LinkBird- An Intelligent Link Building Tool for Everyone!


SEO tools are the best searched to give your business the boost that it needs. It matters the most when you want a perfect blended tool which can help you out to make your websites rank at the topmost searches. LinkBird is the smartest way to utilize the combination of SEO, content marketing and online PR to increase organic traffic.

LinkBird is a cloud solution for SEO link, project and team management which helps in link building in terms of organizational goals. The holistic approach of LinkBird offers multiple features with proper analysis so that the goal-specific values of the firm are achieved.

The best thing about LinkBird is that it has positioned itself as more of a project managing tool for modern SEO requirements rather than just being a tactical SEO tool. It combines multiple features such as finding and evaluating ideas, media monitoring, visibility outreach, PR and influencer outreach, content seeding. It has an extra advantage of monitoring keyword rankings which other tools might not have.

LinkBird, a relatively newcomer on the SEO tools market but having an edge over existing products with interesting offers. This offers aimed at being an all in one solution for SEO project management with a number of tools under one roof.  On one hand, LinkBird supports its customers in the various stages of link building process i.e. from the analysis of an existing backlink profile to project planning and link acquisition via personalized mass mailings and the management of already gained partners (CRM) up to the cost analysis.


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Another way, LinkBird offers the essential functions for link monitoring such as backlink checker as well as other interfaces too much well-known analysis. This SEO Management & Content Marketing software boosts your website ranking by increasing in the online visibility of your online projects. Here the Link builders are able to track a record without keeping an excel sheet.

What it Offers?

  • Link Building
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Management
  • Contact Management
  • Reports

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Features of LinkBird

Link Building

LinkBird helps you to create connections between your site and others across the web. The LinkBird site hunter features combine Google Suggest, Google Search, XOVI and other metrics into one powerful tool.  Viewing social website metrics can be done in a variety of ways. LinkBird also offers integrated CRM and is an effective tool to automatically deliver link sources.

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is very much important to keep yourself updated about the news of your brand. LinkBird alerts will keep you aware about your brand choices and compile all of the mentions of your brand, good or bad and also the brand of your competitors.

Backlink Management

A backlink is a link that generates traffic to your website through another website. You will want to get as many as reputable and relevant ones as possible since that will increase your overall ranking and make your site more trustworthy.

But the most common problem with backlinks is that they are often dependent on other people. LinkBird backlink checker automatically validates all captured links and lets you to check the link status at a glance and sends you reports whenever a backlink goes down.

Contact Management

A successful seeding and newsletter campaigns is dependent on maintaining a robust list of contact on which you can rely with trust and satisfaction. LinkBird’s contact management system allows you to:

  • Archive your contacts
  • Engage with them directly through the tool
  • Track your communication history
  • Make conversations transparent to everyone on your team


LinkBird gives you automatically generated datasheets, graphics displays of various SEO insights and pdf reports which can be sent to required destinations. Thus it provides detailed reports which you can see on the go which is easily understood.

Tools Pros and Cons


  • Offers you a very smooth work experience
  • Great tool for content marketing and link building
  • Pricing plans are very genuine


  • Need to pay an extra charge for additional services and facilities
  • Have to work on the content contribution


Should I use LinkBird?

LinkBird is a comprehensive system to manage SEO and promotional aspects of your online business. It will not shoot you up to the top of Google Ranking, no software can do that and take place of a living SEO expert who can work for the full time but LinkBird will likely provide some noticeable benefits to many people who are exposed to your site and it can augment your skills.

Building links and implementing proper SEO techniques can automatically help you out with minimal effort on your part. A powerful tool in your hand can strengthen your base and increase your visitors by properly implementing the techniques.


Tools Alternative

  • Moz
  • Brightedge
  • RavenTools
  • SEMRush
  • Sorezki
  • Ahrefs
  • AdGooroo


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The overall goal of LinkBird is to increase organic traffic to your site and promote your overall brand online. It will help to boost your presence online by applying proper techniques and optimizing them, concentrating on four areas: search engine optimization, link building, and content management and online PR. LinkBird is a really promising bit of software SEO management and campaigns and people will like the approach it takes.