9 Skyrocket Tips To Increase Conversion Rate In Email Marketing

Tips To Increase Conversion Rate In Email Marketing


When it comes to conversion rate, email is the king of all marketing tactics. You should not be surprised to hear that email is the leading medium for communication in the business world. We all know that content marketing and social media is a great passage to engage the audience but have you ever heard of email marketing? Yes, do you know that the most engaging channel for the online audience is the email marketing?

Email lists are the most valuable part of Ecommerce business. Each and every email is a great reflection of the money, time and hours you spent turning hard earned traffic into sales. And for this, you have to follow some rules for email marketing. Well, when it comes to email marketing, there is nothing much important than conversion rates.

With great competition for visitors growing stronger among online retailers, you have to look at the creative ways to give the best email offers to attract customers to go from inbox to screen. But, if you don’t have much knowledge about email marketing then read the below section.


Email marketing is nothing but just a way to reach customers directly through the email. This kind of email pops up on the screen when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people. Email marketing is a segment of internet marketing which includes online marketing through social media, websites, blogs and more. It is believed to be the best way to stay connected with your clients while promoting your product or services.

Email marketing will help you increase email conversion rates which will further raise your sales and Return On Investment (ROI).  Once you start to understand what is email marketing, you can start implementing to reach more customers every day.

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Need Of Email Marketing For Conversions

When it comes to making money from your business apart from selling the product, you need to do email marketing for better conversion rate. With the help of email marketing, you can quickly and easily reach your target audience without requiring any large quantity of high production costs.

All thanks to email marketing softwares like ActiveCampaign and GetResponse. With these softwares, you will be able to maintain your email list that has been segmented, based on different factors like customer’s likes and dislikes, length of time, addresses have been on the list and other vital criteria. Emails are created then and sent out to target members of the email list, providing those customers with personalized email detailed information that they are interested in or have requested for. This helps a lot in increasing high conversion rate.

What Is A Good Conversion Rate In Email Marketing?

A good conversion rate in email marketing is the percentage of subscribers who complete a goal action. This is a very important metric for most of the email marketers because this is an indicator of return on investment. In most of the cases, it has been found that the conversion goal is purchased-related. This is why it is quite vital to be able to directly correlate the success of email marketing efforts to hard numbers.

Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Well, there are several reasons to know why conversion rate optimization is important. Conversion rate optimization is very important because it reduces the cost of business while improving profitably at the same time.

Optimizing conversion rates also improve the sales efficiency and performance of the website. It also a means you cut down on the cost of acquiring new users significantly which also improves the ROI on the marketing spend.

In e-commerce, conversions used to happen at every stage of a customer’s buying journey because they are dependent on the purpose that some part of the website serves.  If you want to increase the value of the traffic, you have to engage in constant testing, active listening and fine-tune every aspect of the website for higher conversions.

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How Do You Work Out Your High Conversion Rate In Email Marketing?

Well, when it comes to working out your conversion rate, there are several tips you can follow. With the help of some effective tips, you can increase conversion rate in email marketing. So, look below to know what are the helpful tips you can try to improve conversion rate.

Tips To Increase Conversion Rate In Email Marketing


Tip #1: Write A Clear Call-to-Action


Call-to-action (CTA) should be very clear and should not surround by clutter. Your call-to-action should include straightforward and well-stated directions on what to do. With the use of CTAs, you can do a lot more with less effort.

The call-to-action page should be very clear, clean and without any distractions and advertisements. If you write only clear content, it will load fast and do not take much time for users to take an action.

You can take help of AWeber to create an easy to understood call-to-action. With this tool you will be able to write a clear-to-action.

Tip #2: Use A Captivating Title

The very first thing every customer will notice is the title. And, this is the only deciding factor whether or not one should open the email. If you want to improve the conversion rate then make sure the subject of the email clearly indicates what your email contains.

Some best examples of a captivating title are ‘Discounts for New Customers’ or ‘30% off for New Customers’. Also, try to make sure that the title of the email stands out in the body of the email. You can also try to make the title bold and give it a larger font or different color.

Tip #3: Write Proper Welcome Emails


A welcome email is the first thing your customers will get after joining your email list through a sign up form. Your email relationship is based on welcome emails only as it can impact whether or not subscribers will open and click on any further emails.

It has been found that welcome emails get 86% higher open rates than other emails. So, if you are not sending a welcome email to your subscribed customers then you are missing out a big opportunity to connect with your audience.

