11 Content Marketing Strategies You Can’t Miss in 2017

Content Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the only way to increase your sales and take your business to the top. Content marketing is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. Keeping up with content marketing strategies can help you a lot to stay aware of what your competitors might be doing so that they can reach your audience.Content marketing is nothing but is all about using typical content to reach more and more customers at a time. This is considered as the best and effective way to deliver vital information to the target audience. Being a marketer, knowing about content marketing is not enough. It is also very important to develop different ideas and strategies to be successful. Content written in a creative way will automatically promote your brand in the online market and helps your business to achieve outstanding results.

If you want to be successful then it is very necessary to develop several strategies so that it can match the requirements of the content marketing. Content marketers have a great challenge these days. They are required to create content in such a way that they can attract, engage and then retain customers.

So, there is a great need to prepare a plan to get positive and profitable output. You need to make some changes to your present content marketing strategy. Try to include some effective strategies so that you can improve the content marketing and promote your brand with some valuable content. In the present year, there are several changes made to the content marketing trends and so it is very important to keep yourself updated with these strategies.

Here you can have a look at some most effective content marketing strategies that can help you grab the benefits out of your content marketing strategy in the year 2017.

Best Content Marketing Strategies You Can’t Miss in 2017:

Best Content Marketing Strategies

Strategy #1: Know Your Stuff

Know Your Stuff

It is very important to do a little work on researching or experiencing the things you create content around. If your business is going to take a leadership then there is a great need to know you are right in everything or you are at least right for your audience.

There is a requirement of producing “quality over quantity”. It is better to produce a single content but should be informative, useful or entertaining and engaging as well for your audience.


Strategy #2: Repurpose Your Existing Content

Repurpose Your Existing Content

Several brands know very well how much important content marketing is. But even if they knew it, they often assume they lack the resources it needs to publish frequently. It is a great way to update your strategy with repurposing content. If you take a closer look at the resources at your disposal then you will find that whatever you need is just in front of you only.

Content syndication and curation allows you to republish content that may be quite interesting to the audience you target without having to produce it yourself. As per the research done for Curata, top marketers creates about 65% of their own content, curates about 25% and syndicates 10% only. Following these strategies should not be your only source of content but they can help you a lot to publish your content more frequently without investing much resources or time.

Strategy #3: Outline Your Target Audience

Outline Your Target Audience

One of the most top strategies for content marketing is the characterizing the target audience. Only customers should be your primary focus to create relevant content. At some point, it becomes very important to create relevant content for your target audience so that they can relate it to themselves. For successful growth of your business, it is also quite vital to target your audience and prepare an effective content they can never ignore.

The major reason behind the company’s growth is the quality of your content itself. All your content should be relevant to your customer’s need only. Nowadays every content marketers categorize their audience mainly based on profession and age group.

Strategy #4: Video Content

Video Content

New concept has been added to content marketing strategy which is video content. Nowadays several brands have been using videos as their website banner in email content, social media updates, etc. Videos are now being used to send across a brand message, promote offerings with better video compressions algorithms.

There are several offline and online tools available for video marketing that can help you a lot in creating and sharing professional videos. Make use of such tools to create more videos in less time.

Engagement of videos can only be built around ideas. For this, you have to draw inspiration from how other brands that are much popular are running their video marketing campaigns.

Strategy #5: Social Media as a Source of News

Social Media as a Source of News

Social media is another content marketing strategy. Nowadays people are relying on social media platforms as a source of news. In the early 2017, as per the research it has been concluded that more than 50% of social media users use social media platforms as a source of news. According to statistics, 61% of the digital marketers trust on Facebook to advertise their content monthly.

Social media has evolved as a popular content marketing platform in the last few years. Twitter and Facebook are being used for content marketing extensively.

You can grab the benefits of this strategy by simply post your content on social media platforms that can be a source of news for the target customers.

Strategy #6: Easily Reachable Content

Easily Reachable Content

Nowadays there are several customers that are using mobile devices more than the desktops and laptops for emailing and browsing. So, there is a great need to make your content according to the small screen sizes even if your website is responsive. Every person is looking for the fastest way to connect globally in this era of advanced technologies.

So, in this advanced technology, mobile is accepted by the corporate world and so customers out there are considering it as a smart choice for content marketing services.

Strategy #7: More Visual Content

More Visual Content

Promoting your content and missing images and other visual aids? If is they are missing then remember one thing that you are missing a lot to promote your content.

Nowadays, there is a great demand of visuals element in the content that generally includes images and visual aids. You should add images in gifs format and videos as well. Customers like this type of content that makes them easy to understand with the help of such images and aids. This strategy can help you a lot in your content marketing.

Strategy #8: Develop Publishing Partnerships

Develop Publishing Partnerships

Want to expand your reach and establish your brand as an authority within your industry then it is very important to develop meaningful external publishing partnerships. If you are doubtful for how to build relationships and relevant content to external organizations then look here:

  • Build a strong social presence to give possible partner publications an opportunity to expand their reach and visibility.
  • Research the topics each publication covers, if any content guidelines they have and who their audience is.
  • Think carefully about what type of content might benefit each audience before you begin writing anything.

Strategy #9: Content Personalization

Content Personalization

Nowadays most of the organizations are using analytics for customer preferences so that they can target specific customer groups in their best way. When it comes to content sharing and promotions, all the social networks have different structure. Most of the social media platform allow you to personalize content either with hashtags(#) or with location settings. These will be the best features based on the channel you choose for marketing.

An example you can see is how Facebook selects content for its trending section based on the location. This is the best example of personalizing content for a customer segment. If you have your own Facebook page and have promoted your updates in the past then you must have seen how it allows you to target your content to the target group of people.

In this way, creating and promoting personalized content make content marketing campaigns focused and get more and more prospects for its relevancy. This will then help you improve brand recall, engagement, and sets you apart from competitors.

Strategy # 10: Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

Content marketing is a vast platform and it involves several strategies that can be taken in view. In the content marketing, there is always a place for improvement. It may be possible that what works today will not work tomorrow. So, the best marketers always keep this thing on their mind and ready to take risk.

When it comes to make some changes in their content, form and style, marketers should be ready to take chances. In 2107, if you are hoping to provide the best content to your target audience then you must embrace new ways for their engagement.

Always remember that the effectiveness of any marketing strategy ultimately derives from the value it provides. So, try this strategy without being afraid of risk.

Strategy #11: Create Your Progress Report

Create Your Progress Report

Do not ever forget to create your progress report after you execute your content market strategies. You can improve your marketing strategies by keeping a record of your progress. There are several marketers that really look forward to analyze their capabilities and learning from the mistakes.

If you want to grow your business via an effective content marketing then there is a need to evaluate the current situation of the company in the online market. It is quite necessary to improve your strategies so that you can bring a very positive change to your work.


All these above strategies are very important to gain some success and grow your company. You should keep all these points in mind while managing your content. Content marketing process is a combination of three elements; the marketing, the content and the strategies. All these strategies will help you a lot in content marketing.