Know What Users Are Doing On Your Website Through Clicktale


Clicktale is a tool that allows you to track what users are doing on your website. This tool can be used to analyze how people behave and what they do on your web pages. This tool has been used on several projects to try to gain a better understanding of how users were traveling via the website.

Most importantly, the creator of this tool was trying to get a better understanding of how they were using specific web pages and forms and what steps could be taken so that they can improve the conversion rate.

Clicktale is a cloud-based analytic system and service that used to allows visualizing your customer’s experience on your website from their perspective. This tool provides the ability to analyze their interactions in aggregate in the form of heatmaps and reports as well as individual session replays. With the help of Clicktale, one can also validate issues raised in customer feedback or can also find a visual reason why some conversion number has changed in the analytics.

What Clicktale Offers?

Clicktale offers to capture the consumer-rendered HTML and active states of the web pages as well as all the mouse interactions on the web page. Then it sued to stitch all the web pages together into a combined recording of the customer’s experience on your website. All the capture are so secured and SSL is encrypted with any sensitive submitted data redacted for PII and PCI compliance.

All the recorded sessions are the compiled into the usual dashboard reports and then it used to run through the rendering engine in order to create a visual heatmap that shows summary information on the web page itself.

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Features of Clicktale

Following are the features of Clicktale:


  • Mouse Move Heatmap: This feature let you understand which areas or elements on the web page are the most interesting and engaging to your users where they are looking that which promotions most affect their behavior and how their whole journey takes shape.


  • Mouse Click/Tap Heatmap: This feature let you discover where your users expect to go on their journey. Whenever a user clicks or tap a link then they are expressing intent, however, they want to examine a product more closely and read content related to the product or even to move to the checkout process.


  • Attention Heatmap: You can get a deep understanding of your most valuable real estate and the areas on the webpages your users find most engaging and attractive. This feature of Clicktale will help you get to know of which content your users care about the most and you will then manage your page to get their interest.


  • Scroll Reach/Exposure: With this, you will get a great call to actions towards the bottom of your webpages. But, if no one is seeing them then they are quite worthless. You can find out the exact information where your users are losing interest and where you should place the elements that have the most potential.


  • Link Analytics: There are lots of visual learners who get to know everything about the performance of their website with a data-rich graphical overlay. You can gain a statistical and comprehensive overview of visitor’s hovers, hesitation time, clicks and visit order.


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Session Replays

  • Session Replays: With the help of visitor’s tracking, you can get the complete knowledge how users move through and interact with your content by simply viewing playbacks of desktop or mobile user sessions. You can also discover what captures their attention and with the help of mouse tracking, you can uncover how they used to move through your web pages.


  • Event-Triggered Recorder: With this features, you can sharpen the ability to address user needs with 100% recordings of specific target segments and events. You can also gain a 360-degree view of every Voice of Customer submission and fine tune A/B Testing for your bottom of the funnel.


Conversion Analytics

  • Conversion Funnel: With the help of conversion funnel feature, you can easily visualize and map where users are dropping off in your funnel and what they are doing after they leave. It will also let you know how best to get them back on the optional path so that it can increase the conversion rate.


  • Form Analytics: With the help of form analytics reports, you can review them step-by-step conversion analysis in order to see how many visitors reached and interacted with your form and also let you know how many successfully completed it.


  • Drop Report: With this feature, you can understand where your forms are being abandoned and so you can then revise confusing fields and remove unnecessary or intimidating ones. You have to drill-down to see each and every session replays to discover if your conversion issues stem from problematic form design or from poor page design.


  • Time Report: This will help you save some time and will let you know how long it is taking users to fill in each field and the complete form. You can discover which customer data fields are taking too long to fill out. You can easily optimize them and save the user time and increase completion rates.


  • Blank Field Report: With this feature, you can find the fields in your form that are considered not so important by your users. Do you want to increase conversions? If yes then clarifying what is necessary and removing what is not necessary can actually have a measurable impact on conversion funnel optimization.


  • Refill Report: There is nothing more frustrating than hitting “submit” and being redirected to fill in a form for a second or third time. With the help of form analytic, you can pinpoint client-side and JavaScript errors so that you can help your users to complete the last step towards conversion and then watch your website conversion rates improve.


Advanced Insights

  • Site Efficiency Tools: With this features of the tool, you can understand the challenge your users encounter because of JavaScript errors and then slow loading times and then gain insight into different types of bounces.


  • Javascript Errors Report: You can dive deep into every JavaScript error on your website. You can also, drill down to heatmaps to gets an aggregated view and session replays to see how individuals experienced the error.


  • Page Console: You can get instant access to all the critical business information for a specific web page or even a group of web pages. You can discover your users’ behavior flow and use advanced filters to see the complete overview for a specific segment.


Should I Use Clicktale?

I have realized that when you make a decision to buy Conversion Rate Optimization tool then it is very important to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews and to find out if the real companies and people that buy it are actually satisfied with the product or not.

So, this tool has been created. This tool is quite simple to use. One can easily set up this tool in just a second. Also, User Replay offers incredible customer support. If any user finds any issue then finding the solution would be so easy by getting in contact with its 24×7 customer support executives.

ClickTale Pros and Cons


  • Complete Data Available
  • Data Representation
  • Data Flexibility


  • Specific Visitor Flow
  • Determine ROI depending on a number of hits


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Clicktale Alternatives

  • Bounce Exchange
  • SessionCam
  • Crazy Egg
  • Mixpanel
  • Hotjar
  • Megalytic
  • Kissmetrics
  • Google Analytics
  • Mouseflow
  • Inspectlet
  • Ptengine
  • Chartbeat
  • Decibel Insight
  • ConversionSweeper
  • Datadog
  • Pulseway
  • Stackify Retrace