Inbound Now Review – Should I Use This Marketing Automation Tool or Not!

use Inbound Now“Conversion” is the common word which is always on the internet marketer’s lips. Because there is no meaning of online business without conversions, in order to get leads or convert a visitor into customer you need a brilliant landing page. The main task of a landing page is to turn a visitor to a lead, or even a sale via a perfectly designed conversion funnel.


WordPress makes it very easy to run an own self-hosted app, wordpress generally takes few minutes to install any app. But, using this content management system to earn leads is little difficult, and you may also take an hour to conclude how to make a perfect landing page for your blog.


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Once you create a working and actionable landing page then it is not a big deal to publish pages and blog posts.


In these days creation of eye-catching and actionable landing pages is no more difficult. There are lots of tools and services available that help you to create attractive landing pages with less effort. Some of the popular landing page builders are LeadPages, Pagewiz, InstaPage and more.


In this review we will talk about a famous WordPress landing page creator plug-in; Inbound Now. If you are interested to make your blog’s home page more attractive and want to gain leads, then you must read this review and learn about features, pricing, how to use and other hidden facts about this Inbound Now.


What is Inbound?

Inbound Now is actually a multitasking plug-in that offers different features to an Internet Marketer or blog/website owner. With the help of this marketing plug-in tool for WordPress one can turn their simple WordPress site or page into a creditable page.


It offers different types of features for their customers, some of them are lead collecting and analysis tools, A/B testing, landing page templates, call to action templates, premium extensions, beta team notifications, and more.


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This comprehensive marketing suite has five parts,

  • Calls to action
  • Landing pages
  • Lead management and tracking
  • Email
  • Marketing automation


You can install this extension just like other WordPress extensions, once installed it’ll start supervising your site automatically. It will record the complete info of gathered leads from your site, through your landing pages and forms.


It also contains a feature known as A/B testing, through this testing tool one can easily find out what works the best with their visitors.


Should I use Inbound Now 

Inbound Now provides various types of features through which one can effectively run their online business, you can manage successful landing page campaigns, visual page builder, A/B split testing, and monitor conversation rates.


You can choose any predesigned template from the available free templates to get you started, and added integrations and templates are available for the users to purchase.


If you really want to boost your online business then you should use this tool once. This plug-in also offers a free plan for starters so you should first go with the free plan and if it suits you & your business then choose any paid plan according to your requirement.


Inbound Now Pricing

  • Free for landing pages, call to action buttons, and lead management
  • Individual templates and add-ons from $19 per
  • Starter plan in $10/month that provide unlimited templates and pro features for 1 site
  • Professional plan for Starter in $20/month provides all the features, of starter plan plus marketing automation and email integration for 1 site
  • Business plan for Professional in $40/month provides all the features of professional plan but for 5 sites
  • Agency plan in $80/month provides features of professional plan but for unlimited sites


Complete Features of Inbound Now

1. Convert More Leads: Its attractive predefined Landing Pages template and Calls to Actions will help you to convert web traffic to leads. It also tracks the ongoing progress and gives you a complete report.

2. A/B Testing:

  • Allows the users to run an effective A/B or multivariate tests
  • Boost the conversion rates.
  • It becomes easy to take decision after seeing the report.

3. Customizable: This tool is very flexible, it allows the user to work as either a standalone system or to effortlessly integrate with existing CRM tools. This tool supports an open API for connectivity. You can integrate this tool with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and more.

4. Developer Friendly: This tool can be easily extended with any third party plugins & APIs.

5. Designer Friendly: It’s landing pages template framework and calls to action are designer friendly designed with the help of standard wordpress functions. So one can easily designed a custom page template according to their requirement, implement custom html CTA or Landing page Design into this tools without any extra charges.


Some other Features:

  • Visual Editor
  • Rotating Variations Creation
  • Integrates Themes
  • Lead Data Storage
  • Unlimited Design Options
  • Auto-populates Input Fields
  • Call-to-Action Variations
  • Managing Leads
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Integration
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Tracking Page Funnels
  • Supports Batch & Automated Emails


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Overall, Inbound Now is an effective tool which allows the users to generate revenue by turning visitors into leads. After doing some researches it is found that the statistics provided by this extension is accurate.


If you want to use this tool then first go with its free plan and if it suits you then there are also opportunities to upgrade and use the other features of Inbound Now marketing suite. You could expand to landing pages, emails and marketing automation.