inQ.Social – Interactive Widgets and Services to Engage Your Customers features

A proper visitors tracking can help you to convert your visitors into sales. In order to track your visitors, you should go with a professional Visitor tracking tool.

In this review section, we will discuss about InQ.Social, and trying to know to several facts of this tool.   

As we all know that it is very difficult to engage visitors in answering questions that necessary to your business. But don’t worry, as with the help of Inq.Social you can engage and collect the necessary insights about your visitors.

Via this tool you can easily attract & retain customers, understand what your customers want and provide modified real-time experiences that help the user to find the product and services they require faster than before.

InQ.Social is packed with several important services that help website owners to interact with their visitors and capture insights from multiple sources.

Via this tool, now it becomes very easy to process the data and build customers audiences depends on their actions and preferences.


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Eye-Catching Facts about InQ.Social

  • It’s easy to ENGAGE your customers via InQ.Social’s interactive widgets
  • It allows data-driven marketing with actionable insights
  • Help you to maintain and boost your visitors with marketing automation tools

This tool allows the site owner to ask questions and collect the audience’s reaction. This will become helpful to record data and drive your business in the exact direction.

By collecting the answers you can build up your own big data cloud and turn your customer’s information into reusable actions. This will boost your marketing campaigns with accurate targeting, reaching out the right audiences and boost sales.

Via this tool, you can ask questions, design your own CTA (Call to Action) buttons and links and record specific activities. The most important part, all that insights will be stored in your own private data cloud. So, you can access them in future to run vastly targeted marketing campaigns internally, or via its data API anywhere else.


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InQ.Social’s Actionable Insights & marketing tools

  • Packed with various important tools & services
  • Save data into your own cloud storage for future
  • Inbuilt marketing tool to push back special deals to specific customer groups
  • Advance email marketing solution
  • Customer import & management
  • Export for Facebook custom audiences
  • API*

Other Attractive Points

  • Very simple and user-friendly
  • It is actionable
  • No extra knowledge required to integrate into any website
  • Early adopters demonstrated 5% of CTR minimum
  • Provides high-quality data
  • Easy to push back instant deals via the Interactive Widgets
  • Packed with email marketing and research service features
  • Import and manage customer data
  • Provides API for external apps and CRM


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How Does InQ.Social Work?

Step 1: you can go with its FREE subscription plan. In future, if you want to upgrade or downgrade then you can easily do it.

Step 2: Now, after selecting subscription plan you need to embed InQ.Social code snippet into every website’s page where you want to interact with your visitors or audience.

Step 3: At last, set up Meta Verbs and Meta Products. This will help you to record Actionable Insights from multiple sources.

Features of Platforms Provided by InQ.Social

InQ.Social offers lots of important and advanced set of widgets/services which will help you to engage with your audience. They are:


Interactive Widgets

InQ.Social allows their customer to display one question at a time over their webpage, along with up to three easily clickable options to respond.

InQ.Social’s interactive widgets available in several different forms, so user can choose and embed into any web page. All of them are fully controllable, and you can easily manage or control them from your InQ.Social dashboard. They provide CTR rates and high-quality data.


It is an invisible widget of InQ.Social, you can place them on a webpage to record a specific action of the user. Like browsing time, how user scroll the page and more.

Action Links

After collecting the number of likes, now you need to turn it into powerful set of insight that can help your product to reach the right customers within few clicks.

InQ.Social’s CTA provides highly customizable buttons and links to perform any usual action on your webpage, it also collects customer insights.


Via its EQuery surveys you can fetch some meaningful insights on customer behavior and preferences by asking multiple-choice questions through email. The response rate of a single question right in the mailbox is much higher than multi-screen online surveys.


MailMaster is one of the advance mailing services of InQ.Social. So you don’t need to go with any third party email marketing tool to reach out your customers with product updates, special deals and news.

With the help of MailMaster’s you can effectively design emails or import your existing templates.


Via InQ.Social’s API you can easily access and manage your organization’s data within InQ.Social. Via this feature, it becomes simple to pull customers data in real-time and alter your website to provide the better shopping experience for every customer.

Sync your existing customer data with InQ.Social customer profiles in order to get unique customer insights. This will help you to boost your business.

You can also attach third-party services with InQ.Social and make the administrative tasks fully automated.


Yes, I want to use inQ.Social’s for free



So it is clear that InQ.Social helps you to understand customers very deeply & boost your online marketing campaigns via its different services and widgets.

I personally recommend this tool and I founded that InQ.Social is perfect and a unique way to boost your online marketing.

It is completely free and you don’t need to provide credit card information while subscribing to its fermium plan.

Its Interactive Widgets, MailMaster, EQuery, API, Beacons and other services are very effective.

So according to me, you should go with its free trial offer. If it suits your business and you want to activate all its features then you can pick up any paid plan from its pricing section.