Your welcome email should be very clear and impressive so that your customer may not miss any of the emails ever. To write a proper welcome email, you can also take help of Grammarly and  Editorr to avoid any grammatical mistakes.

After writing a welcome email, you can check on Grammarly or Editorr, whether there is any grammatical mistake. If there is any grammatical mistake, the audience may get disappointed and may not open your future emails. This will affect your conversion rate. So, it is very important to write a proper welcome email to attract your customers.

Tip #4: Use Urgency Signals

Using urgency signal is a useful tactic as it forces the audience to come to a decision on what to do for purchase, at least faster than they would have done. As for example, if they were just browsing and planning to think about buying product later then a time sensitive promotion might just tip them into purchase.

Research indicates that when people faced an urgent situation, they stop thinking and simply move on into an action. You can use urgency in two simple ways; time-based and scarcity based.

Time-based urgency indicates that there is a limited duration to purchase the product at a special rate. As for example, you can receive an email that mentions that you have just two days left to make your purchase. While using time-based urgency tactic, try to make use of words like limited time only, last chance, final day, etc.

Scarcity-based urgency indicates that there is a limited number of something left. This make people want what everyone else has already bought. But, while stating any offer, do not say that you have 20 left when you really have 200 left with you.

You can use any tactic to give urgency signals as it is a major conversion rate booster when incorporated into your marketing campaign.

Tip #5: Use Promotional Offer Emails

special offers

Promotional offer emails should be used in multiple ways for a variety of customers. Maybe you have a site-wide discount to tell your customers about. Or maybe you have a launched a new product line and so you want to give your email list first-access to the goods.

So, you should use different promotional offer emails for email types.  Make sure that whatever you use the email message for, it directly speaks to your customers.

Tip #7: Be A Reputable Sender

Being a reputable sender to increase conversion rate through email marketing is very important. It has been found that 42% of people check out the sender name while deciding whether to open the email or not. Every day people used to get so much email that if they are not sure who an email’s from, they may not open it.

You can do several approaches to make sure that you are recognizable. If you have a well-known brand then you can use your brand name as a sender name.

Apart from this, you can also combine your first name with the brand’s name of your company. This will really make you a reputable sender.

Tip #6: Use Large CTA Buttons

cta buttons

If you want a better conversion rate through email marketing then it is very important to avoid using link text as CTAs in your emails. There are several people on earth who checks their emails on mobile phones and other portable devices take tablet, phablet and more.

Keeping this into consideration, you can use large and beautiful Call-To-Action buttons. Such buttons are meant to draw your audience’s attention and lead them to do what you are desired for.

You can keep the best eye catching background color of your CTA button to attract your users and make them click on those buttons without taking much time.

Tip #8: Create Mobile-Optimized Email Campaigns

Nowadays, everywhere everybody is checking their email a lot more often on mobile devices. However, they are not just the private emails but the email marketing messages as well.

But do you know why responsiveness is important for everyone today? If no, then look at the image below and know the importance.

responsiveness is important

Source: https://freshmail.com

It is quite vital to monitor your reports to see how many of your emails are being opened on mobile devices. Well, you can do this better with Ontraport. This tool will really help you monitor your audience’s actions when your messages are clicked and opened. You can notice how many of your subscribers have opened your email message in mobile, desktop or other devices.

If you create a responsive template to create an email subscription form or letter, you will better understand your email marketing campaign. For responsive email templates, you can make use of SendinBlue. This tool has an inbuilt feature that provides you to create responsive email messages which means you can easily view email message on any mobile.

Tip #9: Avoid Images

avoid images

Avoiding images in any email marketing campaign is highly appreciable. There are two major problems occur when you use images in your email marketing campaign. The first problem is that they distract the viewers from the main goal.

Some campaigners use large images above the fold of the email, it may be a good idea but it ends up distracting the audience from the core content of the message and so it stops your conversion rate to increase.

And, another problem occurs is that most of the email providers block images from unknown senders and if the message is embedded in the picture then your audience or readers have to take an extra step to read your message.


Email marketing is quite vital for your business. You have to follow all the above practices if you want your email campaigns to be very effective. You need to add a captivating title, avoid using images, should have clear call-to-action, use large CTA buttons, use urgency signals and promotional offer emails.

Make use of all these tips to increase conversion rate in email marketing. These are very effective and easy to follow for high conversion rates with email marketing. All these tips can help you improve your conversion rates in email marketing. So, all the very best to you.