Everything You Need To Know About Landing Pages and Funnel Builders!!!

landing pages adn funnel buildres

Landing pages are really important part of the lead generation. If you are not using landing pages then believe me you are missing out on a lot of possible conversions and new customers. But I just want to know whether you know what landing page and funnel builder are? Well, if you don’t know the answer, don’t panic, because, in this blog, you will get to know everything about landing pages and funnel builders. So, what are we waiting for, let’s just start go through all these things and try to make your webpages the perfect one.

What are Landing Page and Funnel Builders?

Before I begin, I want to make your concept clear regarding what landing pages and funnel builders are. Let’s first know about landing pages. Landing page is a simply section or a page of a website. Now it’s turn for funnel builders. Funnel builders are a sequence of landing pages that are aimed to convert leads. As for example, the funnel builder of a website is the product page, beta sign up page or a thank you page. Collection of all these webpages can be said to be the funnel builders of the website.

Factors to Consider For Landing Pages and Funnel Builders

Before proceeding for any other topic, let us first know what are the factors reside there to consider for landing pages. Let us have a look at them one by one:

  • Is it easy to learn, or will I need to invest time into the software?
  • Can I use it to create a landing page quickly and easily?
  • Does it work with my existing website?
  • Is it possible to split-test each page?
  • Can I afford the price?

These factors can be taken in consideration when you wish to use landing pages and funnel builder tools.

Why Should I Use Landing Pages and Funnel Builder on My Website?

When it comes to landing pages, let me remind you that landing is a page where you want your visitors to land in order to take action. So, landing page tool is the ultimate lead generating solution that can help increase your conversion rates.

It is true that all website landing pages are fabulous but sometimes, the homepaeg page doesn’t have the single focus objective that your landing pages do.

Yes, it is true. You can get traffic to click on your homepage and those visitors might get interested to further explore your website. But, 95% of first time visitors are not ready to buy your product or service due to some funneling issues.  However, a well-planned, fully-optimized and single-focused landing page does.

Now it’s turn to know why there is a need for funnel builders. Just because an optimized funnel builder is critical to your so called online marketing doesn’t mean that you have a funnel builder in place. However, if you are selling a service or product online then it is obvious that you have a funnel builder but it may not optimized. Even if your motive is to get your visitor to take a single action, that is, signing up for a free newsletter you have a funnel builder for this. This is just an idea to visualize and comprehend the conversion and flow of the interested customers into paying customers. If you understand and analyze the process then you can try something new so that you improve the funnel builder.

landing webpage

Example Showing The Perfect Landing Page

How to Choose the Best Landing Page and Funnel Builders For Your Business?

Well, choosing the best landing pages is quite simple. You just need to update your website and create a landing page a funnel builder in order to start attracting a flood of new customers and making money.  Do you know how it works, No??? Doesn’t matter, read the below section to know.

Well, landing pages and funnel builders performs lots of beneficial things. So, it is quite vital to choose the best one. To know, how you can choose the best one, you can keep these below things in your mind:

  • What are you selling? Always keep it simple; service, product and information. Try to think about actual deliverable rather than fancy marketing stuffs like ‘solutions’.
  • How do people find out about the product you are selling?
  • How do you want to sell the product; online or offline?
  • What is more important to the people who are buying the product you are selling? What are the information they actually need to know about? Whether the product is expensive and high-involvement purchase? Is buying a product quite complicated or do they need any kind of education?
  • How many exclusive services or products you are selling? Do you have single or a dozen of products to sell?
  • How are you delivering the product you are selling?

lead conversion sales funnel

Image Showing Procedure For Lead Conversion Sales Funnel

How To Create Better landing Pages?

Well, in order to create better landing pages, thing you can only do is – you can hire a developer, which are quite expensive and takes time as well. Or, you can also create one yourself.

However, if you do not have enough experience, then soon you will realize like – “the landing page is not working”. Or if you have an experience then you are still spending a lot of time on them. However, there are some tools available that allows you to use templates and to edit whatever you want as per your niche. It can help you make your landing page simple and repetitive which is quite important for the people visiting your website.

Landing page and funnel builder tool like Pagewiz allow you to create landing page beautiful. Also, you can try creating a funnel builder with tool as well. So, if you are looking for such kind of tool then you can easily try this tool.

Benefits of Landing Page and Funnel Builder


Landing page and funnel builder tools can do a lot for your website. They are very beneficial for your website in several respects. Let us have a look at some points, with the help of which, it can be concluded that landing page and funnel builder are actually beneficial for any website.

AdvertisingAdvertising: Efforts for advertising can be calculated easily by planning in a better for your landing pages. With the use of some tools like Google Analytics, built-in WordPress plugins and Adsense, it provides you the effectively tracking the campaigns. Some additional benefits of landing page advertising include:

  • Larger platform for creativity and testing
  • Higher click through rates
  • Higher paid placement
  • Immediate results


eye tracking Eye Tracking Technology: Eye tracking technology allows you to substantially analyze the landing pages as it shows exactly where users click and how much time they spend looking at any specific sections. With this benefit, one can base the design changes safely by knowing exactly where conversions are being missed and where they can have the best opportunities for lead generation.


logging information


Logging User Information: Logging user information is an effective and instant way to product creation, directly influence campaigns, research projects, customer service initiatives and future sales. With the optimization of landing pages, it will fill out information forms, one can easily analyze the data to know what factors resides there for the audience, as for example, social preference and demographics.


AB testingA/B Testing: Another most important benefit you can from such tools is the A/B testing. It allows you the creation of numerous landing pages and track the pages which performs best. One of the main objectives of A/B testing is to experiment with different content so that it can boost your goal conversions or completions. As for examples:

  • Switching buttons
  • Several copywriting styles
  • Varied action words
  • Increasing CTR
  • Videos vs. Hi-res pictures
  • Reducing purchase barriers


After going through the above blog, you must have noticed what landing pages and funnel builders are and how important they are for your website. Well, I have tried my best to provide you the complete information regarding landing pages and funnel builders. Hope, you can understand all the things related to this and can understand the importance of using landing pages and funnel builders for your website so that you can get your website at first position. So, try using this for your website and feel the experience of being a better website owner.