks effectively.

Updates from your backlinks will be emailed to you directly to get your tasks accomplished. In every field there is a need to track your competitors so that you can understand their strategies, similarly, with Linkody you will get to keep an eye on your competitor websites easily so that you too can climb the ladder of the search engine.

Linkody gives the ability to spy on the link building strategies that are more commonly used by popular companies in that field. Possibly there is no other way to effectively do this with proper analysis and information research. This nifty little feature makes this tool more worth than the purchase price.

What it Offers?

  • Track & Monitor backlinks 24/7
  • Spy on your competitors
  • Analyse your backlinks
  • Google Analytics
  • Link Analytics

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Features Of Linkody

Track & Monitor backlinks 24/7

Linkody makes backlink monitoring simple and easy just like a stroll in the park. Linkody sends notifications when new backlinks are gained by your competitors and also when they are removed. With this tool now there is no need to check your backlinks again.

Spy on your competitors

Linkody provides you for tracking your competitors’ link building strategy. It will tell you exactly when your competitors are getting backlinks and from where. A valuable insight of your competitors will be provided and updated.

Analyse your backlinks

Linkody provides you handy SEO metrics so that you can understand and analyse value backlinks among the crowd. It also provides disavow tool to remove bad backlinks which may not prove you beneficial.

Google Analytics

With Linkody you can link your account to Google Analytics to get more backlink data. This will be effective in getting more traffic eventually and help you your site to grow better.

Link Analytics

TLD’s, (sub)domains, anchor phrases/terms will help you to analyze your backlinks properly and take better decisions regarding your links because they are alternately connected to the growth of your communication.


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Linkody Pros and Cons


  • Allows anchor text distribution
  • Detailed email reporting system on links
  • Close monitoring of the performance of links
  • Distribution of anchor phrases and link domains
  • Analyses competitor’s link strategy


  • Reports generated after 24 hours.
  • Linkody does not have an API.
  • Limited to English and French only.

Should I use Linkody?

If you are with your own Search Engine Optimisation campaign and want your company to get that amount of visitors and link ups then giving Linkody a whirl is suggested.

It is a remarkable program and you can use it for all sort of reasons. Do take the advantage of free 30-day trial to see whether it is something that fits your needs and then you are going to use it a lot particularly if you regularly partake in SEO and you’ll achieve benefited results.

You can use link analytics to carry out your own research to see what the real-time factors and results accordingly to be able to make decisions. All in formations that you’ll get can be used to better tailor your link building strategy.


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Linkody comes along as simple and easy to use with optimized content and backlink management, reliable and cost-effective software. Linkody not only helps in tracking gained or lost links but actually tracks your backlinks on a 24/7 basis.

It helps in monitoring the progress in links building campaigns and carries out a critical analysis of SEO metrics. After proper analysis and monitoring, it will offer a holistic report for backlinks to be used for further progress.