Instapage – Create Professional Landing Pages Within Minutes

Instapage – Create Professional Landing Pages Within Minutes

The basic goal of any website is to convert visitors which include selling products, gaining email addresses, send traffic and so forth. Landing Pages serve as an entry point for any website, which brings potential visitors. Marketers across the globe use landing pages to achieve traffic for their websites. Having a well-placed landing page with a good website design helps to funnel visitors towards the end goal of any website – Traffic.

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A digital marketing campaign consists of compelling, effective landing pages that form an important part of the building block for any website. Time is a finite commodity for any marketer and one cannot squander it learning about a complicated tool for landing page creation and optimisation.

Instapage lets you create and publish professional landing pages within minutes without any need of expertise knowledge. It combines all necessary tools, to build, measure, and optimise your landing pages. Instapage consists of customisable landing page templates that ensure the look of the site so that a perfect look for your landing page is achieved.  The Instapage platform has five tools that provide and end-to-end solution: landing page builder, integrations ecosystem, publishing tools, optimisation/analytics system, and a team/client collaboration layer.

What does Instapage Offer?

  • Template Importer with 80+ templates
  • Drag & drop WYSIWYG editor
  • Publish to multiple domains
  • Free subdomains
  • A/B testing
  • 20+ marketing integrations
  • Lead-gen dashboard
  • Instant analytics & data
  • SEO plugin
  • Support for video
  • Social widgets
  • Form builder
  • Team member & client access
  • Group pages into campaigns
  • Edit landing pages anytime
  • Change the published URL
  • Email notifications

Features of Instapage

Built-In Templates

There are 80+ professional landing page templates to choose from, categorised into Lead Generation, Click Through, Webinar Pages, Mobile App, and Thank You, Page. Templates can be edited, formatted so that a match is achieved. Search Optimisation techniques can also be applied to obtain better search results.  Other vital elements can be supplied, such as conversion goals and your website’s Google Analytics ID for tracking.


Launching campaigns one after the other is overwhelming but when not equipped with needed design know-how, it is painful. Though, relying on other teams to create pages is helpful but also frustrating at times.

Instapage’s WYSIWYG editor lessens the need for user dependence on design team by allowing quick build landing pages even when not an expertise in design. Simply drag and drop to design your page with required essential elements.


Easy A/B Testing

Instapage’s A/B testing tools let you set up and test the effectiveness of your landing pages. To take a split test create different versions of original design with a different variation to check the pages are performing better than the original landing page variation.

Easy A B Testing

The analytics page helps to monitor optimisation progress and results with a number of visitors, conversions, conversion rate, and improvement percentage. This helps in ensuring optimised results that are required from each landing page.

Template Importer

Instapage’s Template Importer turns any landing page URL into a perfect match template within few minutes. Thus it helps in ensuring branding consistency across campaigns.

Template Importer

To import a template, from the dashboard, create a new page and select Template Importer from the box that pops up. Enter the URL of the landing page and Instapage will copy the design and content of the landing page.

Easy Publishing

Instapage’s quick and easy publish option allows you to publish your landing page. When you’re done building, editing and polishing your landing page, the blue publishes button is to be clicked to publish your page. Click the blue button gives you three options:

Easy Publishing

  • 1. Use the subdomain Instapage provides (i.e.,
  • 2. Use a custom domain you already have (i.e.,
  • 3. Add pages to your WordPress site (i.e.,
  • 4. Add a landing page to a tab on your Facebook page

Pros of Instapage

  • Easy to create pages
  • Easy to use editor, simple menus to navigate
  • Optimisable according to search engines
  • App integration
  • World-class customer support

Cons of Instapage      

  • Limited Features
  • Rating Breakdown
  • No Lower Packages            

Should I Use Instapage?

Instapage lets you create and publish professional landing pages within minutes, regardless of your design expertise. It gives you the freedom to build, monitor, test, optimise and also combines all features that are required to create an appealing landing page.  Instapage’s five tools landing page builder, integrations ecosystem, publishing tools, optimisation/analytics system, and a team/client collaboration layer help you achieve your basic goal of your website.


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With custom templates, editor, testing tool, Instapage integrates all the required features that must be included in a landing page creator. Instapage makes it easy to work with custom domains and provides free sub-domains to users. It also has an upgrade option that can be chosen depending upon the number of visitors a landing page gets.